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  1. The Race of the Shades For a long time, we’ve wanted to release a full summary of the race that Nicku Crestshade is a part of. Drawing inspiration from many sources and being comfortably unique from the usual fantasy races (of elves, humans and dwarves) we hope you’ll enjoy this explanation and maybe learn a thing or two. The following is an account of the race of shades from Icarus Forde from both his hands on experience and his time being their ambassador. The history of the shades begins on the same continent as the humans of Vennterria. Native to the country of Rivergate, the dense forest and rich biodiversity made it a lush haven for the shades. While the humans and dwarves fought ceaseless wars with each other, these nature loving creatures were happy to live their lives in peace, singing and playing in their secluded groves. Then, around the time the Mantisphere began to leak it’s magic radiation, an event occurred that is still shrouded in mystery to this day. Suddenly every male shade in the world had vanished (presumably dead), and without their other half the shades were faced with extinction. They were biologically immortal, meaning they did not experience aging due to senescence like most living things, but they were still smaller and weaker than the other beasts and sentient races, and had no formal military whatsoever, meaning they were still very capable of death. They had no choice but to drain their “home-trees” (the center and lifeline of each shade settlement) with magical flora capable of birthing new shades. With only female shades to base them from, however, only female shades were produced. They figured it was worth it though, for for now they were not the last of the shades. Tragically, this proved to be only a temporary fix, and soon they lacked the magical energy to create life on such a consistent scale. The “birthing-buds” began to wilt, and the home-trees were plagued with necrosis. Once again their existence was in danger, and their homes were dying all around them. Soon they were too weak for even their most basic magics and they called for desperate, horrible measures. In a last ditch effort, the queen-chief of the shades decided that the latest brood were cursed, and had stolen all of the home-trees’ life. It was quickly agreed that a sacrificial ritual would release their stolen energy and return life to the home-trees and birthing-buds. Nicku Crestshade, and her closest friends and family were among the most recently born and were marked to be sacrificed. And so would’ve been their fate, if the black spirits of Calpheon hadn’t intervened. They had tried stealing the bodies of the inhabitants of Vennterria before, most notably Agista Rustero, 'the Reaper' of Kingstone. When she managed to rid herself of their influence and enslave her captor, the black-spirits hoped that the shades, a non-violent and benevolent race would be more susceptible to their grasp. On the day of the ritual, however, the shade magic and black magic collided. The shades’ ritual did not kill them, as the shades had planned, nor did it send them to Calpheon, as the black-spirits had planned. Where they had landed was Everneth. In a dense forest adjacent to the ruins of Hartgaard. Nicku and her fellow sacrificial lambs quickly detected and cast away the weakened black spirits. Deciding that this new land would be a perfect new home, set to the production of a new home-tree. And the rest, as they say, is History. [For more information on specifically Nicku’s story, check out her character profile, here.] [To keep up with the shades, remember to frequently check on The Royal Kingstone Library.] 1. Introduction The shades are a peaceful, nature-loving race of sentient creatures wielding druidesque powers that can shape both flora and fauna to their will. They use these powers primarily to nature’s benefit, but also to construct their villages. “Home-trees” for instance, are colossal trees that glow with powerful nature energies. Along with providing shades a place to collect and store their power, it is a powerful religious monument and will be protected by them to the death. Slumbering inside these home-trees are massive earth golems awaking and defending the shades only when shade blood is shed by a foreigner on their homeland. They also use their powers to tame beasts, usually to heal and rehabilitate them but also to keep them as pets, or trophies if it is a particularly deadly beast. 2. Specialties They use their flora magic to become masters of alchemy and agriculture. They sow and harvest plants that can’t be grown anywhere else, resulting in them having a stock of unique fruits, flowers, vegetables, and nuts that are skillfully crafted by the shades into powerful, sweet tasting ales like the famous “Iron Brew” or medicines capable of healing cuts overnight. Anyone who has ever met a shade will testify to their warm, sweet smelling scent which results from the several hundreds of types of perfumes, soaps, and shampoos whose ingredients are grown and mixed in their forests. As such, shades are known in the human settlements as masterful craftsmen of all types of luxuries including exotic pets, tasty drinks, delicious food, sweet smelling lotions, and even stolen goods from all over the world. 3. Stealing and Stealth The shades aren’t thieves, per se. Thieves steal out of necessity, thrill-seeking, or greed. The shades were raised in a culture completely secluded from yours or mine, and in their world, mother nature provides everything and takes everything in a free flowing circle. If you fancy taking a roll of warm bread from the market stall, then go ahead, it was the baker’s passion to bake it, and the baker is certainly welcome to one of your berry drinks if they would want it. They are just things, and the earth will reclaim all the things in the end anyway. This, paired with their incredible stealth have kept them safe from any kind of punishment, so they haven’t felt a need to change. 4. Clothing Shades, like most tribal settlements living in a warm climate, are completely naked. They have never known human prudeness and even when it snows in the winter the hot baths, dense tree canopies, and magical aura in the air keep it a comfortable 25°C (77°F) in their settlements at all times. Human merchants famously sell clothes at shade borders, just to find them discarded on the ground again on their way home. Thus the term, “shameless as a shade” was coined. 5. Bathing Partially due to their skills at soap making, and partially due to their love of a good soak, you can’t walk 10 feet without finding another bathhouse or hot spring in a shade village. Not just for hygiene, a shade will find any number of excuses to bathe, including cooling down when they're angry, warming up when they're cold, to try out a new shampoo, or to eat an especially important pastry. A shade would be a very shocking sight to most humans, and in the past shades have even been hunted by mobs, claiming they were “she-devils” or succubi. The first thing you would notice about a shade is their height. No shade in recorded history has ever been measured taller than 4’7’’. Along with a short stature, all shades have a pair of front-facing horns protruding from the sides of their skulls above the ear, and a soft, furry tail which they retain full control over, much like a monkey would. Despite their furry tail, a shade is covered in a dark-colored, tight layer of skin. Due to their short stature and dark skin, they are incredibly stealthy. Their hair, however, can naturally be any hue or shade on the rainbow, presumably due to their close and intimate lifestyle with nature, taking on the color of flowers. Despite being no longer capable of hyper-sexual reproduction due to the extinction of the males, evolution has not found it necessary to discard their reproductive organs. Their nipples and the inside of their mouth are the color of their hair, albeit a bit darker, and they are naturally free of any hair below their neck, due to the warm climate negating the necessity for body hair. They appear petite, but they have a dense bone structure capable of withstanding great impacts, making up for their lack of strength. They also have incredible hearing and night vision, leaving some shade settlements to be entirely nocturnal. It wasn’t long after Nicku and the rest of her people had set up her home-tree that it was destroyed. Regrettably, it was probably due to the influence of the Apple of Discord when I arrived at the Evernethian coast. Regardless of what caused it, a few years after I had met the shades the ground trembled beneath their village and the cataclysm swallowed up all their homes, leaving behind a crater containing a portal to purgatory itself. The shades were able to tame those lesser demon which escaped into our world, and the mages of Kingstone were able to stop it’s corruption, but the shades wouldn’t last long without a home-tree. They agreed with us that the forest was no longer safe, and used their nature magic to raise a new forest from the depths of the ocean. With a barrier that made the village invisible from the outside, we thought they’d be safest. They called it ‘the Dawn Isles’ and were happy for a time. Then the war with Solis began. It must’ve been Murphy that the island was raised perfectly in between Kingstone and the Solisian Capital. Meaning, they wouldn’t even need to see the island to accidentally run into it and the Kingstonian shades that lived there. Between the dangerous location of the Dawn Isles, and the sand rejecting the creation of a home-tree, soon the shades were homeless again. After General Bael was defeated, most of the ghasts that the shades had tamed from the underworld suddenly died, and the portal that was kept at bay with intricate magical wards and locks went silent. Furthermore the banishment of that great evil ushered in an even greater amount of the nature energy that powered the shade’s magic. From there it was clear that the shades were to reclaim the forest and today there isn’t even a hint of the crater that once dominated it. And from the soil of their newly reconquered land sprouted up a home-tree like the shades had never seen. From it’s power the forest grew denser and denser, with a thick fog which can only traversed with the help of a shade. Now formally known as, ‘the Shade Forest’, it is home to nearly a hundred shades who finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Literally. [Nicku and I would both like to thank you for reading through this explanation of the shades. It's been years in the making and the shades still have a long road ahead of them, but we hope you enjoyed and are happy to answer any further questions in our DMs on Discord, @Nicku Crestshade#3918 or @RashE#6503] [The title banners were made by me, RashE, with the Illustrations of Nicku being drawn by him. I wrote this with his help since the shades are wholly his creation, with minimal guidance and advice from me.]
  2. Here is a link for more information about Kingstone. Looking to join Kingstone? Then this is the post for you, here are the official Kingstonian Entry Examinations*! Kingstonians are elite, outnumbered, and fiercely loyal. As such, the Kingstonian applicants for the Season Five Everneth Roleplay must be the very best. You're dedication, standards, and creativity will be tested if you wish to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kingstone. Why join Kingstone over another faction? Well, Kingstone has a reputation of victory in Season 4, remaining undefeated against the unadulterated assault of Loden, the Desolate One, The Empire of Solis, and the Western Bandit Hordes. More impressive than this, however, is it's rich and immersive lore that has been crafted and refined for over six years. Kingstone prizes loyalty, pride, initiative, integrity, endurance, and determination. A Kingstonian is a bastion of strength and hard work. If all of this is attractive to you than you should continue reading below. Remind yourself that grammar, formatting, and effort all have the utmost importance to your chances of getting accepted into the kingdom. I also feel the need to say that many people have expressed a desire to join Kingstone and I wish to be outnumbered by enemies, so you will be competing with your fellow applicants. Kingstonians will begin to earn monthly allowance** as they rise to the ranks, as well as secret discord channels and war councils. There are six basic ranks of players who can call themselves Kingstonian. The King - The ruling monarch, King Icarus Forde at the time of writing. The Inner Circle - Through dedication and working closely alongside the King, these members have gained his deepest trust. The Kingsglaive - These legendary warriors protect the king with their lives and act out his will. The Vassal - Landowners who receive the King's protection and wealth for answering the call of war and fighting against the enemies of Kingstone. The Councilmen - Advisors to the above tiers, tasked with assisting their liege in construction and decision-making but are barred from fighting in war. The Laborer - Peasants paid per-job, serving as gatherers and builders supporting Kingstone's economy and infrastructure. Now, the road to becoming King is long and hard, and if you want to become King of Kingstone you'll be looking for me as a corpse, so I'll only be accepting Kingsglaive and below, as only going above and beyond the call of duty can earn you the title "Inner Circle". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joining the Kingsglaive - There are three basic requirements to becoming a part of the 'glaive of Kingstone. Unique Character Design/Roleplay Skill - The Kingsglaive are an integral reason Kingstone's military has seen such success, and their prevalence in the "Legend of Kingstone" require them to be interesting, unique, and immersive. A Character Profile would be infinitely helpful in your quest to becoming a member of the 'glaive. These players are held to a degree of roleplaying skill, this means your character must fit in the world of Kingstone, and the Everneth Universe at large, think low fantasy medieval, I'll be denying any TRON robots with nuke launchers. Finally, you must always respect roleplay etiquette. No meta-gaming (causing your character to act with information he/she shouldn't have but instead acting on information you have as a player), or controlling other characters (speaking for another player's character without permission or assuming your actions go without reaction, for example: avoid saying things like "I stab you in the throat, killing you instantly"). Loyalty to the Crown - Kingsglaive are defined by their loyalty. They obey the King's commands without hesitation and trust in his ability to lead the kingdom to further victory. As a result, I expect my Kingsglaive to respect Kingstone and defend it with your ((character's)) life. Its citizens and homes must be protected at all costs and an insult to Kingstone is an insult to you. Combat Proficiency - Kingsglaive are feared on the battlefield, and powered by Ike's magical weapons of war(Brisingr, Ax of Odin, etc) the earth must shudder under you as you walk. You won't be required to be Achilles or anything, but I expect the 'glaive to perform well in the field. All loyalty in the world is no replacement for raw talent and physical strength. Some vassals become Kingsglaive, but I have yet to have a Kingsglaive member that wasn't also a vassal. I am willing to work with you to help design your character and weapon as well as the circumstances in which your character meets the King and becomes a member of the 'glaive. Example Kingsglaive Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Vassal - There are two basic requirements (along with joining the event battles) to becoming a vassal Building Skill/Progression - The main job of a vassal of Kingstone is to build and rule over a small part of the kingdom's territory. This means you must be willing to start and finish your build. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Kingstone, but I expect progress to be made, even if it's just fifteen minutes a day. Fiefs (areas of land given to vassals) must 'fit' in the Kingstone theme, this means doing your best to build something attractive, and believable. Medieval is a good theme to follow, but I'd also except high elf fantasy, oriental, etc. Just don't build any cars or spaceships, and don't build bigger than the capital itself. Character Uniqueness - Vassals also need to have their own characters to play as, but aren't expected to be as passionate about the lore and war as the Kingsglaive. However, like the Kingsglaive you would greatly benefit from a Character Profile. I am willing to work with you in designing your character as well as finding a purpose/theme for your build. Example Vassal Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Councilmen - Compared to the above two applicants, looking to become a part of someone's council is relatively easy. A councilman's main job is to assist their liege in any way they can. This usually means help them build/design their fief, or advise them in matters of state and politics. The councilman can be a priceless tool to a vassal or 'glaive, and unlike a laborer, members of a Kingstonian Council receive a monthly allowance. In order to become someone's councilmen, all you must do is earn a member of Kingstone's trust and attention. Vassals are responsible for their council just as the King is responsible for his vassals, so it is important for a councilman to be trustworthy as well as hardworking, as a vassal with too many councilmen can begin to lose track of his people. Councilmen cannot participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a vassal or 'glaive member officially accepting a councilman: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becoming a Laborer - The easiest rank to attain in Kingstone. The laborers are players who aren't so much interested in the roleplay or the wars, but rather making a paycheck or buying land in Kingstone. They import or gather materials for Kingstone in return for Kingstone Crowns** Kingstonian Laborers can also, of course, sell and work for other factions, a practice that would be very suspicious to any other rank. However, they do not receive a monthly allowance, nor are they allowed to participate in official roleplay battles, as that would unbalance the teams in Kingstone's favor. Example of a Laborer's Application: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Yes, I take it that seriously. The good news is though, that the harsher I am with the applicants, the more dedicated the people who actually end up joining are! **Kingstone Crowns (and a currently unnamed, unconfirmed silver coin) are the custom currency I will be minting in Season 5 of Everneth. Crowns can be used to buy real estate in the Capital, as well as steak/diamonds/fireworks. I'd ask that all applications come as replies to this thread. That said I wish you all good luck and encourage you to apply to any opposing or neutral roleplay factions if you aren't fortunate enough to make it in while we're recruiting.
  3. So every server I play on I end up building a great city/empire because I play Minecraft for the story building and architecture. I've gotten mostly God-gear again and it's time to begin construction. I suppose this thread might be a megathread for me to post updates and lore and residential opportunities and even, hopefully, conquest updates. But for now, I have to decide where it will go, what will be its name and place in my own persistent universe. Where will it go? Personally, I always build around 2,000 blocks away from spawn. This way I don't step on toes or take up space, but I've found that my cities often go unvisited and it all feels like a ruin or a relic from an ancient golden age. This server is more populated and healthy, in my opinion, but I still figure I should stay in spawn to be the backbone of the area's activity and a great monument for new players and old to become inspired and, by their visits, inspire me. I illustrated some ideas onto a piece of the geography: There are a couple problems with this setup, however. This map not only consumes an ungodly percentage of the residential area but it is simultaneously way too small for any kind of complex and reasonable capital city, let alone the great city of Kingstone. Pair that with the fact I haven't talked to the Parliment about this, it brings up a lot of problems so my eyes are set here: More about the city. I built a city called Kingstone once before, and it was to this day my favorite builds I have ever worked on, but it was destroyed in a reset and the server itself was less than active. While I still have the world and plan on finishing it someday offline, I feel it's glory must be public and as such, I am thinking this kingdom will be Kingstone Reborn. It will be as if Icarus Forde and Agusta Rustero's royal fleet landed here and colonized the fertile shores of eastern Everneth instead of Carrotcraft's mountainous plains. I imagine I will also have a great port with a few warships and one of them being the Lady Valkyrie, flagship of the new Royal Navy, and on this ship will be a nether portal to spawn where an identical flagship will roleplay sail you to Kingstone. Also, the horse route will be fully pathed and possibly with a bunch of cool forests and abandoned shelters maybe an inn and some terraformed greenery on the way. Too bad that everyone including myself with just Elytra over. Still, if I ever find a warhorse worth of the title of Boris 'the Bold' I will gladly use this path. The city will also have multiple tiers, and should the city ever come under siege, the attackers would need to fight through three levels of defense to capture the castle. With this, I will also try and fill each tier with the respective classes from the lowest peasant to the King and his Royal Family. Also, make sure to check out the church of the seven, and the multiple shrines to Bellona and Ra and other real-world deities. And the libraries, which will be teeming with lore surrounding the past present and fiction of Kingstone, Brytannia, and whispers of entire other universes. I appreciate you reading through this and pray you will continue to check up on this thread as I release pictures and progress reports, and when it is finally all built, you will see the stunning cinematic I create from all my builds.
