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  1. NerdQueenTalia

    Pun City!

    Some people say vegetarianism is just a missed steak. How did the Dark Ages get their name? Because they had so many (k)nights. What do you get when you toss dynamite into a French bathroom? lLinoleum blown apart.
  2. NerdQueenTalia

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    "> I've seen these two in concert. They're fantastic and severely underrated. (Sorry if this counts as advertising. The song is just too beautiful. *sniffle* <333)
  3. NerdQueenTalia

    What Card Games do ye play?

    I'm quite fond of Gwent nowadays. 'Tis the resident card game of Witcher 3.
  4. NerdQueenTalia


    My first few guesses were anger, death and time. Is the correct answer grief?
  5. NerdQueenTalia


    The second one was the closest. Actually I was thinking of the yin-yang symbol. ^.-
  6. NerdQueenTalia

    What will you change in Minecraft?

    I would add skunks. They spray you and you get nauseated, but it's totally worth it because they're bloody adorable.
  7. NerdQueenTalia

    The Return of the Evernethian Roleplay

    Who was the person who was messaging me about this RP thread in-game while I was being distracted by the gigantic tree? If it was this thread's O.P., I'm sorry. Forum PM me if you remember what you were tryin' to tell me? I've been restricting myself to your tool rules. Somebody gifted me a diamond pick (TY) and I'm interested in developing a backstory for said piece to explain its history. I'm also interested in hearing lore development ideas for the server as a whole. Will we have more than one language? What or who are the gods/goddesses/deity/nature spirits (if any)? Does the server's primary trade currency have a fancy name in lore (i.e. florens, yen, eul, etc.)? The base frame of my mountaintop manor is just about ready for public viewing. I still need to import some glass from somewhere (haven't seen much sand near spawn). Will glass windows even be allowed for a mountaintop home?
  8. NerdQueenTalia


    I am black I am white I am darkness I am light. What am I?
  9. NerdQueenTalia

    Cool and Interesting seeds.

    Google is your friend, Joejoe. ^.^
  10. NerdQueenTalia

    Cool and Interesting seeds.

    Using a bow and sword simultaneously? Well that's certainly an interesting picture. Sad to see blockhitting is apparently no longer a thing. 'Twas my newbie defense mechanism. ;(
  11. NerdQueenTalia

    Cool and Interesting seeds.

    Oh shields are finally a thing now, eh? Yay! I'll maybe try that whole thing out now that you can actually sword fight like proper gentles instead of click-spamming savages lol.
  12. NerdQueenTalia

    Cool and Interesting seeds.

    http://image.prntscr.com/image/0c3bc17346344a4b865d3ba10b4143ce.png' alt='URL>'> Did *you* build this mansion? It's fantastic! This cat is also fantastic. O,o
  13. NerdQueenTalia

    What other games do you play??

    I used to, then I gave away my League account because I was sick of playing with such a mean community. Have to love when teammates would tell me "You suck!" and then never ever correct my errors. #Logic I used to play Perfect World the MMO and a wee bit of Tera and Heroes of the Storm. After hearing Minecraft's been getting so much new content, it's drawn me back in. However therapeutic Ziggs's ultimates might be, I like shearing leaves, roleplaying and building stuff more. EDIT: And Purple, I would have bought Skyrim, but I've seen so many other people play through it that there's really not much left to the imagination.
  14. NerdQueenTalia

    The Return of the Evernethian Roleplay

    You had me at roleplay! Provided I'm allowed to become a part of the Everneth community, roleplay that actually has in-game ramifications is something I'm not only familiar with but extremely fond of. I've been looking for something immersive like restricted tools. It's certainly refreshing to see what with all these diamond silk touch users running amok! (My apologies to anyone who actually uses that incredibly useful pick, myself included. )