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Found 19 results

  1. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    The Race of Shades

    The Race of the Shades For a long time, we’ve wanted to release a full summary of the race that Nicku Crestshade is a part of. Drawing inspiration from many sources and being comfortably unique from the usual fantasy races (of elves, humans and dwarves) we hope you’ll enjoy this explanation and maybe learn a thing or two. The following is an account of the race of shades from Icarus Forde from both his hands on experience and his time being their ambassador. The history of the shades begins on the same continent as the humans of Vennterria. Native to the country of Rivergate, the dense forest and rich biodiversity made it a lush haven for the shades. While the humans and dwarves fought ceaseless wars with each other, these nature loving creatures were happy to live their lives in peace, singing and playing in their secluded groves. Then, around the time the Mantisphere began to leak it’s magic radiation, an event occurred that is still shrouded in mystery to this day. Suddenly every male shade in the world had vanished (presumably dead), and without their other half the shades were faced with extinction. They were biologically immortal, meaning they did not experience aging due to senescence like most living things, but they were still smaller and weaker than the other beasts and sentient races, and had no formal military whatsoever, meaning they were still very capable of death. They had no choice but to drain their “home-trees” (the center and lifeline of each shade settlement) with magical flora capable of birthing new shades. With only female shades to base them from, however, only female shades were produced. They figured it was worth it though, for for now they were not the last of the shades. Tragically, this proved to be only a temporary fix, and soon they lacked the magical energy to create life on such a consistent scale. The “birthing-buds” began to wilt, and the home-trees were plagued with necrosis. Once again their existence was in danger, and their homes were dying all around them. Soon they were too weak for even their most basic magics and they called for desperate, horrible measures. In a last ditch effort, the queen-chief of the shades decided that the latest brood were cursed, and had stolen all of the home-trees’ life. It was quickly agreed that a sacrificial ritual would release their stolen energy and return life to the home-trees and birthing-buds. Nicku Crestshade, and her closest friends and family were among the most recently born and were marked to be sacrificed. And so would’ve been their fate, if the black spirits of Calpheon hadn’t intervened. They had tried stealing the bodies of the inhabitants of Vennterria before, most notably Agista Rustero, 'the Reaper' of Kingstone. When she managed to rid herself of their influence and enslave her captor, the black-spirits hoped that the shades, a non-violent and benevolent race would be more susceptible to their grasp. On the day of the ritual, however, the shade magic and black magic collided. The shades’ ritual did not kill them, as the shades had planned, nor did it send them to Calpheon, as the black-spirits had planned. Where they had landed was Everneth. In a dense forest adjacent to the ruins of Hartgaard. Nicku and her fellow sacrificial lambs quickly detected and cast away the weakened black spirits. Deciding that this new land would be a perfect new home, set to the production of a new home-tree. And the rest, as they say, is History. [For more information on specifically Nicku’s story, check out her character profile, here.] [To keep up with the shades, remember to frequently check on The Royal Kingstone Library.] 1. Introduction The shades are a peaceful, nature-loving race of sentient creatures wielding druidesque powers that can shape both flora and fauna to their will. They use these powers primarily to nature’s benefit, but also to construct their villages. “Home-trees” for instance, are colossal trees that glow with powerful nature energies. Along with providing shades a place to collect and store their power, it is a powerful religious monument and will be protected by them to the death. Slumbering inside these home-trees are massive earth golems awaking and defending the shades only when shade blood is shed by a foreigner on their homeland. They also use their powers to tame beasts, usually to heal and rehabilitate them but also to keep them as pets, or trophies if it is a particularly deadly beast. 2. Specialties They use their flora magic to become masters of alchemy and agriculture. They sow and harvest plants that can’t be grown anywhere else, resulting in them having a stock of unique fruits, flowers, vegetables, and nuts that are skillfully crafted by the shades into powerful, sweet tasting ales like the famous “Iron Brew” or medicines capable of healing cuts overnight. Anyone who has ever met a shade will testify to their warm, sweet smelling scent which results from the several hundreds of types of perfumes, soaps, and shampoos whose ingredients are grown and mixed in their forests. As such, shades are known in the human settlements as masterful craftsmen of all types of luxuries including exotic pets, tasty drinks, delicious food, sweet smelling lotions, and even stolen goods from all over the world. 