  4. Introducing... Kingstone Crowns What are Kingstone Crowns? Crowns are the custom currency of Kingstone, in-game they appear as written books and are used for all kinds of goods and services specific to Kingstone. They even have a neat custom texture in the un-official roleplay texturepack (if Optifine ever updates to 1.13.1), which changes dynamically depending on how many coins are in the stack. Why Crowns over diamonds? Anyone can grind out diamonds and then inflate the market, and a new custom currency can be pretty fun. I mint Kingstone Crowns in an effort to promote the roleplay community, as they are awarded for roleplay battles, quests, and bounties! Vassals and members of the Kingsglaive also get a weekly salary of crowns. Can't Crowns be counterfeit? Written books have the added security of being both signed and minted by me, so as long as the book is signed "by RashE_" and a "Copy of Original" you know you have a genuine token. Technically, someone could murder me while I am minting coins, steal the original, and temporarily craft their own, but since that hasn't been done to date and is technically griefing, you can rest assured that these coins are safe. What can you buy with Crowns? All the good consumables, such as fireworks, steak, and diamonds. The marketplaces in Kingstone are also stocked with all kinds of enchanted books such as: Mending, Unbreaking III, Silk Touch, Fortune III, Thorns III, Protection IV, and Flame. Crowns can also be used to buy real estate in the Capital, ranging from small houses to medium houses containing businesses such as blacksmiths and bakeries, to massive manors in the heart of the city. Where can I get Crowns? The most efficient way would be to join the roleplay battles, but you can also get them from Kingstone quests and bounties from the Official RP Discord's #oakstead-bulletin chat. Lastly, you can buy them in spawn with diamonds, emeralds, ink sacs, and oak logs. Look for a horse wagon with a golden crown on top in the shopping district. Prices: (Prices are subject to change as supply and demand fluctuate.) Items bought with Crowns(found in the Kingstone Marketplace): -256 Crowns (16 Stacks) buys a Mansion in the Inner City(I am thinking about holding these at auction.) -128 Crowns (8 Stacks) buys a medium house w/ side business -64 Crowns (4 Stacks) buys a small house in the outer city -48 Crowns (3 Stacks) buys an enchanted Mending book -32 Crowns (2 Stacks) buys an enchanted Unbreaking III book -16 Crowns buys an enchanted Silk Touch book -16 Crowns buys an enchanted Fortune III book -8 Crowns buys two diamonds -4 Crowns buys a stack of firework rockets -4 Crowns buys a stack of steak Items sold for Crowns(found in the Shopping District, -228,72,79): -1 Diamond buys 4 Crowns -1 Emerald buys 2 Crowns -64 Oak Logs buys 2 Crowns -64 Ink Sacs buys 8 Crowns Salaries for Vassals and Members of the Kingsglaive: -Vassals earn 50 Crowns per week -Kingsglaive Members earn 30 Crowns per week -Councilmen earn 10 Crowns per week
  5. Operation: Rescue Pelagic Despite its recent strategy, Mirkwood was glowing in the gentle morning sun and bustling with activity. She was one of many hamlets marked for being deconstructed, both to spare it from looters and also to make way for new construction projects. Stocky refugees and determined carpenters were busy chopping wood, harvesting plants, and hauling materials back to the capital. Icarus Forde was among them, digging graves for the countless elven villagers whose bodies were still stained with blight from the noxious attacks of their murderers. After the last of the soil was sent tumbling down over the coffin, Icarus took a step backward. Leaning against the end of the spade, he wiped his sweaty brow and admired his own handiwork. The ironwood gravestone he had carved wouldn’t rot or warp like conventional lumber would, and the oil finish he applied caused the epitaph to shine pristinely. “Arlin of Mirkwood.” “Here lies one of the most loyal friends of Kingstone that ever lived.” “Rest in peace, you’ll be dearly missed.” Icarus had resigned to digging one such grave for each of his friends who fell in the ‘Three Front War’. He had dug several other graves for the various loyal habitants of Mirkwood, and they were neatly aligned with their leader’s. The birds had gathered under the massive willow tree overlooking Arlin’s final resting spot, Ike addressed them with a sad smile. “You keep vigil over this place now, will you?” His hands were folded on the end of the spade similarly to how he would lean on Brisingr’s pommel. The surrounding workers gave Ike this solemn moment to mourn, and in his isolation, Icarus pulled a golden necklace up out from the inside of his gambeson. The Kingsglaive medallion was warm against his chest and shone brightly with Kingstonian Pride. The Kingsglaive all suffered a strict training regime, and along with the knowledge of sealing away Alvionspawn, they were also each bestowed with their one-of-a-kind weapon and a golden medallion. It had only been a fortnight since Kordon’s departure to the lands that Icarus now knew were called ‘Valland’ and still, Icarus couldn’t help but ponder the idea of checking up on him. With the help of Fredrick, Icarus had engineered these medallions to all be connected, allowing the King to peer into the surroundings of each of the Kingsglaive. This proved to be invaluable on the battlefield, as well as tracking them down in times of need. Now that Icarus had the thought, it was too hard to resist. Forming a fist around the trinket, Icarus bowed his head and felt his spirit rise away from the Earth. Flying west over the Augustus Mountain Range, the ground flew by in a blur. Over glistening rivers and flower spotted fields, soon Ike was plummeting into Valland. The city was gone as fast as it had appeared, and Ike’s vision went black as he fell through the ground. Slowing, his vision stopped in the center of a vault, piled high with glittering gold, treasures, and baubles. Sure as shit, Kordon’s medallion was among them, as well as the unmistakable sheath of the Prismarine Blade. Kordon wore the two religiously, and if they were locked away in this vault… The realization broke Ike’s focus, and with a gasp, he was standing again in the serene meadow. Boris, to the eastern road. He projected, hustling out past Mirkwood’s gate. A lumberjack was atop a wooden ladder, taking down the gorgeous welcome sign. Running past the fruitful orchids, Ike quickly spotted the war horse galloping down the road towards him. As he leaped into the saddle, Boris didn’t waste a moment in quickly turning around and riding hard toward the Capital. Sending the signal, Ike knew the remaining ‘glaive’s medallions would vibrate in response and beckon them to return to Kingstone at once. Noir and Alana were on patrol, the Shade was probably with her people, shaping their newly founded home-forest to their liking. Ragnar was already at the Kingsglaive HQ when Icarus arrived, still recovering and with no one waiting for him in Ravenscar, he opted to stay in the castle when he wasn’t with Zil Sa’hir. The headquarters contained several bookshelves and desks, and a large table in the center of the room. When Alana and Noir arrived from the patrol, Icarus began, “I had reason to believe something happened to Kordon. Both his medallion and his blade were both locked away in a vault. That’s not like him. Then I received this letter when I arrived at the capital.” he read it aloud: “THIS IS A LETTER TO KINGSTONE SEND DIRECTLY TO KING FORDE FROM KING JAY PORTER XX OFVALLAND Kordon has attempted to murder myself in my private library. Three of my men are missing limbs due to his actions. The library was only meant to be accessible to me and anyone I supervise, but Kordon got in. He believes I am responsible for a great tragedy when I am not. However, Kordon sadly must be executed because he is dangerous. Tomorrow morning, he will be executed unless you pay 1,000,000 Crowns. We will then discuss the specifics of what occured. However, the crowns must be paid before we will be able to let him go.  My Apologies, King Jay Porter XX” Icarus couldn’t help but read the final half with disgust and mockery. As he read aloud the threat on Kordon’s life, Ragnar snarled with rage, and shade gasped, concern filling her eyes. The whole Kingsglaive seemed unanimously offended with the death threat to against their comrade. Icarus continued, knowing that they understood the seriousness of the situation, “Now… I don’t know what tragedy he committed, or why this king’s name seems eerily familiar. But what I do know, is that Kordon would never betray my name and assassinate a foreign leader without good goddamn reason. And if this Jay knows anything at all about Kingstone, and how the Three Front War affected us, then he knows full well we can’t pay this ransom. Not by tomorrow. Whatever Kordon learned in that library must’ve been important enough for him to warrant his death in order to ensure his silence. Now I think you’d agree, that we’ve already lost too many of our own. There is no way in hell I’ll let another one of our order die. What I am about to say doesn’t leave this room. We either sit around and let another good man die, or we can kick in the door and free our friend. Whose with me?” The answer was without hesitation. “For Kingstone!” “Then the plan is simple. Time is of the essence if we can’t get to him before daybreak, he’s finished. We’re to embark as soon as possible. Through his medallion, we’ll follow Kordon’s path through the mountains to Valland. Using the night as cover, we’ll slip past their defenses as a small team, and bust him out. You know I’d prefer to break down the gate, but the second they catch wind of our assault, they’ll slit his throat where he stands. This means we are going for stealth and speed, as a result, I am forbidding the use of the Curse unless the situation becomes life-threatening. At least until after we recover Kordon. The primary objective is to get our boy home, but we also must prioritize recovering his blade and medallion. If they figure out the siphon, Bellona knows the last thing we need is a greedy idiot losing himself in the pursuit of the Curse. Dismissed.” As they leaped from their chairs and back towards their rooms and armory, Icarus checked on Kordon’s medallion again. --- The next hour was spent preparing for their invasion. The Kingsglaive were equipped with the waning stock of Fredrick’s ‘Orange’ draught. Knives were sharpened, and plate armor was covered in black leather cloaks. Invading a foreign country with the ‘glaive would provoke Valland, and might even be considered an act of war. But as far as Ike was concerned, Kordon must be saved, and Valland gave up any chance at peace when she threatened his life and put a price tag on it. They road out together as the night darkened further and galloped to the west with vengeance in their hearts. It wasn’t long until they dark silhouette of Valland’s walls began to appear over the horizon. “So close, and we never knew…” Icarus heard the shade whisper into his back. During the Three Front War, Kingstone’s scouts were constantly sent on martial reconnaissance, and before that, all hands were on deck building Kingstone. Combined with the fact that Valland was in the opposite direction of Solis, it was unsurprising that they hadn’t met before. Still, Ike had to admit, the two countries did share a close border. “Halt,” Icarus commanded. The horses would be too loud and large to approach the city undetected and were tied against the trees and hid by the cover of forest and night both. Despite not being in the ‘glaive, Icarus decided to bring Zil Sa’hir along. His stealth would be invaluable, and he got a good word into the King from Ragnar. Ike peered out towards the city, taking it all in and noting the details. “Looks like they have plenty of arrow coverage. I can see guardsmen patrolling through the eastern wall… Looks like the southern border is open to the sea, however. Zil, Nicku, you two will sneak around that southern seaguard tower and take out the scouts there, while the Shade waits to ambush the incoming guard patrol, Zil I need you to tie these ropes to the crenelations at the top. You must be very very careful to make sure they’re tight. If those ropes give we’ll make a scene and break our necks, understood?” As if the night wasn’t dark enough, Agista had spectral ravens block out the moonlight illuminating the rest of the ‘glaive and they quietly advanced west by the coast. Quicker than Ike expected, the ropes were tossed down to the base of the tower, and the remaining ‘glaive members quietly scaled the tower. A shadow moved near the stairs and quietly Icarus whispered, “Red like Roses,” “Yellow like Gold,” replied the shade, confidently climbing up to meet them, her hammer was drawn and bloodied. From the vantage point of the tower, Icarus got a good view from the inside of the city. “Well, based by the number of guards, I bet that stairway in the hill is where they’re keeping him.” Icarus took note of the massive warship that was slowly bobbing in the night’s tide. “The medallion was pretty far underground, probably near a mine. Wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to the gold to go straight from the ground and into the vault.” Farther to the west, embedded into the same hill was another staircase. Supported with lumber and covered in rails, it was a painting-perfect mining operation. “There, farther west on that same hill. If that isn’t it, it’s not visible from here.” Icarus hoped his veteran’s intuition would be right. “Most of the wall guard will be looking out into the wilderness,” Agista commented, peeking down the stairs from where Nicku had come. “It’s the prison guard I’m worried about. Must have them running double shifts to make sure Kordon doesn’t escape. He must’ve given them hell to warrant this kind of watch.” Noir replied he was helping Zil pull the ropes up and fit them into loops again. “I could pull a distraction. Wonder how they’d react to a Spectral Swordfall over that pretty little ship of theirs.” Alana suggested. Icarus didn’t want to make a bigger scene than was necessary and definitely didn’t want to play the Spectral Swordfall card so early on. “No, Best bet is to sneak along the base of the wall in its shadow. Once we reach the main group of buildings we’ll have plenty of cover to take them from above. Agista and Noir, I want you two in front, you’re the cleanest killers we’ve got. Alana and Zil watch our six and the rest move single file through the dark. I’ll go ahead and clear a path down the tower.” Brisingr and Lightbringer both were to slow and loud for this kind of dance, so Icarus unsheathed the shattered greatsword which now served as a razor-sharp dagger. A floor below the peak of the tower, Icarus found two crumpled bodies hidden behind a bunch of barrels, the Shade’s handiwork. A floor below that, two guards were getting drunk and playing cards. The flickering light of the brazier was blocked by the man sitting with his back to the King. Crouching, Icarus made his way to them and in one quick, practiced motion slit the bigger man’s throat and pierced the other’s skull through the ear. Before anyone else could show, the party took the four bodies and dumped them into the sea on their way to the backside of Valland’s eastern wall. One by one they crossed the road and were quickly sneaking around the perimeter of the town center, it was here they started to overhear the voices of some of the prison guard, “-whatever happened to Kingstone, hearing about it must’ve really pissed him off to attack King Porter XX like that.” The reply was a high pitched nasally voice, Icarus peaked down the slope and saw the two were facing away from them. “I wouldn’t think it was the king’s fault. Where’s the profit in pissing off the Eagle? For all we know the prisoner came here to kill Jay and make off with his riches.” This one was skinny and wore a kettle helm, the man he was talking to was stocky and shielded. They both carried halberds. In addition to the two men at the door, there were dozens of guards patrolling the area in line of sight of the prison’s entrance and even more near the town hall and dock. Icarus felt the air intensify as they waited for him to give the signal. There was no chance of sneaking in quietly, not with this many guards. With stealth out the window, the operation got a whole lot simpler. “FOR KINGSTONE!” he roared, and the whole ‘glaive sprinted down the hill chanting the battle cry. Before the kettle-hatted guard could even turn around, Ike had half crushed, half chopped his skull and chest. As he did, Agista was spinning wildly into the next man with her scythe. blood and sparks filled the air as she did. Alana was casting single bolts of lighting into the farther targets knocking them off their feet, and buying Kingstone time before they could reach the alarm. Nicku had spun her hammer into a charging spearman, crushing him between wall and hammer. Noir had made contact with three swordsmen, and as they darted in and thrusted, Noir spun around to the left and decapitated the flanked Vallandian. Ducking under the wide sideswing of the second, he parried the third’s downswing and cut him across the chest. Before the second man could react Noir had disarmed him and cut his throat, quickly turning back to the reeling third and impaling him through the heart. Ragnar was chasing after some routing archers, and Zil was locked in a clinch, which was ended when Agista chopped the opposing warrior in half, Zil’s face went pale with how close the scythe had come to gutting him. Agista smirked and vanished. A well-armored knight had charged into the square wielding a massive, four and a half foot long greatsword. Brisingr in hand Icarus blocked and dodged the yellow-blue knight’s cleaves. Feinting a two-handed downslice, Ike quickly spun into a chop towards the knight's shin, who fell flat on his face. Ike then pierced the small of his back, and an empty gasp left the man’s lips under his helmet. The ambush was a success, with Valland quickly routing from the area. Panting, Icarus commanded, “Zil and Agista, you two get the sword, we’ll get Kordon. Go!” As they turned towards the prison entranced, the reinforced metal doors swung open to greet them and inside was one very confused young warrior. Witnessing the dozens of bodies strewn around the base of the hill, he turned on his heel and ran screaming back down the stone corridors of Valland’s prison system. Shrugging, Icarus hustled down into the prison after them. There were even more men stationed inside what was beginning to seem less like a dungeon and more like a labyrinth. Stretching halls and twisting turns had them fighting in dense melee at every corner. Finally, Ike had found Kordon Luis, sitting uneasily in a chair situated in the corner of one very prestigious cell. The floor gleamed with teal reflection. As Ike busted through the door’s locking mechanism with a particularly forced bash of his pommel, the entrance to the cell flew back against the wall. It was only then that Ike noticed a second person in his cell. He was no prisoner, Ike could tell from his bluesteel plate armor. “Kordon, thank Bellona. We’re busting you out.” Ike couldn’t help but glance at the Drowned as he kept the point of Brisingr pointed squarely into the throat of the armored drunk. Nonchalantly, he raised his arms over his head with a smile. Icarus scowled as he asked, “What is going on here?” “I’ll explain later, thank the gods you are here.” Kordon was already sitting up, making his way towards the ruined metal door. Ike was pulling out a wrapped bundle that was hanging from his belt, “Both of us know you don’t belong in this cell. The rest of the ‘glaive are here too. Take this, there is a melee in the hallway. Your new friends aren’t taking very kindly to us forcing in here.” Unraveling the bundle revealed a closely weaved chainmail cloak, with a thin layer of black silk encasing it. Glancing once more at the stranger in the corner, he donned the chainmail cloak. “Okay, let’s rally everyone out. Did you get my blade perchance?” “No, we needed to bust you out first before they could kill you. We have a good idea where it’s at though. Take Lightbringer in the meantime,” unsheathing Ike’s silver claymore, he held the hilt towards Kordon. “Where do you think they are keeping it?” asked Kordon. They had made their way out of the cell now and were preparing to ambush a couple of the prison guard who were quick on their way to the melee on the upper level. With efficacy and finesse, the two were cut through before they could even scream. “Looked like some kind of a vault, from what I could see. And underground. If Valland is as greedy as I’ve heard, then they probably don’t wait between digging up the gold and storing it in their vault. The mine is our best lead right now.” Icarus explained through pants. The two had joined the others now and were spinning and dodging around gleaming blades and blurred cleaves. Inch by Inch the Kingsglaive cut their way up and out of the dungeon. “I saw the mine’s entrance when on a tour here, follow me,” Kordon ran onward. As they ran to meet up with Zil and Agista, Icarus realized that if Kordon hadn’t recalled his blade by now, it’s because the vault was sealed airtight and there was no place for the water droplets of the Prismarine Blade to flow out to him. Not that it would help in recovering the medallion, of course. As Ike had seen from the tower, the mine and the prison weren’t too far away at all, and they were there in seconds. As they made their way down the chasm, a feminine voice interrupted their descent. “Red like Roses.” “Yellow like Gold,” Kordon replied as Agista leaned into the moonlight. She had suffered a gash to her shoulder and blood was trailing down her left arm in droplets on the floor. Zil was watching the bottom of the staircase, a vigil in the dark. “You o-” Ike was interrupted by her annoyed response. “I’m fine. But the vault is even more protected than the prison.” Agista’s eyes were dripping ink, her scythe was stained crimson. “Anything we can’t handle?” Noir responded, flexing his shield arm to keep it awake under the binds of his aegis. “Wall of spearmen. Crossbows behind them.” Zil piped up. A small dagger was gleaming in the crescent’s rays. “Understood.” the King replied. Turning towards the shade, Ike nodded towards the base of the stairs, she smiled. Quickly the ‘glaive made room as Nicku and Icarus hurried down the steps, and once they reached the end, Nicku had dived past him and was caught mid-air by each leg as Ike spun her around several times before letting momentum fly her down down the shaft, her hammer spiraling through the air. Bolts were fired and deflected off the plate armored Shade as she crashed through the spearmen and the defending ranks were smashed. The scene had caused many of them to rout and with the way cleared, The Kingsglaive had made their way to the Vault of Valland. They had no time to pry it open and Icarus quickly decided to melt the golden door with Brisingr’s fury. As soon as the lock failed, Kordon was the first into the vault, shoving Lightbringer back into the arms of his king. With medallion and the Prismarine Blade back in hand, all that was left to do was escape with their lives. The reserved city guard were surely being awoken as they left the mine and ran from the city, leaving corpses and broken doors behind them. They left as they came in, around the southern seaguard tower and soon they had returned to their leashed steads. As they rode out into the night, Icarus had waited long enough. “Kordon. What was in that Library?” The question was on everyone’s mind and the cheering Kingsglaive grew silent to hear the Drowned’s answer. Swallowing hard, Kordon replied darkly, “Do you remember the Loden attacks?” Icarus’ heart sunk, “You kidding? I buried Arlin today.” “Well, Valland’s related. I read Porter’s personal log and discovered that he had released the Desolate One on us, and all just for profit…” The shade’s grip tightened. Ragnar cursed and Alana had to stop herself from blurting out a curse. The King stammered. “Wha- Are you certain? How could a city like that control an entity like the Desolance…? So that’s why they say you attacked him. I knew there was more to the story.” “Yeah. Apparently, King Jay had uncovered a book of evils. It described a summoning ritual who could bring forth the Desolate One, who would accept a death contract. Jay sent the Desolate One to raze Kingstone, in order to confederate Solis and expand their borders.” No one answered for a long time. Ike wouldn’t have believed it a few years ago, but now he knew it was true. Slowly Icarus began again. “If this is all true, we finally have a lead on that undead horror. We might be returning to Valland quicker than you’d like Kordon. I’ll kill every man in that city if it means freeing us from Loden’s blight and ambush. We can’t let what happened to Mirkwood happen to the Temple, or Ravenscar. Or new Kuiken…” “I’ll do whatever it takes to avenge them, and prevent more of our people from being killed,” Kordon vowed. Ike’s adrenaline was subsiding and he remembered her. “Listen, about the cervitaur. I’m sorry, I know that betrayal can hurt and that you two were really close-” Kordon cut him off. “Her name was Keshi. And I don’t think she knew about this. The book was heavily guarded, something so secret only Porter could access it.” He was facing forward in the saddle, but Icarus could tell his face was serious. Probably best not to push it. “We’ll all be home soon,” the shade whispered into the night.
