Nether Hub Rules

This season we have a Wild Update inspired hub with a mangrove swamp in the center and deep dark highways extending in each cardinal direction. This is a nontraditional hub design in which player tunnels branch off of the four highways instead of the main body of the hub. The season 8 hub also features an open roof for elytra access and a ladder to the harsh nether below.

Hub Rules

  • Begin a tunnel by running /portal at the desired location for your portal in the overworld. This command will divide each of your coordinates by 8, ensuring that a portal placed at the resulting coordinates in the nether will link properly. You can also run /portal in the nether to find the optimal coordinates for a portal in the overworld.
  • Running /portal will also tell you which highway to use and which direction to turn when constructing your tunnel. You must always use the highway closest to your portal to prevent blocking other tunnels. Diagonal lines of red carpet extend from the hub to indicate which highway is closest. If your tunnel crosses one of these diagonals, it is in violation of the rules.
  • Tunnels can be decorated however you like as long as they are kept to a maximum of a 7x7 area, including the walls of your tunnel. You may also add an extra layer of blocks on each side for ghast protection.
  • Your tunnel must be straight and not make any turns unless approved by the Ministry of the Interior. If the ideal location for your tunnel is occupied, please use the location directly to the left or right of the occupied tunnel and place your portal as close to the optimal coordinates as possible without turning. You may also share tunnels with other players if they give you permission.
  • Claim and label all of your tunnels. Place a sign next to or above the tunnel stating where it goes and who it belongs to. Claims automatically expire after 10 days if your tunnel is not started by then.
  • If your tunnel goes through a nether biome which allows ghasts to spawn, make sure to ghast proof your tunnel to make sure we don't get any rogue fireballs blowing up other people's tunnels.
  • As the hub is on the nether roof, tunnels below the roof are disallowed due to linking issues. If you run into problems linking up your nether portal, make sure to check in with the Ministry of the Interior so that we can find a solution.
  • All tunnels are located between y-level 143 and 151, so please avoid building structures like farms or bases on the nether roof that may get in the way of tunnels at those levels.

It is very important for everyone to follow these rules not only for the convenience of others, but also for the general ease of access and aesthetics of the hub. If there are any questions or problems regarding any of the rules, please contact Kaddaschatzi or the Ministry of the Interior.