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  1. I’ll nominate someone other than Beo even though I will be putting 1 of my votes for Beo, heh. I nominate Danified for his kindness and willingness to help others, even when they don’t ask for it.
  2. Taterbling

    Taterz BDay

    I turned 21, but still look 16. :D
  3. Taterbling

    Season 5 Roleplay Signups/ Faction Index

    1) Name of Faction Ethensburg 2) Description Ethensburg is not a faction so much as a different gameplay experience. The Ethensburg RP is essentially a mix of the old Cherry Rock RP (from VanEvo) and the mod pack Terrafirmacraft. While there is a RP aspect of Ethensburg, it is not required. The main goal is to make a more difficult gameplay experience and to allow players a way to essentially have another life in game. 3) A list of members Taterbling/Ethobling, HGWicks, 20Porter, and Studio 528. 4) Banner We do not currently have a banner designed.
  4. Taterbling

    Favorite food?

    P - I - N - E - A - P - P - L - E
  5. Taterbling

    Secret Santa Signups 2018

    I may not celebrate Christmas, but I’ll do this secret santa thing
  6. Taterbling

    What to expect between now and the Reset

    This is gonna be awesome! Thanks to all of the staff for your hard work! I hope us new inductees/members/staff won't let you down!