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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, this is all my opinion. I am not saying this IS the problem, I am just saying that I think this may be a problem/is the cause of the inactivity. I really like this community. Lots of fun, tight friendships, etc. It seems like a good idea, but I notice that only main players, such as pande, GT, kathi, basically staff and old players, stay on this server. I basically never see any new players. Most of them end up quitting. Why? I aren't exactly a big member of the community, so I kinda see why. You see, it doesn't feel welcoming enough to new players. There are a lot of ways how it isn't welcoming, and it may take a while to list, but, of course, Whatevet I find that I easily feel left out. Like, all the (mains lol) staff and old players have a lot they know about each other, they remember their past experiences, but when newbies come join, they see all this stuff going on, and they wish they could know about what is happening there. I still feel that. Another thing I find, is the surrounding isn't so, welcoming. I personally think a lot more work should be put into that, since it gives a first impression. I also think it should be a community project, not just for the interior department. I would also love a lot more diversity in the map. The current map is simply: Build a base, visit shops for resources with diamonds from your mine, which to me is all boring. I mean at first it feels new, but it does become quite boring after a while. I'd love more fun! Some more twists, more permanent activities! Shops seem like a lazy way to play. I wish we shared more, and not for some boring diamonds. I wish we helped each other instead for free, not for diamonds. That also gets annoying. Basically there are a lot of things I think cause the inactivity lately. One main thing is school. But overall, I still think these things may help the community, and may help future maps live on... I may build my tree again, who knows? Welp, if you wanna add on to this, or state your opinion, then go do so! Nothing's stoppi- wait there is? what is it? Wh- oh you need to go feed your cats. K do so then state your opinion pls. hlelh sos snans Edit: Apperantly I am longer here than kathi