Season 7

Welcome to Season 7 of the Everneth SMP community! This page will give a brief overview of good-to-know information about Everneth's 7th Season, which is entering in just over half a decade since we opened our doors. This page is set up in a FAQ-style format so you may jump to any sections you want to know more about and skip past anything you already happen to know, if you wish. While you're here, make sure to check out the subpages regarding the spawn area as well as the nether hub rules, as those may answer a lot of questions you might have regarding those sections of the world.

Season 7 Information

Season start / end date

Season 7 officially began on July 17th, 2021 shortly after the release of paper support for version 1.17.1. There are certain aspects of uncertainty when it comes to determining the end of a season, however... We try to extend our maps for as long as they continue to draw activity and interaction from within the community, and the signs of a dying season are marked with large spurts of inactivity. For now, the safest estimation we can provide is that the season will last roughly one year, but that is subject to change as we know more.

World size

To start out, the world is a 10,000 x 10,000 area (5,000 out in each direction from 0,0) that's already been entirely pre-generated to lessen the server load while we experience higher traffic for the first few weeks of the season. As of now, the plan is to extend the borders further out once 1.18 rolls around, allowing members to go out and explore the new terrain generation.

Spawn and player distance

For the last couple of seasons, the world spawn has always been at 0,0; season 7 is no different. Our seed selection is a process in which we only select seeds which have the desired biomes/layouts at 0,0. This makes life easier for everyone and saves us from the constant berating of "What are the spawn coords?" Given that we only have a 10,000 x 10,000 area, most people's bases are well within reasonable walking distance, but the nether hub serves as a centralization point of everyone, making travel across the world much quicker. For more info on the nether hub, read the nether hub rules page.


Mumble is an open-source voice application that we're introducing for the first time in season 7. It may seem strange, given that we have an active discord with a plethora of available voice channels, but it serves a purpose that discord cannot fulfill... proximity voice chat! Anyone wishing to participate in the mumble needs only to setup a mumble account with the proper fabric mod (instructions here: Mumble Setup Doc) and join the mumble channel pertaining to the dimension they are currently in. The purpose of this is to cut down on the overly crowded voice channels in discord when the season first begins... it can get pretty loud and difficult to get a word in at times. Once everything is set up mumble and the fabric mod should only allow you to hear those in close proximity to you on the server. Of course, none of this is required and you can simply use the discord or text chat should you choose.


Every season introduces a new set of datapacks which intend to improve the experience here on Everneth SMP. Season 6 saw the introduction of hundreds (yes, hundreds) of new advancements for players to go achievement hunting for. While Season 7 offers a comparable amount of advancements we've done our best to remove the ones that proved to be impossible to accomplish. Here's a list of all the datapacks we'll be using for Season 7, with brief descriptions of each:

  • Anti-enderman grief - There's not much in this world more annoying than completing a build only to have enderman slowly pick it apart over time. This datapack is in place to remove that behavior from enderman while keeping other forms of mob-griefing on.
  • BlazeandCave's Advancement Pack (Modified) - BlazeandCave is where we source most of the custom advancements, just sporting a lot of changes to suit our needs.
  • Armor Statues - This was a new addition in Season 6. Armor statues allows you to grab an armor stand book and modify the pose/behaviors of armor stands to sport your armor in only the most dazzling poses. Armor stand books should be available at spawn if you ever need to grab a new one.
  • More Mob Heads / More Player Heads - This is a new addition in Season 6/7. After many years, and being asked at least 100 times about player heads (I wish I was joking), we have finally added them! Player heads should now drop on death with meta data about who killed them. Mob heads should also drop, though in lesser quantities.

Additionally this season of Everneth adds 2 custom crafting recipes to the game in order to access spore blossoms which would otherwise be unobtainable in survival as well as add another way to craft conduits. This change is necessary as treasure maps on the server do not lead to buried treasures consistantly.

Spore Blossom




Didn't find what you were looking for? Check out our other information pages or ask a staff member in our Discord and we'll be happy to help!