3. Stealing and Stealth The shades aren’t thieves, per se. Thieves steal out of necessity, thrill-seeking, or greed. The shades were raised in a culture completely secluded from yours or mine, and in their world, mother nature provides everything and takes everything in a free flowing circle. If you fancy taking a roll of warm bread from the market stall, then go ahead, it was the baker’s passion to bake it, and the baker is certainly welcome to one of your berry drinks if they would want it. They are just things, and the earth will reclaim all the things in the end anyway. This, paired with their incredible stealth have kept them safe from any kind of punishment, so they haven’t felt a need to change. 4. Clothing Shades, like most tribal settlements living in a warm climate, are completely naked. They have never known human prudeness and even when it snows in the winter the hot baths, dense tree canopies, and magical aura in the air keep it a comfortable 25°C (77°F) in their settlements at all times. Human merchants famously sell clothes at shade borders, just to find them discarded on the ground again on their way home. Thus the term, “shameless as a shade” was coined. 5. Bathing Partially due to their skills at soap making, and partially due to their love of a good soak, you can’t walk 10 feet without finding another bathhouse or hot spring in a shade village. Not just for hygiene, a shade will find any number of excuses to bathe, including cooling down when they're angry, warming up when they're cold, to try out a new shampoo, or to eat an especially important pastry. A shade would be a very shocking sight to most humans, and in the past shades have even been hunted by mobs, claiming they were “she-devils” or succubi. The first thing you would notice about a shade is their height. No shade in recorded history has ever been measured taller than 4’7’’. Along with a short stature, all shades have a pair of front-facing horns protruding from the sides of their skulls above the ear, and a soft, furry tail which they retain full control over, much like a monkey would. Despite their furry tail, a shade is covered in a dark-colored, tight layer of skin. Due to their short stature and dark skin, they are incredibly stealthy. Their hair, however, can naturally be any hue or shade on the rainbow, presumably due to their close and intimate lifestyle with nature, taking on the color of flowers. Despite being no longer capable of hyper-sexual reproduction due to the extinction of the males, evolution has not found it necessary to discard their reproductive organs. Their nipples and the inside of their mouth are the color of their hair, albeit a bit darker, and they are naturally free of any hair below their neck, due to the warm climate negating the necessity for body hair. They appear petite, but they have a dense bone structure capable of withstanding great impacts, making up for their lack of strength. They also have incredible hearing and night vision, leaving some shade settlements to be entirely nocturnal. It wasn’t long after Nicku and the rest of her people had set up her home-tree that it was destroyed. Regrettably, it was probably due to the influence of the Apple of Discord when I arrived at the Evernethian coast. Regardless of what caused it, a few years after I had met the shades the ground trembled beneath their village and the cataclysm swallowed up all their homes, leaving behind a crater containing a portal to purgatory itself. The shades were able to tame those lesser demon which escaped into our world, and the mages of Kingstone were able to stop it’s corruption, but the shades wouldn’t last long without a home-tree. They agreed with us that the forest was no longer safe, and used their nature magic to raise a new forest from the depths of the ocean. With a barrier that made the village invisible from the outside, we thought they’d be safest. They called it ‘the Dawn Isles’ and were happy for a time. Then the war with Solis began. It must’ve been Murphy that the island was raised perfectly in between Kingstone and the Solisian Capital. Meaning, they wouldn’t even need to see the island to accidentally run into it and the Kingstonian shades that lived there. Between the dangerous location of the Dawn Isles, and the sand rejecting the creation of a home-tree, soon the shades were homeless again. After General Bael was defeated, most of the ghasts that the shades had tamed from the underworld suddenly died, and the portal that was kept at bay with intricate magical wards and locks went silent. Furthermore the banishment of that great evil ushered in an even greater amount of the nature energy that powered the shade’s magic. From there it was clear that the shades were to reclaim the forest and today there isn’t even a hint of the crater that once dominated it. And from the soil of their newly reconquered land sprouted up a home-tree like the shades had never seen. From it’s power the forest grew denser and denser, with a thick fog which can only traversed with the help of a shade. Now formally known as, ‘the Shade Forest’, it is home to nearly a hundred shades who finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Literally. [Nicku and I would both like to thank you for reading through this explanation of the shades. It's been years in the making and the shades still have a long road ahead of them, but we hope you enjoyed and are happy to answer any further questions in our DMs on Discord, @Nicku Crestshade#3918 or @RashE#6503] [The title banners were made by me, RashE, with the Illustrations of Nicku being drawn by him. I wrote this with his help since the shades are wholly his creation, with minimal guidance and advice from me.]
