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  1. medo (OK8) http://everneth.com/profile/979-medo_gamer2003/?tab=node_awards_Awards i am not good at building but i am playing alot and good at collecting resources and i play atleast 8 hours a day i can help anytime i am almost on all day https://imgur.com/a/yWKa6IU
  2. Greasy troll msged me saying you have been pardoned, however i am still banned i hope this get me unbanned maybe cause i changed my ign? anyway my ign now is ok8 and forgot to say i am not allowed to chat in discord
  3. in this screenshot the server is the one in the bottom right EDIT: it is back on
  4. is the server down? or it is my connection for weird reason when i am typing this topic i can't connect to the server it is like not even on but i can to other servers that is why i asked
  5. all of the mods i use is cosmetics like coords capes optifine for better fps nothing else no x-ray no advantage in pvp
  6. here is the cape mod it is just a mod that you can put any cape you want OF, custom and minecone https://www.minecraftcapes.co.uk/ and yes it is client based cape unless you have the mod too it works exactly as optifine capes no different but it is free and optifine is not
  7. by the way i forget to add the only mod i use is a cape mod+ 5zig+ optifine if one of this mods not allowed please reply to me so i remove it
  8. there is some mods is useful like 5zig. 5zig is allowed to every server so i wonder if it is allowed here or not it is basically like clicking f3 but it don't make your screen crowded it show the coords fps ping armor dura item dura
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