  6. It took a bit, but Kordon eventually got care in the Infirmary. Many there were wounded, some too far gone to be saved, luckily though, the percentage of people too far gone was in the minority, although a lot had life changing injuries. Kordon was put into the middle class injured list. The two major bones that had broke was a rib and and his left shin which both required minimal effort to heal. After getting cared for after about a day, Kordon requested crutches to visit the waters of Kuiken to bask in them and to make prayers to Poseidon, mostly to stimulate the repair of his leg. Reluctantly, they gave him the crutches. Shuffling through the Infirmary, now with less patients either healed or dead. The door was being held wide open with a cart of supplies. Grabbing his personal belongings on the front shelf including the Prismarine blade in its scabbard, he went outside for the first time that seemed like a week. Taking a look around, the outer town was bustling with the town folk and refugee’s. One market had fresh bread ready to be eaten, drooling at the thought, he fingered through his pouch and flipped a crown to the seller, grabbed a loaf and thanked the woman at the stand who seemed pleased her bread was selling, albeit a bit horrified at the amount of bandages Kordon had and his crutches. But Kordon took no notice, hobbling away with the warm bread towards his room in the capital. The breeze was carrying a certain scent, not identifiable but still pleasing nonetheless. Kordons crutches made an odd click click click sound on the cobblestones of the roads similar to what a horse sounds like when walking down the roads but much more quiet. Making it to his room shortly after buying the loaf of bread, About 15 to 20 minutes. he thought. The bread was greedily consumed and left him feeling energized. Entering his room, in it were a bed, the hardwood floor with quite a few of his favorite rugs, his ash desk across from the door with some papers he’d been writing along with his half full inkwell. A closet and several shelf's, one more grand than the rest to hold his Prismarine Sword. The window had been open and the breeze flew in, waving the Kingstone flags in the distance and his curtains. If Kordon wasn’t In Kuiken, it was here. Setting the crutches down next to the desk, he looked down upon at a letter sent to him. Picking up his letter opener, the letter informed him that Ragnar, the man who they all thought was dead, had proved the council wrong. The letter also confirmed Kordon to be alive and in the infirmary. This had to be sent to everyone then. Kordon thought. Putting the paper back into the envelope, Kordon placed the letter into the catalog of letters he kept. He doesn’t know why he still keeps them all, some even being completely useless, but it was habit from his family that he kept from the first Kuiken, the island Kuiken. Turning towards the closet, Kordon lays out a change of clothes onto his bed to go into. He really needed them. Sitting down at the foot of his bed to change, he first unbuckled his blades scabbard from his belt. Setting it aside to the shelf he usually keeps it on, he returns to his bed. What will i do? Pulling off his shirt, feeling the cloth of it pull up. Kuiken is a part of me. I need it back, but if I lose it again… Who knows what will become of me? Swapping the shirt for a clean one, he pulls the clean one on. I have to at least try to rebuild it. But… what if I fail again? Clearly disturbed by the thought, Kordon pushes it to the back of his head. I won’t fail again. An hour later, Kordon was on his way to Kuiken with more bread, 1 loaf as an offering to Poseidon and 2 more as he’d be spending the day there salvaging what little had been left. The crutches had been a huge help in moving and a good exercise, Kordon refused to take his steed so he could get his leg used to moving again. The morning breeze started to role in, causing the plains seemingly to move on either side of the stoned path. The breeze was warm to go along with the sun and felt nice on Kordons skin. The path was empty, something very unusual. But it would make sense given the current timing of both Minerest and Kuikens demise. The locals were still afraid foes were there, ready to attack. But something told Kordon that wouldn’t be happening. He made sure of it during the attack that everything was dead or fled. Reaching the bridge that connected Kuiken and Kingstone, it marked the entrance to Kuiken. Surprisingly, the bridge was still intact. Slowly, he made his steps over the bridge, the planks groaning under his weight. Looking up from his feet, he saw his Kuiken once more. Many if not all of the buildings had been touched in some way, either it being the wave Kordon brought upon Kuiken, bandits blowing through the door or windows, or fire. Either way, it was all ruined including the trade ports. The ships coming in from the sea must have went to Kingstone instead after seeing the damage. But then there was movement that caught his eye. Grabbing the handle of his sword but not drawing it, he looked towards the direction of the motion and saw… a deer person? She had something that looked like fuzzy antlers, similar to those of a reindeer and had the typical light brown fur of a doe. Seeing her as harmless and from a distance, Kordon loosened his grip on the ‘Pris Blade and called out to her “Hello?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keshi Waawaash had been sent out to find a civilization by the name of Kingstone by King Jay Porter XX of Valland. A mislead Bandit siege had attacked Valland a week before and in their dying words had mentioned of the great nation Kingstone, mistaking Valland for it. Hearing the name as familiar and intrigued by the sound of another nation being a valuable trade partner if bandits would target their capital and the area surrounding, King Jay Porter sent out Keshi. After 3 days of scouting new area, she had discovered the remains of Minerest, and then to Kuiken. Just arriving minutes before, she’d been in dismay at the site, it appeared to have been flooded, but only the ruins were touched, everything else seemed to be untouched by rain for a week or so. Just then, as she’d been calculating how this would’ve been possible, she heard a voice call out to her. Looking in the direction of the sound and freezing, she saw a man in crutches, making his way to the ruins. He had brown hair, slightly darker than her own, quite a few bandages and a basket of bread. Keshi’s muscles froze and didn’t want to move, she’d been startled by this man's sudden appearance but she slowly started to calm down and transitioned into more of an infatuated state as she got a better look of him, the man nearing her with a curious look, crutch step by step. He had baggy black pants with a thick red strap at the top of the pants, a belt weaved in and out of the red band. His shirt was a tan color, and had stitching at the collar line as if it had gone through some rough times. The grass crunched and a pendant that resembled a sword and a word he wore around his neck swung back and forth with each step he took. Regaining her composure, she blinked out of her trance like state and replied to the stranger. “H-hi… do you know what happened here?” Keshi immediately responding to herself in her head, she was criticizing herself before she even said anything. “Yes actually, I kind of happened to it with some bandit scum.” The man replied. “You inspecting the damage I assume?” he asked. “Well, yea… I’m seeing what happened. What do you mean by you happened to it?” did I ask the right question... yes Keshi thought afterwards. The man looked around, as if expecting someone to jump out at him, then sat down besides the ruins of a wall, likely for a tavern. “Well, I’m going to be staying here for a while so I might as well sit.” setting the crutches down next to him and positioning his leg. “Come here, take a seat. I’ll give you the full rundown of what happened over the past week or so. My name is Kordon by the way, would you like some bread?” “My name is Keshi.” Now sitting down perhaps a little closer to Kordon than he’d like. “Sure, I’ll take some bread!” she responded with that a little too quickly, she wasn’t even a huge fan of bread related foods but her mouth ran faster than her thoughts. “Alright. Hope you like rye.” The Kordon man said, pulling out a loaf and then splitting it with her, she watched in an awe as she was handed the bread as if she were her own King gazing upon a pile of riches. “Whoa, calm down. It’s only bread.” Kordon reacted to her gaze. Giggling a little bit. “Oh yeah, hah…” Keshi was snapped back into reality, albeit a bit flustered. Was she really just looking at half a loaf of bread like it were the world? “So, about what happened… the Kingdom I serve, Kingstone. It’s that walled city in the distance, that’s our capital. I’m a ‘Glaive member sworn to protect the King, The Kingdom and its People. And this sad remainder of a hamlet was my Kuiken… we’ve been under attack recently, with the forces of an opposing native Kingdom by the name of Solis whom recently admitted defeat, Bandits and the forces of the Underworld, if I were you, I wouldn’t ask anyone about that last one. It’s still somewhat of a touchy subject, many lives were lost.” Kordon pausing for a minute, looking off into the distance, seeming troubled. The words Kingstone and Bandits stuck out to Keshi, catching onto what Kordon had said, she followed up. “Wait so… that over there is Kingstone?” “Correct.” “My own king sent me out last week to look for this Kingstone, we were under attack by a siege of Bandits too and one of them had mentioned this place. He thought that since they would target a place like this, it must have things worth trading for and so I’m out here as an ambassador, trying to earn us a new trade partner.” She responded with as much information as her mind would allow her in that moment, any other details were swept away with one look at Kordon. “Huh, you guys were attacked too? Damn. The Bandits must’ve really went out of their way. I hope they didn’t bring too much destruction like they did to us. Anyhow, we could use a new trade partner with the damages done in the surrounding area recently. I’ll take you to Kingstone myself later to chip you in a good word from yours truly.” Kordon laughs a little bit “Really?” Keshi replied, getting excited to the thought of Kordon walking her to Kingstone, setting up a friendly relationship with herself and this new area. Her spending more time with the man she hadn’t even know for more than 15 minutes was starting to really pay off. “Yeah, of course! No need to get too excited though, it’s only me.” He said with a smile. Keshi’s chest did a flutter with the smile Kordon gifted upon Keshi. “Anyways, aside from trade routes and good words, those Bandits really did a number on us, I’ve heard just about every if not all of Kingstones Vassals were wiped clean from the land, including the ruins of what you see lie before you. This is the second time Kuiken was taken from me, I’ve gotten over it with my time in the infirmary but I took it harsh the first time…” “Oh?” she questioned. She thought it’d be a sensitive topic for him but only after asking “what happened?” Looking down, suddenly deep in thought, Kordon replied with “I- I don’t want to talk about it, maybe later. We’re getting sidetracked now though, What were we talking about again?” Kordon was clearly distressed, most likely by the mental scars the first Kuiken left on him. Thinking he would want to swap to a lighter subject, Keshi knew what they were just talking about but lied and said “Huh, I… I don’t know actually” “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s fine.” Kordon replied. Did he reply with a little bit of haste? It seemed like it. “Here.” Kordon said, getting up and making a hurtful face as he realized his leg was still indeed: broken. Quickly grabbing his crutches, Kordon offered his hand and said: “I’ll get you familiarized with the area by a tour of my home.” with an endearing smile, although his pupils had looked dilated. For a man who just broke several bones, he seemed to be dealing with the pain alright. He’s felt worse. Taking Kordons hand, Keshi sat up and got light headed, how long have they been sitting there? The sun had moved from when she’d first arrived at Kuiken. “Do you mean Kingstone herself, the area or just Kuiken?” she asked, immediately regretting asking and wished she’d changed it up a bit. If most of the area was destroyed, he couldn’t quite show her a tour of either Kuiken or the surrounding area. But instead of keeping all of her embarrassment to her head, she let out a blush hoping he wouldn’t notice and get the wrong idea. Keshi was starting to come to terms with it. She liked him a little bit, which was insane considering she’s very shy and she just met him, not to mention they're partially different species. But he had that charm to him in his voice and the way he looked at her. “Oh, to Kingstone. Probably should have clarified that, sorry!” What were you doing!? He was criticizing himself the entire conversation for screwing up a word and had embarrassed him in a sense, but not so much as to make him run away from the conversation. It almost made him feel like he wanted more time screwing himself over with this chance. He’s even tried justifying himself considering he’s falling for a deer person that she looked human enough, that mostly the only deer features he could see were her snout (which was cute in its own way), her fur and fuzzy horns akin to those of a reindeer. He decided to put his mind off of that, for now anyways. Right now, he needs to ensure the possibility of a new trade partner. Picking up the remaining two loafs, the extra one goes to Poseidon as he was returning to the capital and didn’t need it. Kordon told Keshi to wait there while he lays out the bread into a basket and sends it out to sea, making prayers as it floats away. Opening his eyes once more, he starts onto the path to Kingstone and motions Keshi to follow. “This way to Kingstone, ahem, lady… um, what’s your last name?” Kordon said with a charming grin “Oh It’s Waawaash. I see you're a formal man." "Hah, yeah you tend to be formal when you're around regal figures a good chunk of time. I can take you in as a guest under my name if you’d like to stay the night to discuss further trade options for the both of our Kingdoms.” Looking pleased with herself, Keshi accepted the offer and the two went down the path to the Capital known as Kingstone.
