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  1. Yeah i guess you are right i didn't think about that.
  2. I think you should move the secret word from where it is to some where in the rules so people cant just see it instantly and have to actually have to read them.
  3. i dont mind either but most of the time if I build near people I dont have room to expand so prefer to be far from people so I can build where i want and how ever big I want.
  4. MoosyMoose

    What is your dream house?

    Just a small house in the mountains or a ranch in the country.
  5. MoosyMoose

    Favorite Music? Artist? Song?

    I mostly listen to country but im really up for anything.
  6. Personally I'm a trumpet and French Horn player been playing trumpet for i think 6 years and French Horn for about 2.
  7. MoosyMoose

    So, what have you guys been playing other than Minecraft?

    I play Arma 3, CSGO, and player known battle grounds
  8. MoosyMoose

    Favorite movies

    I personally love some action and war type of movie I really loved the new Hacksaw ridge movie that came out not that long ago if you haven't seen it I would defiantly check it out.
  9. MoosyMoose

    What's your dream job?

    US army rangers probably stay in there for a good 10 years or so and work my way up to an officer after the then got to the Police Academy and become a cop.
  10. MoosyMoose

    Time You've been playing Minecraft

    Been playing since I was 11-12 I still remember when they let you play on a server which you could connect through the forms for the people that didn't have a account.
  11. These look beautiful wish I could take good pictures like that.