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  1. I have a new PC, I will be able to play MC again!

    Sorry I was gone for so long. Up until now I did not have enough ram on my PC, and unfortunatly could not play Minecraft at all for that reason. I have recently gotten a PC upgrade, so I will return to the server! :D

    In other news, I have changed my Username on all platforms from "MarioStar621" to "MaroTV" because I grew very tired of using the username, and it allows me to re-invent my YouTube Channel, because I was not uploading much before.

    I hope to catch up to what happened on the server while I was absent :D

    -MaroTV (formerly named MarioStar621)

    1. RashE (IrashiHeart)

      RashE (IrashiHeart)

      First time I've seen one of these status updates.

      Getting a new PC is always exciting, care to share the specs? Did you build it yourself?

      I know all about renaming yourself. Went from IrashiHeart77 to RashE. One of these names is easier than the other. :P

      Can't wait to see you on, a lot of the core players are waiting for the new update sometime between now and June.