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  1. There’s no rule about shops in the shopping district being owned by inactive players. The only rule we have is if the player is inactive any unfinished builds in spawn managed lands can be taken down. This rule doesn’t refer to any finished builds that are owned by inactive players. I think many of these builds look nice and should be allowed to be taken over by players after some time or if a player wants to build a shop the player can take control of the land. I bring this up due to the fact that a player named “JacobVQ” has a shop near the entrance of the district that is finished but hasn’t been stocked in a while and the player is inactive, and I would like to be able to claim the land. Thank you -Billy
  2. This is FFA or free for all' date=' so there are no teams.[/quote'] Then I'll fight all by myself!
  3. im ready for some fighting and adventure so sign me up! I will fight for whatever team you put me on and will risk my (in game) life to win this battle
  4. Hey Guys, I am still working on the building but I would like to announce my new project: The Public Post Office I decided to build a post office and this is how it will work: step 1: you decide you want to buy something (in our imaginary case, wood), you leave a book in your mail box listing what you want to buy and how much of it, you then leave the required amount of diamonds for it also in the mail box along with the amount of stamps it requires, you then flip the lever on the mailbox, turning your redstone lamp on. step 2: I open your mail box and take the materials, I keep the stamps and then read your book, i go to (in this case) Stu's sticks shop and buy wood. step 3: I then leave your items in the chest along with the book you left (please do NOT sign the books for you will need to reuse them) and shut your lamp off and leave. I am selling stamps. It's 4 stamps for 1 diamond or for 1 emerald (I badly need emeralds). 1 stamp gets you 1 delivery. 4 stamps gets you 1 ANIMAL delivery (A.K.A. horses, sheep, wolves and other living entities). If its objects that are not sold in shops I (for now) can not deliver them for you and will just turn your lamp off and leave. If you want to deliver stuff to people leave the items in your chest with the lamp on with an unsigned book saying the player you want me to deliver the items to. Leave your stamps in the chest and I will deliver the items If you want a mail box please leave the locations you want a mailbox to along with 2 diamonds It is also 1 diamond to make your own mailbox and have me register it as one, leave the diamond in your mail box, mailboxes have to have a chest along with a redstone lamp and lever! Please ask any questions you guys may have ! ,Billy
  5. This seems really awesome but it would be pretty awesome if you made a youtube video showing out how to do it! If i get whitelisted I think I could help you out with one!
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