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  1. SaltyDog

    The Mega Mall

    Hello fellow players, I am thinking of making a Mega Mall for everyone to put their shops. You will also be able to put advertising all around the mall. The mall will need a location so people can you please find a good location. If you want to help you can donate materials or contact me to help build it. I want people to respect this and not think that its just a random post. Please comment your thoughts and questions. Thank you, SaltyDog
  2. SaltyDog

    The Ender-Ender Project

    Hello fellow players, I want to talk about a new and improved enderman farm. This will be super efficient and will supply everyone with free enderpearls. I want everyone to be able to get really good gear and have a good source of enderpearls. I hope someone wants to help because this is going to be my biggest project yet. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to help. Thanks for your time, SaltyDog
  3. Hello fellow players, I want to know what you think of the community here. If you like it please tell me why you like it. If you can please contribute to the forums. If you don't like the community please post about it and tell me why. Please I want to know just post about it or reply to this post. Thanks for your time, SaltyDog
  4. I want to talk about the online map that shows the creative world. The map is glitching out and doesn't show some of the builds. I want to know if this is on my screen or everyone is having this glitch. If you have theses glitches please contact me please. Thanks for your time, SaltyDog
  5. SaltyDog

    Everyone's Build Style

    Hello fellow player I want to ask you what your build style is. If your a redstone kind of person and you always have redstone contraptions in your base. If your a building type of person and like to build really cool builds and make different kinds of cool builds. If your a type of person who likes to do a lot of community builds or have a mixture of types of building styles. Thanks for your time, SaltyDog
  6. Hello fellow players, I want to talk about a community build I want to build with some other people for the community. This will be an automatic farm for food like wheat, potatoes, beetroots, carrots, pumpkins, and melons. This build will have a public chest for anyone to grab some food or to start their own. It will automatically break the melons and pumpkins by themselves and other things by the command of a player using a button or lever. If you want to comment or have any questions just reply. Thanks for your time, SaltyDog
  7. SaltyDog

    The X-Farm

    Hello fellow players, I am not white listed yet but I would like to talk about a build that I want to do on the server. The X-Farm is a huge mob farm that has auto water pushers and insane rates, if built correctly. I want to know if I am allowed to build it because my last white listed server they said no big mob farms on the server. I was also wondering if anyone wanted to join in and help build this massive farm. The mob farm will be for anyone to use and will provide people with mob drops and xp. (If you have any questions just PM me or reply to the post) Thanks for your time, SaltyDog