  7. This post is a direct continuation of the “Ike recalls the past…” post. The next morning, Icarus was rudely awoken by the direct rays of sun in his eyes. Blinking hard and stretching, he found the other half of the ironwood bed was empty. Not surprised, he slid out of the silken covers and reluctantly tugged a cloak around his shoulders. Moving out into the balcony, he leaned over the guardrail and let the image of Kingstone fill his consciousness. You wouldn’t’ve guessed that the city was assaulted the night before, the sun rose like clockwork, and the city was already alive with movement and color. The banners were red like roses and yellow like gold as they flapped in the wind, seeming to wave at the birds that flew over them. From here the Tower of Discord, the Northkeep, and the cathedral were all visible, and just as he happened to look, the church bell rang. Straight below him down into the castle’s courtyard, Noir was spotted sparring with three equally trained knights, the sigil on their gambesons betraying the fact that they were from the Northkeep. “If Noir is here…” Ike grumbled to himself, searching the courtyard for the blonde mage. As he expected, she wasn’t far. Not watching the fight, she playing with her medallion while reading a red and brown grimoire. “Alana. Has there been word from Mirkwood?” he called down to her. Startled, she pressed the book against her chest and brought her vision up to his. “No, and Kuiken was searched… No one survived. What wasn’t destroyed by bandits was washed away by a freak flood. Kord-...” she paused, “they never found his body.” “I’m going to check on Mirkwood myself. The second news arrives, I want to know about it, send a falcon. Better yet, send Ace.” Icarus stepped back from the balcony. It was only after the balcony doors closed behind him that Icarus exhaled. It came out jagged, and hot. His heart sunk and he bit down hard on his tongue to keep his composure. He blinked out the wetness forming under his eyelids and it was only after he fully recovered that he stepped out into the hall. “Icarus! You’re up! There’s been no news of-” the royal guardsmen were interrupted. “I heard. Hail.” starting down the hall, they matched his pace. There was silence until Icarus turned towards the gatehouse, away from the dining hall. Before they could even ask, the King spoke, “I’m taking Boris and going to Mirkwood. You two eat, I’ll have the Roseplate and a griffon, I’ll be fine.” The two guardsmen faked reluctance, but Ike knew their stomachs would be relieved. Stopping by the dwarf, the old smith was hammering away at a bent sword. The heat from the forge was welcoming in the morning cold. “Ike! Hail, ya bastard! ‘Ere for the Roseplate, I assume.” the dwarf’s smile was warm from under the rough and thick brown beard. The chest piece itself was of thick bluesteel plating, and impervious to the short hunting bows the usual bandits found themselves with. However, there was a particular archer in the battle capable of not only hitting the joint of his arm but also of pulling her longbow back far enough to pierce the chainmail found there. Remembering it caused the pain to throb back into his shoulder, the bruise hadn’t healed. “The Roseplate indeed. And whose poor sword is that?” Ike replied, motioning at the v-shaped blade in his grasp. His old friend chuckled as he shut the door of the forge. “Two of the Northkeep’s goons locked themselves in a clinch with your Noir. Now look at this blade? Poor thing is all kinds a’ fooked… The strength on that lad, I know it’s no bluesteel but to bend the blade straight in half… He’s definitely yours.” “I thought I might find you here.” Agista’s voice called from the doorway. Pushing away from the stone frame, she raised an open fist to the chestplate. Indigo light spilled out of the joints in the armor as it levitated off the mannequin and onto Ike’s shoulders. Tightening the shoulder plates and studying the repair work on the chainmail, Agista finished by flicking a cobweb off the collar. “I heard you were going to see Mirkwood. Think something's up?” “They didn’t respond to the call. That’s not like Arlin. And we haven’t heard from Mirkwood in a few days. I’m taking Boris and seeing what’s up. Farewell, dwarf.” the two of them started again down the halls of the castle. Before he even called out, the man-at-arms at the portcullis hailed them and rose the gate. Boris knew they were coming, and the stableman knew to let him out of the stable if he wanted to keep it in one piece. When the horse was needed purely for transport, Ike could focus on channeling the curse with minimal risks or stress to either of them. Now that Boris has had time to familiarize himself with the transformation, he was more comfortable flying as a griffon. Agista blinked onto the saddle behind him and soon Ike and the sorceress were flying south-east to visit the Elven village of Mirkwood. The pines and elms still stood serenely in the meadows and groves of Mirkwood, but Icarus couldn’t help but notice countless earthen craters littering the inside of the wooden walls, and the dead silence of the usually bustling hamlet was also worrying. The crack of a longbow was the only thing to break the silence before Boris hurriedly landed near the root filled caverns that lead deep into the earth. It was only then that Icarus recognized the handiwork. “Loden…” he murmured, dismounting the now horse-like Boris. As if to answer the call, a squad of undead warriors staggered out of the cave. Without a word, Agista flew over their heads and glided towards the sound of the longbow in a desperate attempt to rescue any survivors of the ambush. Shock became rage, and rage became adrenaline as Ike equipped Lightbringer from the twin sheaths along his back, charging against his aggressors. Their strength was in their numbers, and the first one to reach the King was shattered, its fragile endoskeleton crushed underneath rusting chainmail. Four of these such were no match for Icarus, but there was still a satisfaction in hewing through the rotting skulls and limbs. There was no time to enjoy the rush of combat, however. Not until Arlin was found. Following the sorceress into the cave, Agista was found leaning over a coughing figure in the dark. A cracked longbow was lying near his feet, and the room was filled with the corpses of Loden’s henchmen, several arrows sticking out of their bodies. Only his voice betrayed that the morbidly scarred face actually belonged to Arlin himself. Between throat-fulls of blood, he explained, “They c-, right from under us.” Icarus quickly moved to scoop up the wounded elf but Agista stopped him with a hand. “It’s too late… He’s lost to much blood,” she said. It was only after her voice shook that Ike realized she was crying. He moved a leather gauntlet to her shoulder, in an act to comfort. Ike didn’t know if she was angry at herself for crying, or angry at him for noticing. Regardless, her tearful scowl was all he saw before she vanished away, the indigo smoke leaving her silhouette. Exhaling deeply, he blinked away his own tears and swallowed his sorrow. Arlin was one of the only ones left, and one of the first to join. And now he was dead. How long until Icarus was completely alone? How can anyone be safe as long as long as Loden and the Desolate One lived? Boris was waiting patiently at the precipice of what was now Arlin’s tomb. The horse was smarter than he let on, and the sad look in his eyes was unmistakable. Stepping into the saddle, Icarus decided the two would trot back to the Capital. The back entrance of Mirkwood happened to be situated on the peak of a lush green hill, and almost mockingly the countless ruins of Kingstonian vassals presented themselves to him. Lalarian, Mista Mathora, and Ravenscar. “Wait…” Why was there smoke coming from Ravenscar? Boris had noticed it as well, and eagerly obeyed Ike’s command to gallop. Saddle in one hand, Brisingr in the other, Ike felt Boris leap over the rotting fence gate that once acted as a doorway to Ravenscar. Ready to dispose of the looters, the horse halted as they reached the town square. Instead of bandits, he was faced with a single hulking figure, hunched over a fire. The scars on that bare-back were unmistakable. “Ragnar? We thought you were dead!” Icarus called out, dismounting and rushing to the bonfire. It was obvious that he heard him, but the Viking chief didn’t look away from the flames. “I was. Frey would not take me.” his face was solemn and ragged, and his leather pant legs were in ribbons. “I killed more than thirty of them, and Odin wouldn’t grace me with my warrior’s death…” he laughed mockingly, his voice full of despair and regret. “But look around. My brothers all got theirs. Ravenscar is a crypt. A husk. I was forgotten on the way to Asgard.” The crack of the fire filled the void as Icarus tried to find the words. “How did you survive? We searched for your body for days, they had your axe, you were surrounded by Solis…” “After I fell, a few of the cowards dragged me along with them away from the battle. Where we were going I did not know, but one was hurt badly and they decided to leave me behind as well. Under the winter sun, I laid in the snow, my own blood, the only warmth against the cold collecting around my broken body.” His face hardened with anger, disgust. “I was dying. Dying until I heard a deafening blast upriver. I felt the power of the Curse surge, and then the world went black. When I finally woke the war was over, and Acies was razed. It was a long journey, but mile by mile I limped back to my home. My home of the dead.” He could not contain his anger any longer and roared, kicking the blazing lumber of the fire and hurling an empty barrel against a wooden home. “Mirkwood was attacked today. No one survived, Loden came right from under them. As we reeled from a war on two fronts we were set upon by a horde of barbarians. They were in the hundred thousands. They razed Mirerest. And Kuiken was burned to the ground. Kingstone is weaker than ever, but we’re alive. We’ll rebuild your home. We’ll avenge all of them. Kingstone has taken in hundreds of refugees, surely some of your people made their way there. Your room in the castle is still open. Let’s return to the Capital. Sleep, eat, heal. And tomorrow the kingdom will gather to discuss our reconstruction and the riddance of the daemons.” Icarus spoke with an old and familiar resolve. Ragnar was alive. There was a pause, Ragnar was staring at an abandoned hatchet, leaning against the corner of an old abandoned shed. “You said they had my ax? Do you have it?” he said after a while. “Of course. They broke the siphon, but I fixed it, it’s good as new. It’s in your room, in the memorial the ‘glaive made for you. We never thought we’d see you again.” Ike responded. Ragnar nodded, his face was still hard, but there was a glint in his eyes. “Then to your capital we ride.” ---- Now that Ragnar was safely escorted into the castle’s infirmary, Ike flew into the outer city, toward the Tower of Discord. Landing on the roof of the tower, Icarus studied Kuiken with a squint. The sun was in his eyes as he attempted to block it out with a raised hand. It surely appeared flooded, but the surrounding area was perfectly dry. That’s not normal… Icarus thought to himself. As he studied harder he made out a small silhouette on the horizon, limping slowly to the western gate. Blinking to clear his vision, he confirmed what he saw was real. Moving quickly, Icarus secured his old gauntlet’s metal cable around one of the crenelations of the tower. Leaping off the side, the gauntlet groaned under the stress of safely lowering the King and his armor. Icarus wouldn’t let himself believe, but Boris knew right away who it was, and leaped off the tower and glided down to meet him, faster than Ike could sprint. Kordon paused as he noticed the griffon hopping and gliding towards him. Gratefully climbing into the saddle, Kordon slumped over almost immediately. The griffon met Icarus halfway, and Kordon was pulled from the saddle and embraced by his King. Kordon winced through a smile, and Icarus pushed him away and held him at arm’s length by the shoulders. He noticed several cuts on his arms, fingers, and legs. There must countless broken bones and internal bleeding, but he was alive. “How bad is it? Are there any more of them left?” "Well, they're all gone. I've already checked. But..." Kordon stopped. Trying to speak again, "I... The cuts?" They could be worse." "I'd call the mage but we still haven't seen him since the Lich was banished from the Wheat Gate..." swinging onto Boris, he reached out a hand. "The infirmary it is then." Selphy would be busy tonight, he almost laughed out loud at the thought. The morning’s despair was gone, and the revival of two of his most loyal ‘glaive brought him unbelievable relief. Kingstone might just survive. "Yes... The infirmary." Kordon grabbed the outstretched hand and joined Icarus on the griffon "I could use a bit of rest." --- Almost wanting to go searching through the night for dead vassals, Ike leaned over the castle walls, scanning the treeline for motion. The cool air was still, however, and it was getting late. Turning in for the night, Ike heard the creaking of the door behind him. “Crestshade? You must be getting sloppy.” he joked as he followed her through the doorway. The figure that he spotted sprinting down the hall was not the Shade’s however, and now there was an intruder lose in the castle. “Hey!” he boomed after the rogue. As he turned the corner, he found the man stunned at the sword point of Noir Forde. Alana was standing beside him, spectral swords keeping the stranger pinned in place. “He yours, Icarus?” Alana asked, quickly glancing at him. “No, he slipped over the battlements as I was turning in to bed. So quiet I thought it was the shade,” he explained. He expected the rogue to curse, or defend himself. To gulp loudly or stutter. The only sound that was made, however, was the deep grumbling of his stomach. Locked between Alana’s ‘Spectral Swordfall’ Ike could get a good look at him. The rogue certainly didn’t appear Kingstonian. His skin was darker, and his clothes were leaking sand. He looked almost as bad as Ragnar, obviously malnourished and weakened. “Who are you then? And why are you sneaking around my castle?” With a heavy accent, the rogue explained “My name is Zil Sa’hir. I am just looking for some food. You really should fix that door hinge.” The day had left Icarus in a very good mood, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Thank you, I think I will. Alana, release the man. Both of you, back to sleep.” Icarus commanded, removing the sheathed dagger from the Zil’s belt as the spectral swords pinning him fell away and vanished. “Food I can spare. But you’ll have to stay the night in return. We are going to have a talk...”
  8. Reaneal was a peaceful lumberjack looking for work. As he was out travelling and a man from this place called Solis, He did not know who this man was or where he was from, asked what he was doing in their territory. He said "Well sir, I'm a lumberjack looking for someone to buy my wares". "Well, we might have the place for you, its that way.", said the man. "Why thank you, sir", Reaneal said. Later that day a different man showed Reaneal where he could live and cut trees. He made barely enough profit to live. All he could buy was bread and pay his rent. he was not happy but it was better than living 7 miles from the closest town. One day he woke up and no one was around. Even at the market there was no one there. From far off he could here the sound of horns going off. He went to go investigate. He saw there was people charging at each other. "What could this possibly be?", he thought aloud. After walking around a little bit like the man who had found him or someone who looked like him saw Reaneal. "Why aren't you in the lines?", the man said. "I was just looking at what is going on, I never was told that there would be battles." "Well if you are as big as us, then there will be battles." "I will hurry" "You better!" Reaneal had his ax that he carried with him. It was small and dull but could hurt. as he ran into battle he saw many people riding horses at each other. He also saw many, many, many people behind the 8 people riding horses. As he charged he got close to one of the horses. They slashed out to him and barely missed. He hid behind a small cover wall. He had his ax ready if anyone got near him. after the battle seemed over he got out from behind the cover. he saw one of the horse men draw their bow. he quickly went under the cover again. He was scared. There were lots of dead bodies around. He didn't think anyone survived. he came up again a minute later to see only 3 of the 8 were still there. The one he saw leading the battle, a wizard looking man, and a almost pitch black blue haired female. Little did he know this was a King and his 2 most trusted members. The man that lead the charge called out, "Come out! We mean no harm". Reaneal came more into view. He saw that the man who had swung out at him was the man that had lead the charge. The man then said, "Come with us, I saw that you had dodged my sword. you are worthy to join us, but in the lowest ranks.". Reaneal then thought, "I did not dodge anything. i do not know what he is saying, he missed me." After the battle he was taken to this castle in construction named "Kingstone". The man introduced himself as "Icarus", the Black colored and blue haired female introduced herself as "Nicku the shade", and the wizard man introduced himself as "Alfrety the mage". Reaneal said he did not like it in "Solis" as he had heard it called. He explained that he was a lumberjack that had wandered into battle and a general or admiral had said go into battle not realizing it was not one his own men. He then hid under cover after Icarus has slashed at him. Icarus said then, "You can be a lumberjack for us. We will give you land just outside the wall. We will pay you well and supply you with enough food to live but let you get as much food as you can yourself." Reaneal spent the rest of construction of Kingstone gathering wood and getting payed for it by the king himself. They became good friends. Reaneal hoped one day he would learn how to battle and fight the kingdom's enemies as he was treated him poorly and he wanted revenge for that. He knew it would be a while before he would be able to learn battle. Icarus did supply him with an ax that would always stay sharp. He loved it because he could cut trees a lot faster. He knew it might be useful in battle one day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued should I be promoted or i think of more stuff. Hope it was good!
  9. The clouds in the sky drift away as dusk turns to dawn. The cries “For Kingstone!” can be heard miles around throughout the night. By mid day the horns of Kingstone victory are blown, declaring Kingstone victorious, but at what cost? Meanwhile in Kuiken, the last home had been destroyed and the ports falling in on themselves, market tents in shambles and not a soul other than the remaining Bandits picking apart the place dry by early morning. The remaining ships were the ones out at sea, about to come back to the shambles known as Kuiken. Kordon had been fighting off the siege along with an amount of Kingstone soldiers. After summoning a wave to wipe the hordes, Kordon fell to his knees, grasping the handle of the Prismarine Blade tightly, turning his knuckles white. After an attempt to stand again after a minute of wheezing, an arrow fired from behind the remains of a building, knocking Kordon into the waters of the port. Sinking into the waters, nearing towards a sunken trade ship, Kordon took this moment to relax as the Blade would keep him safe from drowning underwater. His eyes went heavy when he reached the floor of the bay, feeling the comfort of the warm water and sand. Waking up hours later, the cuts and strikes Kordon suffered had stained the sand but also were looking better than when he got them. Leaning up against something that should not have been there to him, a piece of the port, Kordon looked around with dread as he rose up from the depths. Surfacing, Kordon swam to the edge of the bay and climbed up the ruins of the port. What he saw brought a tear to his eye, it was the destruction of Kuiken all over again. The residents had retreated to Kingstone long before this happened, but the corpses of the siege were very convincing. “I’ll protect you better next time, I promise” Kordon muttered under his breath as he stumbled around the ruins, the water in the humid air clinging to his skin dropped as he sheathed the Prismarine Blade. Kordon started to make his way to Kingstone, hopefully before the casualty report arrived for any eyes to see. Hearing the victory horns halfway, Kordon responded with a force of habit, a quiet “For Kingstone…”
  10. The Kingstone Lore Library Welcome the Royal Kingstone Library! Here you can find all the books relating to Kingstone, her people, and the conflicts surrounding her. I will do my best to keep this hub of knowledge up to date and in a coherent order, as to organize the many many many different posts I have written about the Legend of Kingstone. It is only fitting to start with the build's megathread. Here I take you on the journey of the Capital, where it started as a small dirt square and the dreams of one man. A Great Empire Expands into Everneth... Now onto Character Profiles. I designed this format to inform the reader on how a character would appear and act. As well as a short biography. King Icarus Forde: Character Profile: King Icarus Forde Nicku Crestshade: Character Profile: Nicku Crestshade Fredrick's Unconventional Profile: Everneth but Never Free Arlin Zumrick: Character Profile: Arlin Zumrik Kordon Luis: Character Profile: Kordon Luis Ragnar The Great: Character Profile: Ragnarok Murdek Urmmin: Chracter Profile: Murdek Urmmin Duke Jay Porter XX: Character Profile: Jay Porter XX Agista Rustero: Character Profile: Agista Rustero Alana Baylee: Character Profile: Alana Baylee Greaves: Character Profile: Greaves, the Shield of Kingstone Here are some general information posts, generally documentaries and encyclopedias rather than fun stories to tell your kids. A brief explanation of magic on Vennterria and how it translates to the 'Kingsglaive Curse' Signup to join the Kingdom of Kingstone, as well as some additional information regarding Kingstone's ranks. An explanation of the race of shades. A brief summary of Crowns, the custom currency in Kingstone. Royal Council: Master of Coin A small collection of short stories: The Great Berserker Empress unites all of Brytannia under her banner. The Gold Eagle on Satin Field. The Story of the Shade's pet wolf, and the Creation of Hundur. The 'Audience with the King' series, where I give the community a chance to engage in a casual roleplay instance with me and the Inner Circle of Kingstone: An Audience with the King: Chapter One The Events of Season 4: Loden and the Desolate One attack the walls of Kingstone while it is still in construction. Solis' final warning to Kingstone. The Battle of Antiquorem Tower, King Icarus leads an ambush against the Solis offensive. Preface to the Battle of Fort Acies. The Battle of Fort Acies, as seen by Icarus. ((I spent over fifteen hours on this, and am very proud of it.)) Kingstone sends an ultimatum to Solis. Solis surrenders. A bandit king collects an earth-shattering horde and attacks the walls of Kingstone. With the bandits defeated, King Icarus reviews the kingdom and the vassals who have died in glorious loyalty to the King. VIDEO: Everneth Season 4 Kingstone Tour The events of Season 5: Icarus mourns the loss of more comrades and celebrates the return of some familiar faces. Kordon meets a stranger who puts him on the path to meeting a new civilization. The Council meets in order to pave a path to the future. Valland imprisons Korbin for uncovered a dark secret. Kordon is missing and the Kingsglaive are deployed to rescue him. Deceleration of War from Valland Icarus desperately attempts to find Fredrick the Mage. Fredrick speaks with an old friend about the Mage Eye.
