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  1. DigitalRocker

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Keep in mind my new IGN is ZizoAbuTizo
  2. DigitalRocker

    Ultra Hardcore Season X Signups

    Me and sameh2000 will be takin y'all on this UHC
  3. DigitalRocker

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    OOHHH MA GUSSHHHH I JUST SAW HEROBRIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!11!11!11!!1
  4. DigitalRocker

    Ultra Hardcore Season VII Signups

    Im so ready for this
  5. DigitalRocker

    Impromptu Council Nominations (Round 2!) Discussion

    without a doubt Kaddaschatzi as many have said shes friendly, active, helpful and selfless. All traits which prove that she will be a great candidate. go kathi!!!! <3
  6. DigitalRocker

    Digging a really big hole and I need really big help!

    He inspired me to create one x'D Watch IF i do get on the server imma have the most badass underground lair OF ALL TIME!!! >:)
  7. DigitalRocker

    Do you rather living alone or living in a town in minecraft?

    I am the opposite @Sybillian I lose motivation when Im around people cuz im like meh Bob can just harvest it ill do something else. So ye I prefer building an empire of my own without help just to have a sense of achievment of myself and what I did. However, I still do like working with people I actually genuinly dont mind it.
  8. Well well well , doesnt this bring me back some VIVID memories x'D My first kiss??? Seems cliche and all but it was one of the most devastating things AND traumatic things I ever experienced. We were playing T or D and I was dared to 'get' with a girl and I NEVER had the intentions to get with her even doe she was a fine specimen :3. (Shes my friends ex) But, ye mixed signals came and I was about to tell her can we act like we did it AND THAN BOOM she leans in and goes for it. In slow mo I try to dodge the kiss but she gets half of my mouth as I was avoiding it. Than I awkwardly hugged her feeling like poop after 1 minute of AWKWARDLY hugging her I said "Im sorry". So yes this is my AWK experience x'D.
  9. DigitalRocker

    Underground mall

    An underground mall??? Never heard of that before if you need custom trees like a tree in the middle of the mall which is like HUGE than Im the man and I can help you with that for sure :3.
  10. DigitalRocker

    Digging a really big hole and I need really big help!

    What do you plan on doing with such a huge hole? x'D Cactus Farm?
  11. DigitalRocker

    New End Farm

    How long did it take you to build it dude x'D? One of my friends on a faction server based his WHOLE faction off of that farm lel.
  12. DigitalRocker

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    You can't AFK near your farm you CHEAT! Log off once your done or else..............