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Found 1 result

  1. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Apply to join the Kingdom of Kingstone!

    "With the recent threats by the Solisian Empire, King Icarus is looking for able-bodied men and women to serve the Kingdom of Kingstone and secure the future of our people. Settlers are waiting for strong-willed leaders to colonize dozens of new locations near the Kingstone border. There are also spots open on King Icarus' Royal Council. Tryouts for the Kingsglaive are also being held if you think you have the strength and perseverance that it takes to become one of the elite legendary warriors." -One of the hundreds of letters sent by the Capital to all over the world seeking warriors and architects alike. Kingstone Recruitment Thread Kingstone is looking for builders to serve as vassals who will create interesting settlements and have the dedication to finish them, as well as warriors sworn to protect the crown and join us in battle when the banners are called. Looking to be a Vassal? To be a vassal of Kingstone is to hold a position of power and weight in the Kingdom. These are dukes, barons, mayors, counts, etc. If you are looking to build in Kingstone you will need the dedication to finish the build and the ability to stay within our "universe" if you think you can do both then I would ask you reply to this post with a few things: The origin/purpose of your settlement (Mirkwood, a bandit lair that decided to bend the knee rather than be razed. After years of loyalty, it became a flourishing village.) A quick description of your character (Alfrety, a mage who was banished from his home and befriended the king, now serving as headmaster of the Wizards' Tower and crucial member of the Kingsglaive.) An answer to the question: "Would you be willing to join in on optional/impromptu roleplay events as well as be a member of our discord and join voice chat during battles or crucial events?" Here is a map of Kingstone. The areas marked in red are open to new vassals, the ones marked in gold belong to the Kingdom of Kingstone but are so far from the Capital that it would be preferred to build closer. Purple is TwoEdgedDeath's but you might be able to get it from him if you ask nicely and promise to build something asian-esque. [EDIT: TwoEdgedDeath agreed to hand over Nippon to whoever qualifies.] Looking to be a member of the Kingsglaive? To be a member of the Kingsglaive is to be a part of a group of warriors empowered by magical relics (such as the Apple of Discord, Cartian's Scythe, or the Holy Grail) to slaughter the King's enemies and to protect the King's people. If you are looking to fight as one of these legendary mercenaries, you will need the natural will to fight and kill as well as the ability to hold your own in combat no matter the odds or stakes. If you think you have the combat talent as well as spirit to take the fields of battle yourself I would ask you to reply to this post with a few things: A quick description/origin story of your character (Agista Rustero, daughter to the Empress of Brytannia, tired of living in her mother's shadow she ran away and became a master sorceress, then chosen by the Scythe of Cartian to wield it, she went with King Icarus from Vennterria in order to earn Agusta's forgiveness.) An answer to the question: "Would you be willing to spar with me and Nicku as well as other Kingsglaive members in order to hone your skills and prove yourself?"