  11. The horns of Kingstonian victory were still ringing as Ike sheathed Brisingr. It was a sunny day, the cobblestones of the western gatehouse sparkled with light. He leaned over the wall, his right hand clad in the old leather gauntlet from a lifetime ago, half a world away. Looking down into the field, he saw the familiar sight of carnage. Hundreds of bodies, mostly in green or brown sheepskins and rucksacks, were being looted or carted off into a mass grave. The few bandits that lived were either being finished off or imprisoned. Bloody battle axes were now being used to chop into pieces the crude siege towers, to later be used as firewood. He saw the Shade among them, easily picking her out of the crowd by her height. Fredrick was at the base of the Discord Tower, healing the wounded. Agista had been sent to chase the routing and rallying back to their camp and ensure this would be the last of their sieges. The king sighed, relieved the fighting was over, and that he didn't have to indulge the curse to do it. "Sir? The numbers are in if you would follow me to your study." Ike turned around and the familiar face matched the familiar voice. Alana's blonde hair and small stature always masked her arcane abilities. Noir was, as expected, standing behind her. Blank-faced and standing straight, the tip of his sword on the ground as he watched vigilantly. The two came with Agista from Vennterria, and as such were one of the few Kingsglaive to not bear the curse. "Yes, lead on." he said, before motioning towards a nearby guard. "I want all the siege towers and bodies taken care of before sundown." the man-at-arms nodded and rushed towards the door. --- As they rode down the main street of the city, citizens from all around praised them, throwing flowers and prayers. Icarus could see the castle from here, standing stoically on the hill. The guards hailed them inside and soon he was alone in his study with a flickering candle and a book titled "The History of Kingstone's Vassals" along with the casualty report. The dread of it finally hit him. Mirerest was destroyed. The captain of Mirerest was one of the Inner Circle and had served him loyally since the beginning. Mirerest had defended Kingstone nobly from invaders and was an important line of defense and all-seeing eye to the west. She finally fell into ruin after the monstrous attacks of the bandit horde overtook her. The garrison and all who worked there were slain. Kuiken was decimated along with them. They were neighbors and although Kuiken was young and budding, it was still loyal and Kordon was a very close friend to Ike. He reluctantly read down the list of his vassals. ((Ted and Steel)) "Ravenscar was destroyed. The great Ragnar was slain". Like Icarus, the Vikings that lived there were tired of constant bloodshed and sided with Kingstone to live in peace. When Solis invaded from the Northeast, Ragnar joined the Kingsglaive, bore it's curse and used the great axe of Odin to fight them valiantly. And although Solis was defeated, Ravenscar paid the ultimate price. ((DefendPopPunk)) "Lalarian was destroyed. Erland's body was never found." Erland Gufisson was a great man, he was dealt a bad hand but built himself up. He used his power to make it easier for those from similarly bad homes. He served both Icarus and Ragnar well, and Ravenscar wouldn't have been the same without him. ((DivineIngenuity)) "Avalon is in ruins, Ulthur was sentenced to death and executed by King Icarus Forde." he winced at the memory. Javious was a great military commander, and Avalon was proof of his architectural prowess. He was loyal, but in Kingstone, no one is above the law, and Ike did what had to be done. Just another coffin chained to his conscience. ((Javious)) "Nieuwsgierig Temple is in ruins, her light shines no longer." Between Discordia, Bellona, and Nieuwsgierig, you would think communing with goddesses would lose its charm, but it never did. Ike continued down the list. ((AMZCuriousPanda)) "Mista Mathora is razed. Vluxed's body was never found." Vluxed was once councilmen to Fredrick himself, and since gaining his vassalhood the elves their always served loyally. Vluxed was a kind, and unusually straight-forward elf. His skill with a bow was unmatched and the people there were always laughing and singing. ((Vluxed)) "Nymphea had sunken to the bottom of the sea, Agunua was never seen again." Agunua and his council were loyal bannermen to King Icarus and fought at the Battle of Antiquorem alongside him. Although their culture was violently different than the rest of the kingdom, their actions had forever cemented them in the hall of glory. ((Agunua and Carson)) "THE PIT collapsed, although most of the beasts survived thanks to the shades." THE PIT was always unstable. It's creation was abyssal and corrupt. It was only thanks to Nicku and the Kingsglaive that the corruption didn't make it far beyond the portal. The beasts got out but in the end, the portal imploded a second time, and was covered by hundreds of tons of stone and earth. The Dawn Isles were also evacuated, but Ike and the shades agreed it shouldn't be put to paper, for their safety. When Solis declared war, the Dawn Isles were directly in between the two warring states and although invisible, if Solis were to find the isles by chanc the town would surely have been razed and plundered for the Kingstone banners that flew there. The shades never returned, and await Nicku's order to settle again soon. All that remained then was Mirkwood, The Wizards' Tower, and Kingstone herself. With Solis, the bandits, and for a time, Loden, all defeated, the power vacuum that had appeared in Everneth was suddenly very clear to Icarus Forde.
  12. Kingstone's Royal Study was dim. The chatter in the castle had started to die down after dinner had finished, and soon all Ike could hear was the whispering of the wind. The room was round, a massive rosewood desk was cluttered with papers and books. A glass inkwell reflected the dancing light of the candle lighting the king's workstation. Bookshelves lined the walls, grimoires and records held the secrets of Everneth, Vennterria, and Calpheon's histories. A massive painting behind him depicted the western gate of the city he built. He was seated in a massive spruce armchair, its padding was cotton, bound by a dark red leather. Two equally as comfortable twin maple chairs sat vacant before the desk. Closing the day's records, his attempt at a sip of brew was interrupted by a sound at the door... (( This is the first "chapter" of a series attempting to give the community an opportunity to engage in a public roleplay instance. Feel free to respond to this post, but remember to be "in-character", this means no meta-gaming (acting with information you as a player has that your character shouldn't) or "anomaly characters" (this is Everneth's Roleplay, I shouldn't be talking to a cybernetic mickey mouse). Also, attempt not to interrupt unless it's urgent, or if the conversation has died (wait for Icarus to be alone before having your character enter the stage). Finally, our conversations will benefit from a character profile, which will give me a better idea of how your character appears and acts. ))
  13. The Battle of Fort Acies The battle of Antiquorum is over. Kingstone's military leaders gather back at their encampment, deep in the forest near the tower. King Icarus "Ike" Forde is first to push away the flap of the great satin tent that served as their mobile war room. By Ike's estimate, it had to have been at least nine feet wide and go back for thirty or more, with a foot or more of space between his head and the ceiling. The fading red material flapped slightly in the wind, despite its restraints. There were dark iron braziers in each corner and thirteen carved oaken chairs surrounding a long table. On top of it laid a giant map, which spanned the lands West of Kingstone, and East of Solis. He was just taking his seat at the far end of the table when the door flap was pushed open again. A short man with broad shoulders and dark green armor walked in. His eyes were the same hue as his chest plate, and he had dirty blonde hair and a trimmed beard. "Hail, Theodore." greeted Ike. The Lord Commander of the Mirerest was a great military strategist, and one of Ike’s oldest friends. His efforts protected the realm from Loden's earliest attacks, and smugglers traveling through Kingstone fear the name 'Mirerest'. "Were any of your men injured?" "Nay," he said, dismissing the question with a hand. "Not after Alfrety was done with them. Anyway, let's be done with this, I need to return home, Mirerest needs me, and so does my family." Theodore took the closest seat to Ike's right. Following him was Jace Lawry, the tall and fat Lord Commander of the Northkeep. He had dark brown hair that was losing the war with his forehead, and a scar on his left eye. He believed force solves everything, and he knew how to get it. Nodding he sat beside Theodore. Kordon took the second seat from Ike's left, and Ragnar took the third. . Arlington took the fourth and smiled when he saw his king. Ike smiled back and hailed him. Vluxed took the third seat on Ike's right, next to Jace. After looking around the tent, Vluxed rose and asked: "Where is Alfrety?" glancing to the empty seat near Ike. "I asked him to scout for us. Now that the battle is over, the routing will rally or desert, and we need to know where. He will join us soon enough." Icarus responded, bringing a spruce stein of ale to his lips. "Sit down and drink, we will begin soon." Vluxed's face betrayed his relief, and the elf sat again. Taking something out of his vest and popping it into his mouth. Ulthur, the Lord Commander of Avalon Castle claimed the seat next to the elf, disgusted by the outburst. He motioned for his squire, a bald woman with runic tattoos on her arms and face, to bring him drink from the ale in the corner. Noir stood behind the seat next to Arlington, pulling the chair away from the table for Alana. She smiled in thanks and sat. Agista Rustero returned from searching the enemies camp, the Scythe of Cartian’s glint faded as she walked into the tent’s shade. She sat down next to Alana, crossing her legs and sitting back indifferently, playing with an indigo orb of arcane light. The sudden sound of humming revealed the presence of the blue-haired shade. How long was she there? Was she under the table the whole time? Sneaked in under the tent’s wall? Icarus turned around and saw her fingering a bluesteel halberd. She had shed her battle armor for the traditional dark shade clothing. He would have heard her if she was in plate mail, the King convinced himself.. “Hail, shade.” he said. She smiled without looking at him. The final two seats were taken up by Nymphea’s Agunua and Carson. They hadn’t even been seated before Jace got up. “We must attack! Their army is scattered, we strike Solis, and raze it.” Alana started to stand, determination on her face but was stopped by the sudden feeling of Noir's hand on her shoulder. The King was standing up. “Attacking their capital directly would be too risky. Our armies are at Kingstone, the small retinue we have with us and the 'glaive couldn’t do it safely, least of all quickly. No.” Ike finished. He realized he was holding the hilt of Brisingr under the table, and calmly released his grip. “Even if we did take Solis, we couldn’t hold it, the legions would rally again and retake it. And then our soldiers would've died for nothing. “And if WE do nothing, then when they rally they'll continue their march against Kingstone. We can’t stay here. In the mountains, in enemy territory, on the brink of winter?” retorted Lawry. Alana pushed Noir away and stood. Infuriated at Jace for talking back to the King. The entire tent erupted. Alana, Jace, Ragnar, and Theodore were amongst the loudest voices. This continued for some time until at last the pavilion’s door opened once again. In white and blue robes, the Headmaster of the Wizards’ Tower stepped into the war tent. The King’s fist on the table silenced the clamor as he greeted the mage. “Hail, Fredrick! What news have you brought?” “I’ve found them. They are holed up in a tower Northwest of here. Most of them have already rallied but two of their legions have not. One is guarding a pass in the mountains, presumably hoping to ambush us there. The second is evading my vision even now, but what I did find was a path around the mountains. We can use it to avoid ‘the Range’ entirely and attack the tower from the south.” the mage finished. The tent was silent. No one expected them to rally so quickly, they must’ve planned this ahead of time. There would be no time for reinforcements from Kingstone to arrive before the cold set in, and after that war would become much harder. But Jace was right, if they did nothing, then Solis would be on their doorstep in spring, and the men who died fighting to get here would’ve died in vain. With a clenched jaw and a tight fist, Icarus began to speak. “It’s decided. We take this tower, crush their remaining offensive, raze their supplies, and fall back to Kingstone to be with our families for the new year. Then we will reconvene this council and decide what we do next.” Brisingr’s ruby pommel glinted in the warm light of the braziers, almost glowing at the realization that if Icarus was to take this tower with the limited manpower that sat around him, he would have to authorize the use of the Kingsglaive Curse. --- Early the next morning Icarus took Boris flying. As a griffon, he had strong wings and soft feathers, and the air was cool miles above the war below. Boris couldn’t get close to this ‘Fort Acies’, what with the ballista and the archers defending it. Solis was definitely here though, and the battle would start soon. They would have to get back to camp. With the landing came the diffusion back into a horse. For all his bravery Boris wasn’t the smartest of steeds, and he always forgets that meat eaten by the griffon must be digested by the horse. Icarus ignored the horse's gags and glanced down from the hill his tent was on at the coming battlefield below. Countless tall ironwood mantelets were being rolled towards the Fort, giving the advancing infantry some cover from missile fire. The mantelets were carved in the image of Agusta Rustero’s sigil, the proud eagle. Solis sent some light infantry to harass Kingstone's siege engineers, but they never reached them. And with the rolling wheels smashed, the mantelets wouldn’t be quickly removed by Solisian forces. Snow had already begun to fall, and Fort Acies was growing puffs of white hair. Icarus heard the familiar nervous muttering and falling hammers typical of an army on the day of a battle. Many of them would die here, but a victory today would buy Kingstone the necessary time she needed to muster her forces the following spring. He would remember them, and he would mourn them, but for now, he needed them to do what they were training for these past eight years. Boris had recovered, and together they rode down to meet their comrades. The Kingsglaive had their own tent down the hill a short ways from Ike’s. Swinging off the saddle, he invited himself in. They all paused when they saw him, even the war-hardened ‘glaive were on edge knowing what was waiting for them on that mountain. Sparks were sent flying as the Scythe of Cartian was being sharpened, and Agista looked like she was struggling to get the balance right. The Shade was caught mid-sip, leaning on her great wooden mallet. Kordon and Ragnar were playing cards in the corner. The Mage was standing by one of the tent’s supports, looking up from a book whose title had been scratched off. “At ease, ‘glaive. Where are Alana and Noir?” Ike asked. Crestshade swallowed, sat up and tilted her head as she answered: “They said they were going to warm up, didn’t want to be stiff when the fighting started.” she quickly gulped the remainder of the cup and sat up, anxious to hear what news Ike and Boris had gathered. He began with the easy part. “Solis is definitely down there. They are well dug in and we’re outnumbered, even if we sent in our injured with us,” and now the rest: “I have decided in order to reduce friendly casualties and to quickly defeat the enemy before the other two legions arrive at our flanks, I have authorized the usage of the Curse. I trust each one of you with my life, but know this… Any of you turn and I’ll kill you myself. And I expect you to do the same for me. I want you all ready to move in ten, and pass the message to Noir and Alana.” Before he stepped out the mage caught his attention. Fredrick’s eyes sat upon Icarus with a grave depth, seemingly more troubled by the King’s words than the enemy across the valley. Before Agista had freed him from Ike’s soul, he had already felt the seduction of the curse. Icarus knew it never really left you, and it was no different with the Mage. To imagine what Fredrick could think of his decision, to willingly wield the curse knowing the risks. Fredrick reached for a robe pocket, hesitated, and returned to his book. --- Back on Boris, Ike’s Roseplate rattled with every step the warhorse took. It wasn’t long before he was hailed into the camp by the guards. He nodded at the men he passed, shaking hands those who’d stop to offer. His breath was white and wet as he greeted Jace Lawry, Lord Commander of the Northkeep, who was shooing away the men he was talking too -probably his captains he was briefing- when he noticed the king. “Jace, are we ready to move?” He nodded with a straight face, rolling up the map he was studying. “The men are eager to make it home. They are confident in our victory. The ‘glaive?” Swinging off of Boris for the second time today, he explained, “I gave them the all clear” Jace would know what he meant, “They will be ready to do their duty for hearth and home. As for the enemy... it was as the mage warned, we are greatly outnumbered. We will leave the sick and injured here in the camp. It’s too dangerous to bring them with us into the mountains to loot and plunder.” Boris would also stay behind, the mountains were too steep for a horse, and having to balance the curse between the two of them whilst in combat of this caliber would prove too much of a distraction. “I’ll have volunteers hold back and defend the camp, but something tells me Solis will be too preoccupied to come and try a counter-attack.” Lawry smiled at the quip, relieved that the Kingsglaive would be at their full. King Icarus Forde turned from the lord and faced the professional soldiers and elite heavy knights who were preparing. “For Kingstone!” he roared. Nothing in this world could give Icarus Forde more pride and more hope then the combined voices of three hundred men ringing in unison in response to their king. “For Kingstone! For the King! For Brytannia!” --- Flanked by the blue-haired shade on his right, and the mage of the Wizards’ Tower on his left, the King raised his fist to give the signal, but was interrupted by Solisian Drums… the realization hit him. They were sallying out to meet him. Solis would have the high ground and Kingstone was prepared to attack, and wouldn’t have time to reform ranks for defense. “Fucking…” he muttered under his breath. He raised his armored left hand once more and the Kingstonian Horns of War rang out into the valley. Before Icarus had even taken a step, Agista swung herself into the air using the weight of her scythe and vanished into a dark purple steam. She soon re-appeared with massive black wings, -a crow’s he knew- and was sprinting headfirst into the vanguard of the Solisian onslaught, dragging the tip of her scythe in the ground behind her, leaving a scar in the earth that bled indigo light. “For Kingstone!” the company screamed again in unison, charging forward after the heir of the Brytannian Empire. War cries rang out, and Icarus was running alongside his infantry. Slower than he would’ve liked, but that is the price of old age and full plate metal. He kept up though, and together the army caught up with Agista, who was spinning wildly with her scythe, sending corpses and limbs flying as she did. Every time she seemed in mortal danger she vanished, only to reappear with her scythe heaving it’s way through a row of spearmen. She was tiring quickly, however, the long dark marks on her cheeks were growing, and soon it looked like she was crying black ink. Agista was always too reckless, always too quick to jump into a fight. It reminded him of himself, back before Zebulus fell from the sky. A spearman had her flanked, and she was preoccupied parrying the blows of the enemies in front of her. Moments before his metal spear of death tore a hole in her side, Kordon did a running slide under her attacker, and his prismarine blade tore the man from crotch to belly, and his guts fell out of his chest like an overturned bucket. Satisfied