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  1. My Brother, Kirtio0701, is currently applying to join the server! He would be a really good fit for this community xD

  2. I have a new PC, I will be able to play MC again!

    Sorry I was gone for so long. Up until now I did not have enough ram on my PC, and unfortunatly could not play Minecraft at all for that reason. I have recently gotten a PC upgrade, so I will return to the server! :D

    In other news, I have changed my Username on all platforms from "MarioStar621" to "MaroTV" because I grew very tired of using the username, and it allows me to re-invent my YouTube Channel, because I was not uploading much before.

    I hope to catch up to what happened on the server while I was absent :D

    -MaroTV (formerly named MarioStar621)

    1. RashE (IrashiHeart)

      RashE (IrashiHeart)

      First time I've seen one of these status updates.

      Getting a new PC is always exciting, care to share the specs? Did you build it yourself?

      I know all about renaming yourself. Went from IrashiHeart77 to RashE. One of these names is easier than the other. :P

      Can't wait to see you on, a lot of the core players are waiting for the new update sometime between now and June.

  3. Sorry I have not been online recently, I have been having serious issues with my PC. I currently do not have enough RAM to play MC at the moment. I did order RAM online, but I recently found out that I was scammed. I'm trying the best I can to solve this issue.

  4. I went and drew an outline of the ACID BOO art that I also drew.


    1. MarioStar621



      All of my friends would be JEALOUS! Boy am I glad that I am taking a Digital Design class at my high school, or else I wouldn't have been able to draw on the computer well :D


  5. THEY ARE MAKING A CROSSOVER!?!? I am now gonna look this up, cause I NEED to see this. The Men in Black and 21 Jump Street movies are at the top of the list of my Favorite Movies of All Time! If the rumors are true, I will definitely go see it in the theatres!
  6. I updated my logo, which one is better? My old one or this one?


    1. MarioStar621


      And Then I realized I SHOULD HAVE HAD THE LETTERS IN ALL CAPITALS! so I made an alternate version of this to be displayed on my Profile art and my signature xD

  7. I finally earned my citizenship! I am going to join the server, and meet you guys in-game!

    See you guys there,


    1. medo_gamer2003


      gg i hope i get it soon 


    2. MarioStar621


      u will make it, I believe in u xD

    3. medo_gamer2003


      i hope so i am waiting for it i have nothing to do xD just staying here and looking for anything new


  8. y4mySmsdJJypa8vjF-IFHzh2R2jfIFKcIhCSeE9Q

                                                              My Logo, in case anyone asks xD 

  9. y4mcc3LTwKXyJaRn-xJu_0H4AWhTdXTgs3lkrL0R

    I drew this on my computer. I call it ACID BOO, and I call it that because its saliva is very acidic. It eats away at the ground below. I would recommend staying at least 500 miles away from this boo!

  10. I can't wait to join the server! I just get so excited just thinking about it :D                                                                                                                                                        


  11. I have posted more than the required amount to determine if I am able to be whitelisted! I'm very close to being able to join you guys on the server!                                                                             




  12. MarioStar621

    Favorite Food of all time?

    My favorite food of all time is Pasta, because its easy to prepare and tastes amazing! I love all types of pasta including: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Mac and cheese, ravioli, and many more! Yum
  13. MarioStar621

    Do you rather living alone or living in a town in minecraft?

    I would live in a town because it is easier to work as a team than working all alone. I like living around others to be social and not be so lonely. Finding the best town to live in is a problem because you don't know what kind of neighbors you will have, but I believe that everyone deserves a chance to be your neighbor, and you might make friends that way as well
  14. I prefer Minecraft because It does not make me cringe as much as Roblox does. (Fun Fact: Before I first played Minecraft, I was playing Roblox.) Which would you rather play?
  15. MarioStar621

    Which Game System do you prefer?

    The console you prefer does not have to be a recent console, It can be any console that has ever been made