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  1. OriginalYT


    um never had afternoon cereal but had it at like times towards night but I think that is fine
  2. OriginalYT

    Pudds & Kathis Season 4 Base

    Nice but where is the giant llama mention?
  3. OriginalYT


    1: Dream car? Tesla 2: Dream house? probably a modern styled house fairly big and slick 3: Dream job? Astronaut 4: Dream vacation? Mars 5: Dream luxury? A better pc cause mine is pretty shoddy right now
  4. OriginalYT

    When Did You Join?

    Played on the free classic version of minecraft in late 2009 through to late 2010 when I brought the game in Alpha where it transitioned shortly to Beta. There use to be some cool minigames on the simplest of minecraft versions (classic).
  5. OriginalYT

    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Sign me up
  6. OriginalYT

    Spawner Creation Build

    Here was how my spawner thing went. I have learnt a lot and will try again :3 What happened was the chunks must of been loaded before and therefore spawners were not created, this may be due to the parrot craze and maybe someone went here or i had accidently rendered them. The clock for the stopping flying machine after the spawner flyer could of also had a longer time to allow the spawner to fly further into unrendered areas. 4 Hours :3
  7. OriginalYT

    Name my build!

    The Sanctuary Dry Ocean thats all i could think of
  8. OriginalYT

    Spawner Creation

    Just to let you know how it works, it works by having unexplored chunks and sending a flying slime block machine that have the requirements for a spawner generation into the unloaded chunks and then being stopped by another flying machine in them chunks and once the chunks get loaded a spawner should have been created but i think it is fine as its not like its massively game changing as it requires alot of work
  9. Know i know that you are not allowed to bug or exploit but i'm not really sure this is a big exploit as I don't see the harm in doing it but I would just like to ask before to make sure it would not be breaking the rules. Now in minecraft with undefined chunks that have not been rendered you can create an artificial mob spawner and I would like to ask if I am allowed to do this. Thanks
  10. OriginalYT

    What is your meaning of life?

    Nice 😁
  11. OriginalYT

    What is your meaning of life?

    Nice one, that was really nice to read 👍🏻
  12. OriginalYT

    What faction should you join?

    Sounds great , I would join the ISU
  13. OriginalYT

    What is your meaning of life?

    Just a curious question that sometimes sparks off in my head and wanted to know what you guys thought was your depiction of it. Mine is that we are here to progress as a species to become interplanetary and to repopulate. (doesn't just have to be about humans it can be about any life you want it to be)
  14. OriginalYT

    Time You've been playing Minecraft

    about 7-8 years now on minecraft Alpha but played the free to play side of minecraft on them minigames with like lava rushing things and zombie games. Hard to explain but they basically made my childhood and it was alot of fun to play even though you could not sprint.
  15. OriginalYT

    So, what have you guys been playing other than Minecraft?

    Csgo but i find the community is very toxic. I also play some League of Legends but yet again it can be a toxic community. Sometimes some Stranded Deep & Town of Salem