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  1. Left Voice Chat so she could listen to some music, was a life or die situation and left without caring at all about my conversation about cookies. Not Impressed.


  2. I also nominate that beautiful guy puddles :3
  3. Puddles

    Ultra Hardcore Season IX Signups

    I'mmma joiinnn :3
  4. Puddles

    Winter Build Competition Sign Ups

    IGN: P_Puddles, Kaddaschatzi Coordinates of Build: x: 90 y: 64 z:1650 Context Questions: What is the maximum area allowed for your build? 50x50 blocks When are all entries due by? Entries are due by Dec. 30th What is your favorite Christmas song and why? Either Petit papa noel by Bebe Lilly or December Song by Peter Hollens. The first one cuz i kinda grew up with it and the second one because it is beautiful.
  5. Puddles

    Secret Santa Signups 2017!

    Sign me up too :3
  6. The moment I see Ilvermorny in the new Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie im going to build it -u- I'm more into Fantastic Beasts than the HP storyline, the logistics of the world are more flushed out and I just love learning new things about the HP universe which wasn't really targeted in the HP story other than to follow plot, e.g The Potion of Luck and horcruxes, hence why I love Fantastic Beasts but not the HP storyline
  7. Puddles

    How did you got your name? (Minecraft or Other)

    My original IGN is 'puddles06' I came up with this by looking outside and counted the amount of puddles were outside at that moment, I don't know why I thought of puddles though.
  8. Puddles

    Community Interest in Another Build Competition?

    fair enough tbh I just have given up with survival with all the falling, hungry and need to collect things just to do a piece on my build which has put me off but still I can see your point clearly with the landscaping. It still doesn't mean that you couldn't host a creative building comp, like me other people may prefer the perks of doing it on the test server, also WE is restricted on the test server. "typing out what blocks you want to place and where in a string of commands and then hitting enter 'and watch your build create itself'" is a tad truly untrue lmao. tbf not even the rewards have to be as OTT if you did host a comp on the test as it makes it easier. The landscapes could be totally created, if anything I'll be happy to do pre-sets. Also, it's matter of opinion about the 'fun-ness' of each so.. *shrug* I just wanted to state my opinion
  9. Puddles

    Community Interest in Another Build Competition?

    Gonna be honest, if we were to have a build comp, I believe it would be better in creative on the test server, my reasons are: Unlimited blocks; if you don't have the resources you'll be wasting time getting them making less time to actually build. You can expect bigger and/or more detailed builds. It would be lots of fun for everyone not having to worry about other things e.g mob spawns, food, etc. Flying World Edit
  10. Sorcery. The Summoning of mystical entities. The Enchantment of items. Brewery of potions. Formation of matter. Puddor can supply the teachings and known knowledge of all these things. Magic can be a touchy subject with some, some people choose to not believe in it where others live off it. My institute, Puddor, is not an enemy nor a friend to outsiders. We are neutral to all but will not hesitate to attack if necessary. The arcane arts are a sacred knowledge which can be disastrous in the wrong hands, that's why I have started a school to teach people how to properly use the powers with a good heart. The 4 Houses of Puddor have not yet been decided but when either 1-3 (may expand) others have joined me to form a school board they will be discussed (do not hesitate to hand in names for yourself, they may be accepted). to become one of these 'others' just message me and if you have these attributes then I will consider you: My trust as a friend Good intent Fairness You can be one of these people even if you're already in a group. For the start of a new, magical, era in the modern world of Everneth. -Headmaster Pudd