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  1. I've given you all the leftovers from the gold farm. Basically, a shit ton of stone. Do what you want whit it
  2. The Farm is done, it is accessible for everyone through the nether. everyone who donated or tried to will get their name on the MVP wall
  3. The public Gold farm is now open! since its primarily a GOLD farm and not an XP one, it has been made for mending/looting swords.
  4. anyone knows when the main server map is going to get fixed?
  5. Sh3mm

    The Wall

    thank you, and you are right about the middle, I meant texture, not color. I like your idea I will incorporate de cracked stone brick
  6. Sh3mm

    The Wall

    yes, but I need a touch of color in the center aI don't know what else to put there. yes, there is a walkway up top
  7. what do you guy think of my wall design? (keep in mind the two banners will have a cool design)
  8. I think this looks great, but why use what looks like brown clay instead of a dark wood?
  9. you could build a flying ship or an underground dwarf mine
  10. do you intend to make it as if magic existed? Because a magic tower would look good on the mountain next to the castle
  11. your house looks good, but it's hard to see it with the shaders, is there any pictures of it without it?
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