by Kordon’s rescue, Ike’s attention returned to the battle around him. Both lines crashed against each other now, and it was a fierce melee. Solis had the decency to not shoot at their own soldiers for the chance at hitting a Kingstonian, and he glimpsed the flaming missiles of his own archers as they traded shots. A lightly armored spearman had dropped his shield, and -spotting Icarus- he roared, running head first towards him as if enthusiasm alone could kill the King and end the war. The fool. Moments before Icarus’s Roseplate would’ve harmlessly deflected the tip away from him, Ike pushed the spear aside with his left hand and the fool couldn’t stop his momentum. The tip of Brisingr tore into his left shoulder, and before he could even scream Ike slammed down on the blade, crushing half of the fools ribs, and tearing his lung in half. The corpse dropped his spear and grasped at his chest. Ragnar had quickly gotten himself surrounded, his Viking rage getting the better of him,. And in desperation, he embraced a second rage. As the curse took effect, Ragnar’s eyes glowed like torches, his voice echoed throughout the valley. Swinging the Ax of Oden, he roared “Ég ríf ykkur í bita!” and the valley shuddered. But Solis fought on, more men were surrounding him. A particularly armored knight was charging Ragnar with a hastily repaired halberd but before he reached the Viking, the Shade leapt from the brawl, swinging her great round mallet into the knight’s chest, screaming something in the language of the shades as she did. What could only be described as a crumpled tin ball bleeding from every joint was thrown into the crowd of Solisian warriors. Ike could hear Noir fighting nearby, nimbly wielding his broadsword. There was no equal swordsman on this battlefield. Bashing with a strong shield arm and swinging at multiple enemies at a time, the Solisians surrounding him slowly gave him space, and a gap in the brawl was forming around him. The enemy's archers noticed this, however, and unleashed a fierce volley of bolts and arrows into the open space Noir earned. “CLIPEUM!” yelled the Saviour of the Saviour of Kingstone as Alana’s magic formed a grid of transparent gems, blocking the volley. The repeated missiles were cracking the aegis, however, and Noir quickly rolled away from combat. Despite the strength of the ‘glaive, as the skirmish dragged on the number advantage became more and more clear. Kingstonians were falling dead or dying, and Solis held the high ground. Ragnar was badly wounded and Agista was exhausted. Brisingr felt heavier with every cleave and thrust. Kingstone was being pushed back, and at this rate, they would lose. “Fredrick, to me! I’ll need the red and the orange!” he roared, his vision darting, trying to spot the mage. A brilliant flash of light, partnered by a thundering crack confirmed the Mage’s position nearby. The Solisians not immediately struck by the bolt ducked for cover, the elf’s foreign magic drove a palpable fear into the enemy. Fredrick took a single step into the cleared path when an enemy captain called out, and the once cowering men charged at him. They were trying to separate Fredrick and the King. In desperation to heed the call, Fredrick inhaled deeply and spewed dragon fire. With a screech, the fools caught its cone of fire were incinerated, their armor red hot on a pile of ash. Shambling, the mage finally rejoined Icarus. Without the breath to recite an incantation, Fredrick hurled two potions at the feet of the King, and soon the red and orange vapors danced playfully around him. He felt his strength double and knew the orange one would assist the transformation. He saw Fredrick take a knee to catch his breath. With his left hand, Icarus untightened the ruby pommel of the legendary Brisingr, and burning red runes flowed into his right gauntlet. Almost eagerly, the king’s blade exploded with fire and radiance, and as he expected, it became lighter than the toy swords they train squires with. The heat always started in his right wrist, and it was up to his shoulder before he finally felt it in the tips of his fingers. The red runes of the Zebulan Shard he had forged into the sword swam on the surface of his skin, up his neck and over his chest. He could see an orange light on his nose, the rings of redish-gold that formed around his irises while under the Curse. The effects of it are hard to describe, but you could get close by calling it invigorating. Ike felt light as a feather, and invincible. Simultaneously, his body was being ripped from him as the magic pulled at the reigns of his actions, and threatens to take over. And the feeling of a blazing forge in his chest was less than pleasant. Yet the curse had affected everyone differently. The bright radiance alone had shocked Solis, and the valley shuddered a second time as Icarus Forde shouted in their own language: “Victoria aut Mortem!” With both arms, he heaved his longsword towards the enemy, and as it flew it spun faster, and faster, spewing heat and sparks as it rotated hundreds of times a second. The result was a massive disc of heat and death, that cleaved and cauterized every unfortunate soul in its path. Before Solis could recover from the shock and attack the weaponless king, Ike felt the world around him fade into the void for a split second, and he was alone, with the spinning sword. Instantly afterward he felt its weight in his hand again as he turned around he saw the backs of Solis in front of him. Flanked, reeling, and terrified Solis retreated towards Fort Acies, the tip of Brisingr burning a hole in the snow as Ike pretended he wasn’t about to faint. As the last Solisian retreated, he began leaning hard on the sword, and managed to twist the pommel shut before collapsing in the snow. The last thing Ike remembered were the wails of Solis, the celebrating of Kingstone, and the grid of translucent gems that appeared around him around to defect some incoming missiles. --- When he came to, he was laid sitting upright against a mantelet. So, the siege continues... Blinking hard to clear his vision, Agista noticed he was awake. “Really? Satan’s Shuriken? That was overkill.” her eyebrows faked anger, but there was concern in her eyes. Ike’s laugh was cut off by the pain in his lungs, his chest still burned. He then realized that Fredrick was kneeled beside him, working his arcane magic to quicken Ike’s recovery. Before Icarus could try speaking a second time the Mage asked: “Why do you call it the Satan’s Shuriken?” The King noticed Fredrick had dropped his bag in the haste to get to his king. “Because it hurts like the devil.” Icarus coughed. The Mage was visibly disappointed. The shade was peeking over the corner of the mantelet, but Ike could see his response made her smile. Agista was obviously annoyed she didn’t get to say it and gently kicked him. “What’s happening?” the King asked. “Solis has us pinned behind the mantelets, and we can’t advance. The other two legions still haven’t been spotted, but the Royal Fire Archers can’t get within range without getting impaled by their ballistae.” Agista’s dark facial tattoos receded back into small triangles under her eyes as she spoke. “Ragnar is badly hurt and Alana passed out from the strain of shielding your unconscious body. Noir and Kordon are still combat ready and are holding a mantelet ahead of us.” Speaking as he thought, Ike started, “I’m ready, first we’ll have to deal with the archers. Agista, cover the Shade and get her past that hill. Nicku, you’ll climb up the rear of the tower and sneak through a crack I spotted in the back of the Fort. Take out those ballistae and hit the bell they keep there with your hammer. Get out of there quickly and most importantly don’t get seen, got all that?” The shade looked into the eyes of her king and nodded, her face serious and calm. “NOW!" he commanded once the ballista turned away. Agista roared, darting out of cover and firing conjured shards of obsidian in the direction of Fort Acies’ arrow slits. Most of them bounced off the stone harmlessly, but the stunt was enough to distract the archers and ballistae crews. Nicku rolled out of the other side of the mantelet and darted towards the hill that would conceal her movements. By now Solis knew what was up, and quickly turned their fire towards the Shade. Agista teleported, leaving a web of darkness where she was and appeared by Nicku, spinning her scythe rapidly and creating a wall of cover, splintering arrows in their path. The ballista’s aim was finally cranked towards them, and Ike knew that the scythe wouldn’t stop one of its metal bolts. Experience taught her well however and Agista quickly stuck the point of the scythe into the ground, freeing her arms to wield her secondary weapons, the amulet, and talisman. She froze the bolt, mid-flight, with a throbbing bubble of dark energy. Agista blinked back into cover and Nicku had made it out unharmed. Ike nodded in approval and it wasn’t long before the valley shuddered with the sound of Fort Acies’ bell. “For Kingstone!” chanted Ike, he was on his feet now and from the cover of the mantelets, the remaining Kingstonian soldiers capable of fighting sprinted up the incline and towards Fort Acies. With only limited enemy fire, Kingstone didn’t take any casualties until they finally reached the first gatehouse. The Royal Flame Archers were too far away to accurately aim at the thin arrowslits that hid the Solisians and despite its old age, the door held against Kingstone’s blows. “Fuck... this!” panted Kordon, and his eyes glowed a dark aqua-green. Raising the Prismarine Blade, the snow around them melted and leaped off the ground, forming a massive trident of water above Kordon’s head. It froze again as ice and smashed against the gatehouse. Shattering it and allowing the attackers to continue. Ike took one step through the doorway when something caught his wrist and pulled, he spun around, Kingstonians rushing through the entrance around him. It was the Shade, and the look on her face made his heart sink. “They’re gonna blow the dam, it’ll kill them all!” she pulled on his arm again, pleading him into action. “The damn-, the damn what?” Ike asked urgently, trying to make sense of it. Turning to the Mage, he saw that Fredrick was already consulting the Mage Eye. What little of his face Ike could see that wasn’t blocked by the Mage Eye or his other hand shifted between confusion, frustration, to horror. “She’s right.” Alfrety began, visibly desiring the Eye to reveal more of its secrets. The Eye itself darted chaotically as if enraged. “There is an ancient dam to the North…” struggling, he continued, “It was built by the Solisians, to keep the valley from flooding… There is a collection of Solis making their way to it.” They wanted to flood the camp. The sick and injured would be killed, including Boris, Theodore, and the rest of the men chosen to defend it. “Fucking Murphy…” he cursed, his mind racing. “Agista! You’re in charge of the siege! Take the fort and then raze it. I’ll be right back. I’m counting on you. Fredrick, Shade, we’re going after those cowards.” Years of battling alongside each other while bearing the Curse as one had tethered Boris and the King, and even when they were not near, Boris would hear his commands. Ike conveyed that he was coming down from the mountain and that Boris needed to get himself and Distentor here, now. In his mind’s eye, Icarus witnessed Boris channeled what remained of the morning’s curse and used the strength of a griffon to crush through the makeshift stables. The trio just reached the base of the mountain when Boris ‘the Bold’ and the mage’s steed ‘Distentor’ had made it to them, without losing a beat, Ike swung onto Boris mid-gallop, pulling the shade by the collar into the saddle behind him. Glancing back, Fredrick was spotted -now mounted on Distentor- chasing after them, and they raced against time towards the dam. --- Luckily, the dam was a few miles away from the Fort, and since the three Solisian cowards were on foot, Ike had the chance to glimpse them sprint through the entrance as they arrived. Inside it was the last place Icarus wanted to be if it was going to blow. But that didn’t stop Solis, and the King wasn’t about to lose a match of resolve today. Boris was panting hard as the two plate-armored bodies slid off of his saddle and crashed through the doorway. Solis was ready for them, however, and the trio was greeted with a hail of crossbow bolts as they entered. Fredrick threw a hand forward, shouting, “Ex-Celeritate!” the bolts dropped harmlessly to the ground as if they rolled off a table. Not bothering to reload, Solis dropped their crossbows and ran upstairs. “After them!” Icarus commanded. They turned into the next flight of stairs and were greeted by two Solisian knights standing shoulder to shoulder, shaking but holding their ground. The shade was in the front and without hesitation she swung at them. They took a step back and the steel hammer smashed through the wooden wall next to where they were standing. Fredrick was next up the stairs, and he didn’t give them a chance to counter. Suddenly, the knight-on-the-right’s chestplate began to float, pulling him off the ground. He crashed into the wall three times before being sent through it into the valley below. The death of his comrade was enough to unbalance the remaining warrior and Icarus thrusted Brisingr through his sternum, pinning him against the wall. Before the knight could even take his last breath, Nicku crushed his skull, helmet and all, with a late blow from her hammer. “Goddamn.” the king commented, pulling his blade from the corpse's chest. “I'm sorry! I already swinged, I didn’t know you were gonna... “ but Fredrick and Icarus were already gone and the man didn’t have ears to hear her anymore. “Sorry.” she said again, starting down the hall after them. --- The last Solisian in the dam was tracked by a trail of blood he left behind himself. When he heard them coming he must’ve figured he’d never make it to the detonator in time so he turned around. “S-Stop right there. I’ll… I’ll… I’ll use it.” he stammered. His face was pale as milk and Icarus noted his leggings were crushed on one side, the bone sticking through. More interesting still was the weapon he was carrying. “Icarus, that’s-” started Fredrick. “Ragnar’s Ax.” he finished. When Ragnar fell in the first Skirmish, this man must’ve dragged it along with his wrecked leg all the way up here. No wonder these cowards were so slow getting to the dam, waiting after this cripple. “Listen…” said Icarus slowly. “No, not another step…” He whimpered, taking a step backward, on his bad leg. He fell backward, screaming in pain. He started to panic, pushing himself away from them, sliding on the floor with the axe still sitting on his lap. “I’ll, I’ll…” his hand slipped in a crack on the floor, and the axe crashed against the ground, shattering the siphon. “Wait, hold on. We won’t hurt you, put the axe down…” warned the Shade, dropping her hammer and showing her empty hands. “No… No way, there’s no-” pulling his hand from the crack, he moved to readjust the Ax on his lap. “NO!” they all yelled in unison. But it was too late. The cripple went stiff like he was hit by lightning. Each one of his veins glowed radiantly through his pale skin. The Ax itself shattered, and splinters of steel and wood filled the room with lethal shrapnel. Icarus stepped in front of Fredrick to intercept the debris with his Roseplate. Looking back towards the corpse, the transformation had already begun. The skin visible under its helmet was beginning to turn blue as the ice below, scales formed and his eyes became two azure suns. His body was expanding. Layer by layer the crystal skin grew and regrew. Soon the size of its body caused its chestplate and leggings to burst. The ancient wooden floor of the dam couldn’t support the ever-expanding colossal weight, and soon the daemon crashed into the frozen river below. Icarus cursed, “Of all the things I was ready for today, a Solisian Alvionspawn was not one of them. If we let it be it’ll just keep growing. This isn’t just Solis’ problem. Forget the flood, this thing could raze Solis itself and continue onto Kingstone… I’d never ask this of anyone besides you two… Once more into the fray?” Nicku swallowed hard and smiled. “For Kingstone.” Fredrick stared into the glacial river below. “For… Kingstone.” Sliding down the wooden slope that formed in the wake of the Alvionspawn, Icarus was already unscrewing the pommel of Brisingr. He noticed Nicku was turning the handle’s band he designed near her hammer’s head. They met eyes and nodded solemnly. Both of them looked to Fredrick to find him channeling streams of arcane power into enchanted papyrus scrolls, staring back. “I’ll take the vanguard and grab its attention. Fredrick, go left, try and flank its rear. Nicku, go right. We could beat this thing all day and all night and it won’t make a difference, we either seal this thing back into the siphon, or we’re all fucked.” Before they could respond, Ike had hit the ice and ran to engage their final foe. The heat in his wrist was felt for the second time today. “For Kingstone!” the radiant blade of Brisingr made for a great distraction indeed, but the heat of Ike’s armor was quickly melting and cracking the frozen river below him. He cursed. His attention was stolen for a split second by the spinning shape of Nicku Crestshade. Flying with no lack of grace into the side of the Avlion. Her great metal warhammer cracked multiple layers of glassy skin and sent the daemon crashing downriver, smashing apart the ice as it rolled. Now that she wasn’t moving Ike could see the Shade’s transformation clearly. Her normally simple horns had become wicked, antler-like branches, her hammer was glowing neon blue and throbbing, her eyes shone like the same azure suns of the monster, and Icarus could see right through her. She was translucent, and with more experience, she might even vanish. By now the curse had fully embraced every cell in the King’s body. Throwing Brisngr like a boomerang, the world faded away again, and only the flying sword was real. An instant later and he was sliding towards the crater that held the stunned daemon, the momentum carried him across the ice alongside the crevice. In a blind rage, Icarus swung in the direction of the chasm, and a crescent of explosive orange flame smashed against the monster, melting the ice that trapped it. The beast -now freed from its frozen crater- roared, and sprinted towards the king. A bolt of lightning struck the demon in the back as Fredrick rushed to the site. The Shade had caught up by now and screaming she swept the Alvionspawn’s leg with an earth-shattering blow. As it fell, its arm happened to be falling as to crush the shade. Throwing and blinking to his sword again, the white-hot Brisingr sliced right through the elbow joint and the club that acted as its arm tumbled back into the crater from whence it came. Icarus’s momentum took him crashing into Nicku and soon they were both on their chests. The force of Ike’s strike had sent the Alvion spinning, and with only one leg under it, it was falling still. Blind to their impending doom, Fredrick took action, dropping his spellbook to raise both hands to the daemon. Spiraling energies slowed its collapse to a stop, and with a thrust of his outstretched arms, those energies clapped to life, reversing the monster’s direction and slamming it into the ice. Sobered by the hard ice floor, Icarus quickly collected himself. “Fredrick.” he managed, pulling up the Shade with his left hand. “Nicku, help me.” The Kingsglaive were all taught how to seal an Alvionspawn, in anticipation of one of their own turning. Ike just never thought in a hundred years it’d be Solisian. The siphon had embedded itself in Ike’s Roseplate when the Ax had shattered, and together they combined their efforts and sealed the reeling abomination back into the siphon of the Great Ragnar’s Ax of Odin. For a while, there was only panting… silence. Glancing at Nicku, and then over to Fredrick, Icarus Forde couldn’t stop himself from laughing. Slowly realizing they weren’t dead, Nicku smiled and then joined in the relieved laughter, leaning against a massive boulder of ice that had come up out of the river in the fray. Fredrick, staring at what must appear as two insane Kingstonians laughing after coming within inches of death, started laughing himself as well, albeit nervously at first. --- Agista had successfully taken Fort Acies with the help of the remaining Kingsglaive and the brave men and women of the Northkeep. Together they returned home to Kingstone for the New Year and in the coming spring, Solis surrendered. No one but Fredrick, Nicku, and Icarus ever learned of what happened on that frozen river. Not that anyone would have ever believed them anyway. The End.