  2. abcfree4all

    Maphya's Start

    Maphya was created when several groups of bandits decided to band together in an attempt to take over one of Kingstone's holds. They made a huge & organized effort to break through their defenses and take as much stuff as possible. They failed nonetheless, but the alliance lived on, the war-camp they started turning into a fortress. Their numbers fluctuate, as there are many members that travel around pillaging or trading with random Evernethians. Their races are extremely diverse, ranging from elves to dwarves to literal tree spirits. This is mostly because their requirements for joining are somewhat low, requiring mostly an ability to work with thieves, and to be useful. There are no laws set in stone, and their peace between each other relies mostly on a thieves' honor, meaning that most of the time the only way to be exiled completely is by treason against Maphya. They are organized enough to band together for intense and intermittent raids of Kingstone & Valland, and disorganized enough so that past alliances are not permanent. When they are hired as mercenaries, they usually don Maphya's shield, sometimes even fighting alongside the other side as well. In such a case of disorganization, they silently agree to not kill each other (not really that's for lore, in an event it doesn't matter) and don the shields of their client. In an event of a bandit raid, it's usually pretty obvious they will attack, as war-camps are set up outside the holds. Those who wish to hold a prejudice based on appearance or belief, and not deeds or character, are looked down upon. While the belief of equality is high on their list, leaders and higher-ups are chosen by skill, merit, and intelligence. The powerful families don't always stay powerful, as a core belief is that people have to prove their own worth as they mature and work. Maphya has it's main base hidden & protected by mountains, and also sits in a natural valley. There is a stone fortress with some houses and tents outside that house the people who are stopping by. Their numbers can never truly be counted, but it's rumored they are in the thousands across the lands of Everneth. There is also an underground city built by the dwarves among them, housing even more people than that are seen in the day. But those not members of Maphya usually never see it unless they are on diplomatic missions, and it is locked down entirely in the case of a raid. Food is made underground using artificial sunlight, and animals are raised as well. Much is still to be learned about Maphya, as it's recognition grows, as it's battles are fought, and as it's lore is written!
  3. Also see: How Knights Contribute The Overworld is a land of wonder, danger, excitement, and boundless opportunity. It is filled with soaring mountains, cavernous depths, and expansive oceans. From peaceful wild animals roaming the plains and forests to the undead lurking in every dark corner of the world, one group of docile life forms stands taller than all the rest. I am, of course, talking about the peaceful Villagers. The villages lay spread out across the land of Everneth, just sitting there, open and exposed. In many cases, unlit. During my travels, I have encountered villages with houses blocked with stone bricks. The villagers were helplessly trapped inside by some unknown person or persons. I decided that I had had enough. For many years, I made it my mission to protect villagers, because they were simply defenseless. I built walls, lamp posts, new homes and churches, and received nothing in reward but food and a bed for the night. It was a service, an honor. Now, I'm bringing my mission to the people of Everneth. The Dragonhearted is a guild independent of the factions and national interests dominating the land. Politics does not exist within areas protected by the Dragonhearted. The guild does not seek to assert power over other citizens of Everneth, nor their individual factions and governments. The Dragonhearted exist for one purpose only: To be the first and last line of defense for the peaceful villagers of Everneth. The guild is guided by six tenets that every member is expected to follow: Protect without hesitation. Uphold freedom and stop oppression. Enhance, not interfere. Create safety, not chaos. Co-exist, not conquer. Uphold these tenets for villagers and fellow knights. The Dragonhearted guild is based from my personal home town of Fort Dragonheart. The tenets and member list are visible in Dragonheart Keep, where guild business is conducted. The guild is home to a communal crafting and storage area that members are free to exchange items in and use as a safe haven on their travels. In exchange for these rewards, members of the guild are sworn to protect villagers and their homes wherever they may be, and establish peaceful trading and rest stops for adventurers passing through. Those wishing to join the Dragonhearted may contact me through PM, posting in this thread, or by messaging me while I am online on the server. Thanks for reading!
