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  1. I’ll nominate someone other than Beo even though I will be putting 1 of my votes for Beo, heh. I nominate Danified for his kindness and willingness to help others, even when they don’t ask for it.
  2. Potatolab

    Taterz BDay

    I turned 21, but still look 16. :D
  3. Potatolab

    Season 5 Roleplay Signups/ Faction Index

    1) Name of Faction Ethensburg 2) Description Ethensburg is not a faction so much as a different gameplay experience. The Ethensburg RP is essentially a mix of the old Cherry Rock RP (from VanEvo) and the mod pack Terrafirmacraft. While there is a RP aspect of Ethensburg, it is not required. The main goal is to make a more difficult gameplay experience and to allow players a way to essentially have another life in game. 3) A list of members Taterbling/Ethobling, HGWicks, 20Porter, and Studio 528. 4) Banner We do not currently have a banner designed.
  4. Potatolab

    1000 Posts Game

    74 crucifixions for Rashe bringing up the Big Bang theory
  5. Potatolab

    Favorite food?

    P - I - N - E - A - P - P - L - E
  6. Potatolab

    1000 Posts Game

    72 reasons to revive this thread. ( I hope this isn’t necro :/)
  7. First and foremost, Ethensburg is invite/apply-to-join ONLY. This post is mainly as a reference to people who apply and are accepted to reference and those of us who forget things quickly, lol. You may apply by PMing me (Taterbling) in Discord. Intro The Ethensburg RP is essentially a mix of the old Cherry Rock RP (from VanEvo IIRC) and Terrafirmacraft. While there is a RP aspect of Ethensburg, it is not required. If you do not like a challenge and are not 100% sure you cannot restrain yourself from “cheating,” (wavering from the rules) this RP is not for you. Rules for Gameplay The Golden Rule: “Try to keep it realistic, within reason.” Starting off You cannot punch/harvest anything that you wouldn’t be able to IRL. That means no punching down trees, stone, etc with your fist. When harvesting trees, you need to acquire a piece of flint and then chop logs with it. When using a flint, you can only keep 1/4th of the logs you chop down. With a wood axe, you may keep 1/2; with a stone axe, 3/4ths, and finally with iron tools you may keep all. This does not apply to stone or dirt/gravel/sand. Farming When planting crops, only sugarcane can be planted touching the water’s edge. All other crops must have a 1 block buffer to prevent them from rotting from being too close to the water. This does not apply to irrigated crops (crops touching running water, not a water source block). When harvesting crops, you must harvest all the same type of crop in the field at the same time. When you have an animal farm, they must have hay left out for them to eat and fresh hay must periodically replace the old hay, unless they have lots (and I mean lots) of room to graze. While having an animal farm, you must make sure not to overcrowd them. Animals need room to graze. (Use common sense on this one. Basically, just don’t have 20 cows in a small 10x10 area.) Mining/Ore Processing When you find and mine iron/gold, you cannot smelt it in a “regular furnace” (8 cobble in a crafting table). In the roleplay, a “furnace” is actually considered a campfire. To smelt ores, you must first make a bellows (64 leather) so that you can get the fire hot enough to melt metal. Once you do this, 1 (read: ONE) “campfire” can be turned into a furnace and thus can smelt ores. When you smelt ores, you obtain only 1 nugget from that 1 ore, not 1 ingot. If you use flux (bonemeal), you can get 2 nuggets out of every ore (you must use 1 bonemeal for 1 ore, not 1 bonemeal per smelting session). If you (finally) create an anvil using the same recipe in normal MC (yes, 31 ingots total), you may now get 3 nuggets per ore and can craft iron tools/armor. While mining in a man-made cave, you must support the rock above you. Use a column of fence posts to support a 3x3 area. A column of stone walls supports a 5x5 area. Finally, a column of logs supports a 7x7 area. If you do not do this, your player may suffer a cave-in. You will have to spend 2 MC days to fully recover from a cave-in. Food You cannot just eat 1 type of food and expect to remain healthy. Try to vary your diet. When killing cows and pigs, you may only keep 1/8th of the meat when slaughtered (rounded up). This is to offset the fact that you can breed them so relatively quickly. Misc If you have a question about any of these rules or if you have any suggestions to new rules to add, tell me. Note: This page will be updated regularly with new rules and/or lore. (Not sure if I wanna put the lore in a separate topic yet)
  8. Potatolab

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    I may not celebrate Christmas, but I’ll do this secret santa thing
  9. Potatolab

    This or That?

    That is a really good one....looking toward the future, but by learning from the past Stubbing your little toe, or getting a hangnail?
  10. Potatolab

    What to expect between now and the Reset

    This is gonna be awesome! Thanks to all of the staff for your hard work! I hope us new inductees/members/staff won't let you down!
  11. Potatolab

    Would you rather?

    Goldfish. Cockroaches suck. They look like mini-lobsters. Would you rather peal 10 potatoes with your fingernail or break 10 1/2 inch cinderblocks with your head?
  12. Potatolab

    Does anyone play CS:GO?

    I played CS:GO for a time...never actually got a rank past Silver 1, lol (I really suck at thinking on the spot, both in a game and irl). I think a few people either play/played it, including Face and DPP, iirc.
  13. Potatolab

    Recommended Texture Packs

    Yes. Ozocraft. It is a lovely 32x32 texture pack with earthy tones. Also, the music discs are AWESOME! The music is an epic orchestral and is probably my favorite music I have heard from any resource pack by far.