  14. This is my character that I came up with for Season 5: Born in a little hut near what would become known as Kingstone. Reaneal was taught to be a Forester's apprentice. When he went to Kingstone for the first time he was so awestruck by it that he wanted to work in Kingstone one day. When he got to 15 King Icarus Ford presented him with the job as being a lumberjack for Kingstone. As Kingstone did not have a lumberjack in the new settlement he accepted the job. He was so grateful that he got asked. He knew it would be hard work as Kingstone would require lots of wood but this was to be expected as there would be lots of buildings that required wood. Tons upon tons of logs and planks were sold by Reaneal. He did his work as he was told and any specific orders for wood he took. His parents were proud of him, very proud. They were in the old settlement (now a kingdom) but they sent him letters occasionally and he sent them back a response.He left the old Kingstone at age 15 and made the 3 month long journey to the new settlement. he got there when he was almost 16. It was 2 more months before he was 16. it was almost winter to, 4 more months to be exact. Reaneal was proud to living his childhood dream of working for Kingstone. Villagers, Guards, and the King himself asked for wood from him and he supplied. When building his place before he was asked to supply lots of wood for Kingstone he used lots of wood and cobble he got to build his hut. He later built his mill that took the bark of blocks and sold bark and stripped logs. He also supplied all types wood, planks, logs, bark, and stripped logs. When he was asked to go on adventure to explore or to spy on the enemies for intel he would. He would also go into battle as asked. He was good at commanding but refused any guard or general positions as he liked being a lumberjack. He was proud to serve his country, but only took the field when the ongoing battle got tough. When it came to being in Kingstone it was not often. He would be there for meetings that required him or for deliveries. He would go there to shop or trade at times if he needed something. He would always help Kingstone even if it was a log stack at a time. The Realm of Everneth was so expansive he would not begin to understand it even a fraction of a bit. He had an decent education in Kingstone when he was a kid. His parents had lots of money to pay for his education. But never was in school after the age of 12. This was because the age of doing work for males in the village he was in was 12. He helped out before then but when he got 12 it was full time work for Reaneal. It was at age 15 he was asked by the King to work for Kingstone. He became a lumberjack at age 16, the working age.
  15. Kordon is my role play character that I will be playing as for everneth seasons 4, 5 and possibly more. His entire generation was blown away due to an explosion of some sorts. Icarus Forde had found Kordon as the sole survivor of the island on his journey to a new home and Picked him up from there. When the creation of the Mantisphere shattered Vennterria, much of the mainland was lost to the sea. From the calamity, an island was formed. The Ancient Vennterrians who survived there named their new home Kuiken. They lost all connection to the rest of the world and the shifting plates would only pull them farther from home. Isolated, they united. With no threats of invasion or civil war, Kuiken prospered. Legend has it that the small island quickly became an advanced civilization, all thanks to a gift from Poseidon, God of the Sea. He had bestowed upon them a powerful source of magical energy, and it became the fuel for their innovation. The golden age of Kuiken wouldn't last, however, and as the years came and gone the arcane orb began to break down. Pulses of nausea radiated from its core, and when an attempt was made to remove it, the jewel erupted, leveling their entire civilization and leaving mystical radiation in its wake, corrupting the populace into lesser Alvionspawn and driving those who survived the explosion into madness. Kordon, was fishing out at sea when Poseidon appeared before him out of the waves. He warned of the desolation of Kuiken and gifted him with a turquoise sword named the Prismarine Blade. It empowered him with great strength, and he used it to exterminate the mindless abominations of what used to be his people. When the battle fever left him he found himself a different man, and he realized what a terrible cost came with the sea god's gift. Icarus Forde, a vassal of the Empress of Brytannia, guided his fleet in pursuit of the indigo smoke spotted on the horizon. With nothing left to go back to, Kordon decided to join their quest to find a new home.
  16. Vennterrian Magic and the Kingsglaive Curse To even begin to tackle the monolith that is Vennterrian Magic (one of the main sources of conflict in 'The Seal of Heroes'), I want to start with a couple disclaimers then clarify a few terms. 1) Remind yourself to not metagame (cause your character to act in ways that exploit the information they should not have). This information is for players, not for characters. 2) The Seal of Heroes universe is over six years old, and as a result, very complex so certain things might be confusing as I don't realize what I have and haven't given context too. A few terms: -Gem: One of the six gems that fell from the sky, containing god-like power -Relic: One of the five tools that were crafted out of the gems to better siphon their power safely, at the cost of strength -Jewel: A stone, soul, or otherwise crafted 'fake gem' use the mirror the power of the Five Relics to varying degrees of success -Tool(s) of Power: A fake relic, used to exploit the power of a jewel with varying levels of strength and stability Before the events of a Seal of Heroes: Vennterria was a single continent akin to that of Pangea. It was ruled by a single ancient empire, and without even the slightest dream of magic. This was changed when six gems fell from the sky, each one containing god-like power. The first man to come into contact with one was with named Alvion. He died the second he touched it, and the corpse that remained was twisted into an arcane crystalline abomination. This new titanic daemon had the potential to bring desolation to all of Vennterria, and it almost did. Though before that could happen Alvion was sealed away with his own power and the ritual shattered Vennterria. What remained was a mountain of dark crystals named the Mantisphere, it spewed lethal radiation and sucked the life force of anything that came near. Rumor has it, Alvion is still alive, as well as the five brave heroes that sealed him, frozen in time together in brutal combat. Before the ways of the old capital was lost, the remaining five gems were crafted into flawless relics that would allow their power to be siphoned safely. The descendants of old Vennterria separated in order to better colonize the continents and islands that remained, and the five relics were separated with them. Even after centuries of war, they remained in the hands of the five major civilizations: Kalador, Zebulus, Brytannia, Malaka, and Rivergate. During the events of SoH, the Mantisphere became more active, melting down and spewing magic back into the world. Whether it was Kalador discovering jewels in the heart of their great mountain capital or the souls tethered to vessels in Zebulian experiments, the arms race had begun. They were nothing like the original six, but these jewels promised great power, and it seemed like the end of an age. Imagine the horror that they felt when they discovered how inept their own relics were. During the next few years, there were hundreds of tools of power that were crafted, but the craftsmen of New Vennterria were nothing like the old, and they could never quite siphon the power safely. Whether they were instantly reduced to ash or were slowly corrupted into Alvionspawn, the costs always outweighed the gain. While they continued to push technology past what was considered ethical, the Fitz family of Zebulus continued to open and maintain factories built on the back of child labor. In their time there, a boy named Icarus and his younger brother Dale became craftsmen of prodigy, the Fitz family picked up on this and worked them harder and harder, leading to Dale's death. Ike then decided to use his skills to create weapons of war against the Fitz Family and helped to win the Zebulian civil wars. Irashi, the new Wingman of Zebulus, decided to then gift Ike with a shard of the Zebuluan Tablet (one of five original relics), as it was useless to Irashi without a siphon. Ike could never perfect it, but he was able to get close. He crafted them into his leather gauntlets, and it instilled him with his famous fiery power. After the wars were won, Ike and the crew of his now ruined airship, the Lady Valkyrie, decided to swear loyalty to Agusta Rustero who saw his craftsmanship and had him build an entire arsenal of tools of power. With each new success, the diversity of Vennterrian jewels began to be discovered. Each seemed to work in their own unique way and Ike would have to make drastic changes on each tool, and as a result, the power they instilled was always special. The men and women who had the bodies and minds strong enough to wield these imperfect relics were named the Queen's Glaive or Queensglaive. With her glaive, Agusta easily united the petty kingdoms of Brytannia and claimed the Capital City of Aelton, and the crown that came with it (one of the legendary relics, known as the 'Crown of Aelton'). The Kingsglaive Curse With Brytannia united, Icarus decided to leave Vennterria and start a kingdom of his own, under Agusta's banner. When Icarus discovered the existence of Solis, an ancient and hostile empire, he knew he would have to fight again, and without Brytannian support, he would have to break the vow he took within himself and forge his own Kingsglaive. To his relief, a few of his companions had magicks of their own, but they were few and soon Icarus would be forging tools of power for his own kingdom. Just as the Queensglaive, the Kingsglaive's tools weren't perfect. Each time the power of Vennterrian magic was tapped into, the wielder experienced the intoxicating bloodlust and unrelenting savagery that was typical of Ike's tools. It would slowly corrupt the person, driving them away from what they once were. Some even turned into Alvionspawn themselves. But the sacrifice of his glaive bought salvation for Kingstone, and the budding kingdom survived Solisian wrath. Unique Glaive Members King Icarus Forde originally incorporated the gem shard he received from Irashi into a custom made leather gauntlet. These gauntlets had coils of metal cables incorporated into the bottom side of each forearm, using cold welding technology to 'stick' onto surfaces and either swing around his airship himself or pull targets to him. Steampower coiled and uncoiled these cables back within the gauntlet and the impact of them being shot at close range could send targets reeling backward. He had two retractable blades in each fist and finally, each of his gauntlets could fire three mini crossbow bolts from within the fists. However, when Ike implemented the tablet, each of these weapons, as well as his own bodily functions, were greatly enhanced. While under the curse, bright rings of orange and gold form around both irises in his eyes, which increased his reaction time and spatial awareness exponentially. His cables grew white hot and seemed to have minds of their own, acting to his will. The blades had much greater cutting and stabbing power and the bolts would explode on impact. As he aged, however, he wasn't agile enough to use his cables anymore and decided to once again reinvent his fighting style. He crafted 13 swords, forging all but a speck of his tablet into the thirteenth, Brisingr. He gave away his left gauntlet, now useless to him, and taught himself to shoot a longbow. The keysword required to fly the Lady Valkyrie gave him plenty of longsword experience and soon he was a master swordsman. Ike could wield Brisingr without exploiting the curse, but when times became dire, he would trigger the pommel and his fiery strength would return. The remaining speck of the tablet within his right gauntlet connected the two tools of power, and he could recall his sword back to him at will, and even teleport his entire body to the sword, however doing so would allow the curse to completely envelop him. His swings could send flaming crescents of explosive power, as his thrusts would create crushing spears of flame. As a result of the curse, Brisingr would glow red hot, and become lighter, and pierce armor more easily. His heightened spacial awareness and the power sent through gauntlet into longbow made him a deadly accurate archer at superhuman ranges and his arrows could even explode on impact. After years of exploiting this power, Ike's condition plummeted. The visible signs of his curse grew exponentially, and while under its effects, on top of the rings around his eyes, his plate armor would glow red hot, burning runes crawl across his skin, and embers encircle all around him. The carefree, optimistic facade he built around himself faded, and melancholy and rage-filled it's void. He felt himself grinding his teeth and clenching his fists in unprovoked rage, and the bloodlust never left him, even as he slept. His love for Kingstone was stronger, however, and for his people and his home he always kept the curse hidden while off the battlefield. Ike is in a daily struggle to keep himself from becoming Alvionspawn, and to relieve this he shares his burden with his warhorse, Boris 'the Bold' who as a result, transforms into a griffon. Alfrety also has been known to bear his curse as well, unbeknownst to Ike himself. Agista Rustero is heir to the throne of Brytannia and the Crown of Aelton. While she doesn't wield one of Ike's weapons, she bears a curse of her own. Because of her Rusteronian blood, she was abducted as a child and chained to a demonic spirit. She mastered the ways of sorcery from the women of Tarif, and after foiling an attempt by the spirit to commandeer her body, the spirit vowed obedience to her. With its power and her skills, she became the greatest sorceress since Cartian, and inherited his scythe. With amulet, talisman, and scythe in hand, Agista is a terror on the battlefield. She can blink short distances and become intangible at will. Cleaving lines of infantry with her scythe one second, and tanking magic missiles and cannon shots with it the next. She is part of Ike's inner glaive. Nicku Crestshade was saved by Icarus as a child and has since trained by his side. Her dryad-like shade powers, which she mastered at infancy, granted her control over beasts, which she can command and communicate with at will. For those who resisted her will, she carried a crude stone war hammer, and when the threat of Solis was revealed, Ike forged her one of castle-forged steel. The gauntlet she received from Icarus was modded with a sapphire found in the old mines of Kalador. It strengthened her control of beasts, filled her with superhuman strength and made her hammer light as a feather in her arms, ungodly heavy in the hands of someone who didn't suffer from the curse. While under the effects of the curse, her eyes grow a bright cyan blue, and her horns pull farther out of her skull. Älfrety of Lletya is a young elf, who ventured out of Tirannwn into Human-controlled Gielenor to study magic, in hopes of one day freeing his people from violent oppression and attempted extinction. Taking roads less traveled, he walked and hid all the way to Draynor, where he stayed for two nights before entering the Draynor Wizards' Tower. There he studied, hooded and slouched, fooling everyone with the illusion of humanity. All but one; Wizard Toloram knew Älfrety's origins the moment he entered the Tower. Toloram knew that if Älfrety was discovered, he would be executed, or worse; pitying the elf, he took him into his personal study as a roommate, to lessen his chance of revealing his disguise. Älfrety studied with Wizard Toloram until the human wizards' grey hairs turned white, and he became ill his last time; when the other Wizards of the tower realized they'd been fooled. Älfrety was set to be executed in three days' time. Toloram could not stop the execution in his age or condition, but he knew how they would do it. Älfrety would be sent through the "Continuum Gap", a massive hole beneath the Tower which spews forth magical energy and blinding lights. On the morning of his execution, Toloram gave Älfrety his two greatest possessions: His spellbook, and a crystalline eye. The eye shone green like an emerald, with a pupil that darted erratically from one position to the next. The eye was dubbed by Toloram "The Mage Eye", a legendary magical artifact capable of revealing arcane secrets of massive gravity; It was the third eye of the God Guthix. No longer balanced by its connection to the now dead god, it is simply a fount of unlimited power, assuming you'd be willing to put your life on the line. With these only two possessions hidden inside the rags he was given to wear, Älfrety walked out of the cell, down the stairs, and after a brief hearing, was thrown down the endless, the infinity; into the unknown. "Halt!" called out a voice which rivaled the thunder, "A corpse blocks the road!" But the voice was wrong. The body was only half corpse. His spirit had been bound to the nearest vessel, King Icarus himself, only barely surviving at a great cost. Binding to Icarus also meant Älfrety permanently branding himself with Ike's inescapable condition: The Kingsglaive Curse. From that day on, Älfrety fought alongside Icarus and his strange, fiery magic but also struggled with the wrath and fury that the curse had thrust upon both of them. It incurred Älfrety's normally dormant and bitter hatred of the Human race, and while under the curse's influence, his eyes shone a verdant green only comparable to the Mage Eye itself; eyes blinded by rage, eyes that can see only his people being slaughtered at the Underground Pass, eyes that can only see his people driven into the forests of Tirannwn by bloodbath after bloodbath. How ironic it is that Älfrety fights under a human king, conjuring arcane lightning and dragonfire that would be all but uncontrollable if not for a powerful, foreign presence. I would like to personally thank anyone who took the time out of their day to read this and know that I respect you more for doing it. I hope you can begin to see the depth of Kingstone and, by extension, Vennterria. I will be glad to answer any questions or discrepancies.
  17. The History of Kingstone, and its Future. Kingstone had some very meager beginnings on Everneth. It started with a cobblestone square and my friend of sixteen years. So I was surprised when randoms began to take notice of King Icarus's ambitions and go out of their way to join (Shoutout to Remy and DPP, those willing to put their trust in a nobody and help build Kingstone to what it is today.), and as we were picking up steam, I became very lenient about who joined and didn't have the forethought to realize nobody would actually want to fight us if we covered half the server, after all, I was just enjoying all the new faces. I also discovered on the blood-soaked battlefields between Solis and Kingstone, that I preferred a small, elite group. Late December, Solis, and Kingstone mutually decided to take a break to celebrate the coming of a new year. It was during the end of this armistice that I heard rumors that the server would be resetting at the old 1.13 update (before it was merged with the aquatic one) and even if I rushed to build a crummy, imperfect Kingstone, I wouldn't have had the time to enjoy it nor to hold any decent sized events there. These rumors were decidedly false and even if they were true, Mojang soon announced that the two updates would become one, and as a result, delayed. By this time, however, I had already lost months and months of time, and by then the new update wasn't far off and I ran into the same problems. My love for Kingstone never faded, and I never felt the same Minecraft burnout that plagued the rest of Everneth (even though I've been playing since March 2011 and wracked up easily over 5,000 hours) but Kingstone was to be my magnum opus. Simultaneously the most ambitious and most detailed project I had ever attempted. It was going to be finished halfway through the current world's life, then enjoyed by everyone through events and stories/videos/streams for the second half. And man, am I proud of Kingstone... it has become more than a build. So I've been asked by many whether or not I will rebuild Kingstone during the upcoming world reset and for the longest time it was a stern "No." I couldn't lose Kingstone a third time, I tried to build it before Everneth and lost it before it was finished and for awhile I was resolved to just build it in a creative singleplayer world with the Conquest mod, along with the impossible project of Vennterria. But Kingstone isn't just a build anymore, man, it's a community and my home. During the past three days, we have had two separate events centralized around Kingstone, and in between these events, the build was full of people who weren't even vassals of the kingdom, the population of the server has gone beyond 20 for the first time in a long time. You can't get that in creative singleplayer, and if the next world lasts a good 7-12 months, then I owe it to Everneth to finish Kingstone and continue to keep its players involved in its antics. I appreciate all of you who have taken the time out of your day to come to these events and I hope to see you all in the next world. Kingstone wouldn't be the same without you and while I will be purging the current team of Kingstonians, I will be reopening the application process, now with a more complex series of tests including building skills, lore knowledge, proficiency in combat, and unique character profiles. List of Kingstonians at the beginning of the new world: -King Icarus Forde of Kingstone -Nicku Crestshade -Alfrety of the Wizards' Tower -Arlin of Mirkwood (Remy) (( I am also thinking of renewing ties with DPP and Divine, but since DPP's computer is borked and I don't even know if Divine wishes to continue his journey, I decided to leave them off this list. )) Huge thanks to those who read all this, it was satisfying writing it.
