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  1. FallenearthTV

    If Money Does Not Matter, What Would You Buy?

    hmm this is a very good question I have really thought of but I think it would have to straight up be a house with 100 acres. Now this may seem dumb to some but I wont have to pay over time for the house lol.
  2. Thor Ragnarok even though I am not a Thor fan I love norse mythology so I am pumped plus the new star wars!!
  3. FallenearthTV

    Favorite game besides MC

    A lot of good games in here glad to see all the similar interest in games here!
  4. FallenearthTV

    Favorite Anime

    Bleach, Seven deadly sins, and log horizon are my top three next would be blue exorcist
  5. FallenearthTV

    Favorite game besides MC

    I am absolutely terrible at rocket league and it isn't my type of game but I still have fun when I play with friends
  6. I have a few that tie for the most embarrassing moments ever for me #1 I was in Walmart and I see this girl looking at Rise against CD's (A band I like) she is pretty cute so I decide to walk over. I stand next to her pick up a CD then look at her and say "I love Nickleback to". The look on her face was the most disgusted look ever and after she walked off I look at the guy behind me and all he could was shake his head saying failure then walking off. #2 There was this girl a month back that I sorta liked. She was my friends sister and he told me she liked me and I that I should ask her out (Very awkward I know). I tell him no thinking he was messing with me. Well a few days later I get a text from here asking me out. Now in my moment of panic I replied this and exactly this "No thank you I'm full". She responded with LOL and I just have never responded back. #3 I was walking through the mall and saw this girl who was really pretty. She kept looking at me so I give her wave and head into hot topic to go talk to my friend. This girl follows me in and keeps staring at me then proceeds to start talking to me about rock bands. I can tell she doesn't listen to rock music now my friend comes in and the girl asks her when the new nirvana album comes out. At this point my friend can tell she is hitting on me so I give her the look of help me. She walks over and kisses me just as the girl I am on a date with walks in and yeah. Wanna talk about embarrassing not good not good at all. Good news it got the other girl away.
  7. FallenearthTV

    Story time game

    So this game is quite simple and fun to do. One person will start by saying a word then the next says one word and you make a story. If the story runs on to long you can start a new once by just saying New story then saying a word. I will start. Once
  8. FallenearthTV

    How do you organize your inventories?

    I do not organize my inventory I just organize my hot bar. I will go from left to right Bow, Sword, Pick, Axe, food. food, cobble, Torch, something I will scroll to and die since its not a weapon. My inventory is just full of random stuff I will most likely just shove into a chest somewhere.
  9. FallenearthTV

    When AFK, what do people do? (in game)

    I afk while I smelt my iron and I afk to go play with my dogs or watch youtube on my PS3.
  10. FallenearthTV

    Favorite game besides MC

    Oops I do apologize for that did not see the edit button. I do love Skyrim though but I have played the DLC and the game completely through for the most part so I am gonna need to start a new run.
  11. FallenearthTV

    Question Game

    You should explain why I should explain why someone shouldn't explain ok?
  12. FallenearthTV

    My Dwarven Cavern/Mountain (Name TBD)

    Love anything dwarven. That is gonna be amazing I really hope it turn out great man. I wish you much luck!
  13. FallenearthTV

    Question Game

    Why should someone explain?
  14. FallenearthTV

    If you could annoy the MC community in 1 sentence

    My favorite mobs are the silverfish and skeletons!
  15. FallenearthTV

    Favorite game besides MC

    I also just remembered that Praey for the gods comes out in december so that is awesome news as it loves outstanding.