This season's spawn is located in a mushroom biome surrounded by a forest, swamp and mountains biome. While the main part of spawn is in the mushroom biome the neighbouring biomes in a radius of 500 blocks are also be considered a part of the spawn area and should NOT contain any player's base.


Spawn is split into districts designed to serve different functions for the community:

  • Shopping district - Contains shops for players to sell and buy items
  • Housing district - Used to build small starter houses with the intent to create a spawn village where people can interact with each other
  • Parliament managed lands - Reserved for the Ministry of the Interior to build big communal builds, such as the Parliament building and stage area. This district is where the spawn platform as well as the spawn nether portal is located.

Districts are marked in game through a hedge border.


Spawn rules:

  • Spawn builds can be placed outside of the mushroom biome, but should fit with the district they are nearest to (i.e. only shops are permitted within the mountains)
  • To claim land at spawn simply mark the area you are claiming and place a sign with you name on it
  • You are free to claim land in spawn as you like, but unreasonably large or poorly placed claims may be disputed by the Ministry of the Interior
  • Claims automatically expire after a period of 10 days if the building process has not started unless discussed beforehand with the Ministry of the Interior
  • Unfinished builds on spawn land are considered abandoned after an inactivity period of 25 days and will be taken down by the Ministry of the Interior as outlined in the charter
  • You may give up unused land and builds at spawn for free however if you wish to sell any spawn property you must first contact the Interior Ministry for approval

As always the Ministry of the Interior reserves the right to take down any build at spawn that is located in the wrong district, is overly aesthetically unpleasing or causes any other serious issues.!