  18. Everyone is invited to join the invading team. This will be a pvp event held at Kingstone found on the first floor of the yellow quadrant in the nether hub, look for the red and yellow eagle banners. All items/beds/builds will be supplied for absolutely free, compliments of Kingstone and FearlessPie. Remember that we are all just trying to have fun. Stick to the rules and be positive! Kingstone is under siege by barbarians. The goal for the invaders will be to slay King Icarus Forde who is holed up in the "Discord Tower". Kingstonians will have to protect the king for 20 minutes. Barbarians will have to emerge from their encampment and storm the walls past an open field. The fight takes place 4/7/18 2pm PST. Winners get a stack of diamonds each. Rules: Infinite respawns Invaders cannot break blocks they didn't place but can use building in ANY way to scale the walls/towers No spawn camping Must follow your team's kit All items will be unenchanted but can be named 1 maximum Kingstonian per 2 invaders (Example: 3 Kingstonians vs 6 Invaders) All players are allowed stone axes Items on the ground from dead players are fair game for everyone, no looting item frames The limits on arrows are at a time All members must respect the southern/eastern border marked in orange on the map below and in orange concrete on the battlefield All players are allowed a shield (Preferably the one provided with your team's insignia) No enderpearls or elytras Kingstonian Kit: King Icarus Forde: Iron Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Pants, Iron Boots, Iron Sword, Bow, Three Stacks of Arrows. Kingstonian Bodyguards: Full Iron Armor, Iron Sword, Bows, Two Stacks of Arrows. Kingstonian Mage: Assorted Iron/Leather Armor, Stone Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows. Various Potions (strength potions banned). Invading Kit: Barbarian King: Diamond Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Iron Pants, Iron boots, Iron Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows, Wooden Blocks (as much as they can carry.), One Default Splash Potion of Invisibility per Round Barbarian Invaders: Iron Helmet, Iron Chestplate, Iron Pants, Iron Boots, Iron Sword, Bows, One Stack of Arrows, Wooden Blocks (as much as they can carry.)
  19. The Solis-Kingstone Ultimatum After the events of the Battle of Fort Acies, Kingstone and her vassals realized that Solis could not win, and as a result came together to write an ultimatum much like the one the Imperator sent to King Icarus. Inclosed are our terms and the options to which Solis must respond. Failing to do so will result in an immediate Kingstone victory and shameful end to the reign of the Solisian Empire. The Kingdom of Kingstone will give the Empire until the 2nd Day of January 2018. And then it must choose which road it will follow. Our demands: I. Lopp steps down as Consules. He is a war criminal and peace between Solis and Kingstone is impossible as he holds power in the Empire. II. Kingstone shall never again bend to impromptu and non-consensual rules. Failing to understand this will mean an immediate surrender of the pertaining battle. (( For each of the official battles we have had these recent couples of Saturdays, we have, as equals, decided on rules far beforehand and as Kingstonians we have obeyed these rules to an absolute T. The battle of Fort Acies, however, changed all this. Twenty minutes before the battle, I was approached with new, disgustingly unfair rules including: Kingstone could only use half their members, only use Efficiency 1 picks (which we didn't own), and to abandon our spawn build (that exact same spawn in which Imperator Yogi asked us to build). From now on, if you declare war against Kingstone you will be facing the full might of Kingstone. If you want an edge over our numbers and skills, build immersive and defensive builds the same way the old medieval kings did. Causeways, arrowslits, gatehouses, drawbridges. Not 360 waterfalls around a hill that looks indiscernible from grief. )) Your options: I. Solis continues the fight, using the days until the 2nd of January to train their warriors and recruit new men. You must respect our second demand. (( Truth be told I like the concept of Solis. I truly believe that adversity is the flame that tempers the blade. Solis was an enemy, a rival, someone I could use to inspire myself to grow and to work. If Solis is willing to pick up the pieces and become an enemy who shows respect and decency, then I will gladly continue our game. I still regret not being able to defend Kingstone's proud walls. I still regret not being able to build siege towers and battering rams, and not being able to have a glorious victory at the seat of your proud capital. )) II. Solis has one final stand. They defend their capital against Kingstone, if they win, and respect BOTH of our demands then we will give them a very very attractive peace treaty. (( This option will give a heroic end to the great Empire of Solis. After 350 years of peace, the war-hardened Kingstonian forces with their magic and experience were too much for the Empire of Solis, but it will go down in history as a great nation which expanded across multiple continents and reigned with grace as one of the great ancient super-powers of Lutum. )) III. Solis admits defeat and decides to work with Kingstone towards a fair and final peace treaty. You must respect our first demand. (( This option will allow Solis to live in peace with Kingstone, and perhaps prepare them for an alliance against the great dark forces that are to come. If you are willing to take this course, I will gladly sit down with you and as equals, we will decide the price of this war, and your cooperation will be rewarded. I believe that Solis will have a hard time becoming as attractive a faction as Kingstone. Solis has great builders and skilled lore-writers, but Kingstone has been a concept for six years, and her vassals are die-hard loyal as well as determined to start and finish marvelous builds. They also are skilled in combat and are very disciplined, anchored by King Icarus's voice and experience. Even with extensive recruitment efforts, and the closing of Kingstone's own applications, it may not be enough to achieve the kind of numbers required to have a 50/50 win rate against Kingstone. )) Signed: King Icarus Forde of Kingstone Agunua, Lord of Nymphea -And his councilman, Carson of Nymphea. Arlin, Lord of Mirkwood Javious, Lord of Avalon Pandeoo, Spymaster of Kingstone Alfrety, Headmaster of the Wizards’ Tower Vluxed, Governor of Mista Mathora Ragnorock, Chieftain of Ravenscar Nicku Crestshade, Keeper of THE PIT
  20. Without the rest of their legions, the rallied Solsians were scattered easily. Their fort was searched and the supplies commandeered as King Icarus sat grimly atop the tallest battlement waiting for the crows to arrive. Wiping the red stains off of Brisingr's blade, he swallowed down the bile that was coming back up to haunt him. He could feel the curse stealing away more and more of his sanity and identity but steeled himself with the knowledge that with the Solisan offensive destroyed, Kingstone would be able to rest easy during the holidays. Glancing down, he noticed the wooden eagles that served as mantlets still stood proud, even with the three dozen arrows sticking out of them. Icarus would be proud as well, for his men, and now that the battle was over the worse was behind them. What really worried him was the new year, and the events it would bring. It was a 3:0 victory, with Kingstone taking all three points without needing their extra round. (( I appreciate all the Kingstonians who showed up to the battle, it was regretful that some of you had to stay back and couldn't earn the glory you deserved on the battlefield. I hope in future events, there will be no need to hold back and that there will be more communication between Solis and Kingstone regarding the rules being changed the last second, also looking forward to the possibility of a new faction rising up to face the might of Kingstone and it's dedicated defenders. ))
  21. -Nicku Crestshade- Nicku Crestshade is Nicku's main character and loyal vassal of King Icarus in the Season 4 Everneth roleplay universe, she is one of many from a custom race called the shades who control THE PIT and the Dawn Isles. Before the events of Kingstone, Nicku lived with her family in the forests North of the Hartguard ruins. They used their druidesque powers to tame beasts as pets and servants. The shades, as they are called in the common tongue, were peaceful. Content to hum and sing and dance together under their great oaks. Nicku was a natural adventurer and hunter for her family despite her young age. Wielding her great stone bludgeon she could defeat even the fiercest of beasts. But this would be the greatest of hunts. The northern drake troll: This one of a kind beast was a flying, fire-breathing dragon, with stone skin, massive jaws, and a face uglier than death itself. It was eight times her height and eight times her weight, and big enough to swallow her whole if she wasn't careful. But armed with her mighty hammer she would win. The huntress became the hunted as the ambush turned, the troll had a dozen lesser drakes in her pack and for each one crushed by the hammer, it seemed to grow heavier and heavier. The drake blood and her own were thick on the ground and she lost balanced mid-swing, sending the hammer flying off a cliff-side. With her surrounded, the drakes licked their lips at the prospect of the kill. The pack stood aside as the alpha summoned the mucus to end her, and as the forest was illuminated with dragon fire, she braced for the end. The sound of the intense flames was interrupted by the sound of metal thudding against dirt. Opening one eye, she made out the silhouette of a man. The drake's breath was being absorbed by the sword in his right hand, as his left sent a chain as red as his sword down the mountain. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it wrapped around the grip of her hammer and sent it flying back upwards. "Fight, fight and survive today!" bellowed the fire-bearer, as her hammer smacked back into her hands. Together they slammed against the army of reptiles and one by one sent their corpses off the cliff. Alone with the pack's leader, Nicku pushed the man back towards the brush. This was the fight she came for. He couldn't understand a word of her language, but smiled and nodded, sheathing his cooling sword. She went back to the village a hero, with the skull of a drake in her arms. The man's name was Icarus and over the next six years they got along, she taught him the language of the shades as he taught her the language of men. He said he was building a great stone city where his family could be safe. He also intrusted Nicku with his left gauntlet, which could serve as a grappling hook against fleeing enemies, or a way to get her bludgeon back as she drops it. And as his city grew so did she. The bludgeon didn't tire her anymore and soon she could tame the very same beasts that threatened her village. It was paradise. That was, until the arrival of a malicious nexus spawned under her home. The portal shattered the moment it was activated and split the earth open into a massive crater, vaporizing their old home. Lovecraftian horrors and beasts of untold strength clambered out of the pit. The shades should've been annihilated but were saved by Nicku's super-natural grip on creatures. She tamed them and made them docile, but the hellish corruption continued to spread out of the portal. The shades sent a bird to the Kingstonian Construction Site and Ike's Kingsglaive and their golden apple appeared in time to stop the flow of death before it reached the shades and their more benevolent beasts. Nicku made a home there to make sure the beasts never rampaged and to be closer to Kingstone since she was soon made a member of the Kingsglaive. THE PIT now served as a tourist attraction and barracks for when the beasts would be called to war under the watchful eye of their master. When the shades searched for a new home Icarus and Nicku both decided that they would be safest in isolation. The shades and the Kingsglaive rose a collection of islands from the ocean's depths and the quickly built a new paradise known as the Dawn Isles. The shades used their inherent magic powers to create a barrier to make the islands invisible to the outside world. Some say that there are shades in the Capital of Kingstone, but due to them being a minority, and the fact that they are so elusive, they were never confirmed. Disclaimer: All art was created by Nicku himself, not me.
  22. -King Icarus "Ike" Forde- Icarus Forde is my primary character this season and ruler of the Kingdom of Kingstone. I've had him with me in the ol' walnut brain for five years and this profile is for the version as seen during Season 4 of the Everneth survival series. Born in a floating steampunk* city in the sky during its industrial revolution Icarus's life on the impoverished streets of Zebulus was hard. He was victim to the city's "Little Workers" program that bought infants from their parents and put them in working conditions akin to that of slaves. On top of that, Zebulus took a total-war stance against its own people multiple times in the countless civil wars leaving Icarus with a growing taste of revulsion for his home. It was only once his younger brother was crushed between two massive gears due to the terrible working conditions, that Ike finally decided to incite his own war against Zebulus. With his closest friends from the ghetto, (Jodie Holmes -a tomboy with undying loyalty and a violent attitude-, Selphy Fitz -a member of the rich Fitz family who ran away from home, and Mako Varg -Ike's closest friend and protector-) he commandeered one of Zebulus's precious airships: The Lady Valkyrie. At age 19, he was captain of the infamous "Sky Pirates" who struck fear in the heart of pilots all over Vennterria. As the Sky Pirates grew in number and respect, they had a real impact in transforming Zebulus from the cruel and desolate city into a flourishing hub of culture under Irashi Heart, the new and fair Wingman (President) of Zebulus. As thanks for their service and sacrifice, Irashi gifted Icarus Forde a quarter of the very same tablet that kept Zebulus afloat, as long as they would continue to serve as peace-keepers and defenders of the new and fair Zebulus. Icarus forged the tablet shard into his leather gauntlets, which gave the gauntlets incredible fiery power. When the Mantisphere -a wicked and ancient magical seal trapped in time- began to leak magical energy back into the world, a war was started due to a magical arms race. After losing many of his crew and his beloved airship preventing the genocide of Kalador(the mountain capital city of dwarves), the war was over and Icarus Forde was empty. Without his ship and crew, he was completely without purpose. Seeing war's negative effects first hand, and with his experience fighting, Agusta Rustero's cause was perfect for him. She vowed to unite all of Brytannia under one banner in order to put a stop to the endless wars between the petty kings that inhabited the area for centuries. Serving in her Queensglaive for ten years, he helped her unite the Empire and make her Empress. She was a fine queen and Ike did good under her, becoming her most loyal vassal and trusted advisor. But it was still Vennterria. He lost too much here and decided now that the wars were over he would finally have a chance to get away from it all. The Greek goddess of strife, Eris, began speaking to him in his dreams. She was proud of all the discord and adversity he had faced in his life and felt pity for him. She promised that she would gift him the Apple of Discord, and a safe-haven to colonize a city free from Vennterria's chaos, it was to be a bastion for him and his remaining crew. He foolishly accepted. It was a long and hard voyage across the sea. But Eris was right, this land was very fertile and stunningly beautiful. Using the power of the gauntlet, and the magic of the Apple, they created the famous capital city of Kingstone in eight short years. They quickly razed or recruited all of the minor settlements and bandit lairs in the area until Kingstone seemed safe from invaders. Even Loden, a malicious entity of unknown purpose, couldn't crack the proud stone walls as the defenders valiantly sent the demonic abomination and his hellish generals back to the pit from whence they came. But a few short days after Kingstone was completed, they learned a terrible truth. Donning the Roman title: "Discordia" Eris revealed multiple messages and finally an ultimatum from the ancient empire named "Solis" she had intercepted. They contained the truth that Kingstone was built on the ancient ruins of a settlement named Hartgaard, and that she had set them up for war from the start. Accepting the fact Icarus had to fight once more, he decided he was now too old to wield the gauntlets in the same way he used to. He removed all but a sliver of the tablet from his right gauntlet and gave the left gauntlet to a shade named Nicku Crestshade. He forged 13 swords of different forms and functions but none of them were good enough until he forged the thirteenth and final blade. Brisingr, ancient language for "fire". He forged the Zebulan tablet into it and cut a ruby "trigger" into the pommel. He has since used this and many more magical relics to create a "Kingsglaive" a group of legendary fighters tasked with defending Kingstone and carrying out the King's will. (( Icarus "Ike" Forde is a part of the "Seal of Heroes" universe that I have been working on for 6-7 years now so there is a lot of content that I either forgot to cover or didn't find pertinent. Any questions would be excitedly answered for you and I may be found double-posting or necroing this thread as I remember, create, or experience new content I find relevant or interesting regarding his character. )) *(( I know you hear steampunk and groan, but this isn't the top hat and tea steampunk, it's gritty and remembers the "punk" in steampunk. ))
  23. In around 13 hours ((12/16/17 1pm EST)), Kingstone will ambush a military encampment, in order to hinder their offensive. We will be doing rounds. Last team standing wins, one life per person, per battle. That means if you die, you're out of the round. The purple border is a soft-border. No spawn-camping should occur since both teams leave their spawn at the same time and have one life each. Rules: -No Elytras. Fly to the battlefield with them and leave them in the chests at near your labeled bed. -No TNT, no lava, and now Flint and Steel. We are not fighting for items and no one needs to lose their stuff. -Every round will be a single life. This means if you die you cannot join the fight until the round is over. Get your stuff but then head back to your spawn. Solis spawns 2858 -6. A mountain, like their home biome. Kingstone spawns at 3137 -136. It is in a cave under a roofed forest, perfect place to set loose an ambush. Solis Spawn Kingstone Spawn
  24. The Kingstone Royal Spawn Embassy has finally opened its gates to travelers and merchants! Now that the path has been cleared out and the wilderness pushed back, it is ready to open up its arms to all! Want to learn more about Kingstone? Tired of walking Nether paths? Fireworks getting too expensive these days? Enjoy an immersive and impressive atmospheric walk to the great Capital City of Kingstone! Are you a Kingstonian who needs safety from natural disasters or foreign threats? The emergency shelter is here to protect and serve you. Come on down to Spawn, just east of the Parliment building! (170,60) Also thinking about making a cinematic video of me walking down the path with nice music etc, but there is a certain tower that needs finishing first, but for now feel free to poke around.
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