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Found 3 results

  1. Race: Unknown (Human? Elf?) Age: 25 years Weighs 190 pounds, and towers at 6'5 feet tall. Has orange/hazel eyes, red hair and lean build, fighting style is berserker, due to incredible healing ability. However, cannot fight very long without becoming exhausted. When not an absolute madman, has great stamina and can run long distances. Character card coming soon Samson was jogging home on a road from the market, on a day that was filled with coins clinking, the din of voices speaking, and the smell of baked bread and flowers. He was carrying a sack of bread, gold, and animal furs, bringing them back to his town, Ralae, to sell and distribute. He was sweating and breathing heavily, as it was unusually warm, even for a summer day. He stopped at the fork between the road home, and the road north, farther away towards land cold and unforgiving. He stopped for a breath, looking around. The landscape was beautiful, with grass waving in the wind, the earth warmed by the sun, and the nearby river lazily running downhill. But he also knew of the dangers of the land, snakes looking for prey hidden in the grass, hawks calling above, looking over the land. And of course the bandits, running straight at him. Samson picked up his bag and sprinted towards home, trying to outdistance them. He looked behind himself, and counted 5 people, covered in light armor and carrying daggers and hatchets. They began to catch up, Samson slowing down from his burden of goods. He turned around, dropping his bag behind him and raising his fists in front of him. They stopped running 20 feet away from him. They spread out, jeering at him and laughing with each other. The miscreants stalked forward, all eyes trained on his stuff. Samson stomped his foot on the ground in front of himself, feinting a charge. The sound of his foot slamming into the hard packed earth and his seeming advance made them jump. One particular coward fell backwards, his friends laughing at him as well as he got back up. Samson took their distraction and ran forward, punching one in the face, and lunged at another with a powerful punch, one that would surely fall him unconscious and take him out of the fight. He ducked, leaving Samson tumbling forward. Enraged, Samson ran at another, punching towards his stomach. The bandit fell backwards, and feebly kicked upwards at Samson as he moved towards his evasive enemy, this time running a bit slower, and being more cautious with his attack. The bandit was on the ground in seconds. He turned around, seeing only one left. Some of the smarter fools had run away, but this one had an evil glint in his eye. Samson ran towards him, but the bandit ran as well. They met in the middle, Samson with his shoulder ready for a bash, the bandit with his knife in his hand. It happened quickly after that. Samson was sure he was about to win the fight, until the knife entered his chest. His eyes unfocused, pain shooting throughout his torso, and his breath turned ragged. Did it puncture his lung? Was it in his stomach? He wasn't sure. He heard faintly the thugs yelling at their successful friend, screaming that they weren't supposed to kill him. Suddenly the pain didn't matter. He was furious, and he got up from his knees, His breathing got better, and the pain ebbed away. His eyes were still fuzzy, his vision shaking around. He screamed, and the world went black. He had no idea what happened. He was standing over the bodies of 3 dead- No, he thought, unconscious bandits, standing in front of his bag of goodies. He cautiously checked his chest, finding a bloody hole in his clothes, and a soreness beneath. He checked his wound. There was no sign of his stabbing but the dried blood on his stomach. Shaken, he picked up his bag and sprinted home. He reached Ralae in a personal record time, just as the sun was setting. His friends ran towards him as Samson lay down. He told them of his wild tale, some in disbelief, but they believed him for the ragged tear in his clothes. He was told guards were being sent up to pick up the unconscious thugs and throw them in prison. He fell asleep that night without a thought, dropping into unconsciousness like those idiots on the street.
  2. Reaneal was out doing his normal thing when a messenger hurried after him down the streets of Valland. The messenger handed him a paper with a royal seal of Valland on it. "Must be important" , he mumbled to himself. The letter said: You are requested to go to the fort near Kuiken. We are attacking Kuiken. - King J Porter Reaneal made it there as quick as he could to the armory and suit up, He made it just in time to leave with the others that were going there. A few days after the battle a mysterious man came to Valland and said to join him and that King J Porter was abusive. Reaneal did not think of him this way. Porter came out and gave his view, Reaneal agreed and went to the left to stay with Valland. Two night later he thought he heard something, but he went back to sleep. He heard it again but louder and stayed up but pretended to stay asleep. He saw a shape in all black holding an object that glinted in the moonlight. The shape slowly moved to him. Slowly, so slow that it was creepy and scary at the same time, he came up to Reaneal. When they realized he was awake they said, "How could you not see that the king has abused us?". Since Reaneal could do nothing he let himself be killed. The next morning Porter came to visit Reaneal and saw that he was not doing his normal morning routines, whatever those were. He knocked on his door and heard nothing answer. It was a special knock, and Reaneal knew Porter was coming. He looked closer and saw that the lock was busted, He went in silently and went upstairs to where Reaneal's bedroom was. He quickly entered and saw he was still in bed. Only when porter came closer he realized something was wrong. He went even closer and saw blood on the sheets, he proceeded to go to the other side and saw what happened. Reaneal had been killed in his sleep.
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our story begins in the year 2012. Jenaismom, or Jen, started the community that would later become the Kingdom of Everneth. At the time, she wanted to try an experiment. Jen wanted to see how well a community would fare in a minecraft vanilla server. The server was likewise named Vanilla Experiment (VanExp). Jen was the sole owner and acted like a second mother to all of her members. She was loved and would always help with whatever players asked. As the community grew, it would later be renamed Vanilla Experience (VanExp). Later, Mindovermaster (Mind) joined the server. Jen decided to dedicate more time of her life in the real world. Jen bestowed Mind with the reins of ownership on August 2013. Jen disappeared with little trace since then. Even the email she provided, which would serve as our last link, has remained unresponsive. All the info we have left of Jen is that she has at least three sons. Her legacy continues on in Everneth to ´╗┐this day.´╗┐ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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