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  1. Cookeh

    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    sign me up!
  2. Cookeh

    The Mega Mall

    Dear Salty, There already is a shopping mall like that where people buy/rent a shop. Also im curently making a giant supermatket with every block of minecraft in it. Just want to give you an heads up before you get your hopes to high... Cookeh!
  3. Cookeh

    Suprise! Im alive! And I have big plans...

    Well Welcome back! Im just new too and i love the server. It is a lovely community. Hope to see you soon Cookeh
  4. Cookeh

    What is your meaning of life?

    Life has no meaning, you just have to make the best of it.
  5. Cookeh


    I'll try to be there! With a lot of diamonds
  6. Dear Everyone! I would like to know who is building the costco. I would like to buy it so i can make a market with every block in minecraft! Thanks Cookeh!
  7. Oh professor, you think you can do that? You probably cant go on a vacation after that!
  8. How do you come By. 7k diamondS? I bid 1.5 stack of Diamond blocks (96 blocks) 9x96= 864 diamonds and we are buying It with 3 people So Yeah
  9. 1 And a half stack of Diamond bloks!!!!!!
  10. I will raise my bid to 4,5 stacks of diamonds!
  11. My Bid is 3,5 stacks of diamonds! (224 diamonds)
  12. One of my friends brought up this question at a party last night, and some people had really smart anwsers, some had nice answers and some were just a little stupid. The question: If Money Didnt play a role, what would you buy? (Note: You can only buy 1 'thing') I would buy a house in the Hills of Hollywood! Cookeh!
  13. Cookeh

    Where Would You Go?

    I would love to go to the Galapagos Islands. Do my own little Darwin adventure, and ofcourse relax at the beautiful beaches. Too bad i cant do it now because the whole journey costs around 50.000 euros :). So i got to clean a lot of dishes