  4. The Kingstone Lore Library Welcome the Royal Kingstone Library! Here you can find all the books relating to Kingstone, her people, and the conflicts surrounding her. I will do my best to keep this hub of knowledge up to date and in a coherent order, as to organize the many many many different posts I have written about the Legend of Kingstone. It is only fitting to start with the build's megathread. Here I take you on the journey of the Capital, where it started as a small dirt square and the dreams of one man. A Great Empire Expands into Everneth... Now onto Character Profiles. I designed this format to inform the reader on how a character would appear and act. As well as a short biography. King Icarus Forde: Character Profile: King Icarus Forde Nicku Crestshade: Character Profile: Nicku Crestshade Fredrick's Unconventional Profile: Everneth but Never Free Arlin Zumrick: Character Profile: Arlin Zumrik Kordon Luis: Character Profile: Kordon Luis Ragnar The Great: Character Profile: Ragnarok Here are some general information posts, generally documentaries and encyclopedias rather than fun stories to tell your kids. A brief explanation of magic on Vennterria and how it translates to the 'Kingsglaive Curse' Signup to join the Kingdom of Kingstone, as well as some additional information regarding Kingstone's ranks. An explanation of the race of shades. A brief summary of Crowns, the custom currency in Kingstone. Royal Council: Master of Coin A small collection of short stories: The Great Berserker Empress unites all of Brytannia under her banner. The Gold Eagle on Satin Field. The 'Audience with the King' series, where I give the community a chance to engage in a casual roleplay instance with me and the Inner Circle of Kingstone: An Audience with the King: Chapter One The Events of Season 4: Loden and the Desolate One attack the walls of Kingstone while it is still in construction. Solis' final warning to Kingstone. The Battle of Antiquorem Tower, King Icarus leads an ambush against the Solis offensive. Preface to the Battle of Fort Acies. The Battle of Fort Acies, as seen by Icarus. ((I spent over fifteen hours on this, and am very proud of it.)) Kingstone sends an ultimatum to Solis. Solis surrenders. A bandit king collects an earth-shattering horde and attacks the walls of Kingstone. With the bandits defeated, King Icarus reviews the kingdom and the vassals who have died in glorious loyalty to the King. VIDEO: Everneth Season 4 Kingstone Tour The events of Season 5: Icarus mourns the loss of more comrades and celebrates the return of some familiar faces. Kordon meets a stranger who puts him on the path to meeting a new civilization. The Council meets in order to pave a path to the future. Valland imprisons Korbin for uncovered a dark secret. Kordon is missing and the Kingsglaive are deployed to rescue him. Deceleration of War from Valland Icarus desperately attempts to find Fredrick the Mage. Fredrick speaks with an old friend about the Mage Eye.
  5. Everneth Season 4 Roleplay Summary Everneth has always been plagued by war, and this season was no different. Many centuries before following events occurred, ancient dwarves landed their storm-battered ships on what is today known as the Augustus Mountain Range, eventually founding the city of Solis in the mountains and becoming lavishly wealthy off centuries of conquest and excavation. Their golden age was ended when humans flooded their cavernous home and created a new Solis on the surface. Wars were waged but eventually, the Solisian Empire was united. Years of conflict had shattered the lands, however, and many of their cities are abandoned and crumbling to dust in neglect. One of these cities was named Hartguard. The lands were fertile, the mines were rich. Lush forest bordered flat green plains and a great hill overlooked the sea in the south. This place would be the perfect home for a new kingdom. And Eris, 'Greek Goddess of Adversity and Strife', knew it. And so she devised a great plot that would force conflict with Solis by having a vassal of a Brytannia, a foreign empire, settle a colony there. With the help of her divine magic, the great capital city of Kingstone, under a man named Icarus Forde, was built in eight short years. During this time Solis sent ever more hostile letters to Kingstone, warning them that their invasion of ancient Solisian territory would not be ignored. Eris intercepted these envoys, however, and the construction of Kingstone continued. The source of Kingstone's rapid construction, the 'Apple of Discord' stirred awake a demonic god, the Desolate One, and in its fury the planet shook. The very earth split open and out poured an army of daemons and undead warriors, led by a lesser god, Loden. The people of Everneth, in the face of unholy annihilation, stood united. They held the waves of enemies and slew scores of his great host. Loden, not expecting Everneth to unite and resist, retreated back from whence he came and his army ran with him. The united Evernethians quickly sealed the scar and the Desolate One grew silent. With a common enemy defeated, Everneth once again splits into petty kingdoms. Icarus, now King Icarus “Ike” Forde of Kingstone, celebrated the finished construction of their great capital city. The feast was interrupted when Eris, the Greek Goddess herself, crashed open the doors, revealing the existence of Solis, and their final ultimatum to 'leave or be destroyed'. Eris, now Discordia, knew Icarus could never force his people to uproot their lives and sail to uncertainty. The war between the Empire of Solis and the Kingdom of Kingstone had begun. Despite their weakened state, Solis still had many more men and resources and knew they would have to attack Kingstone itself and raze it if they wanted to Ike's people to leave. They marched south out of their mountains and the first battle of the war was fought. With the help of his advisor's arcane foresight, Ike waited in ambush near Antiquorem Tower. Outnumbered, Ike surprised the Solisian host and they were quickly defeated and shattered, routing back into the mountains. They slowly rallied at Fort Acies, an abandoned fort on the very edge of currently controlled Solisian Territory. Icarus and his commanders took the opportunity to smash the remaining offensive, buying them time to return to Kingstone to respond to a rumor that warned of Loden's return. A lack of communication among Solis resulted in some of their legions getting lost, leading to a second Kingstonian Victory. Fort Acies was demolished, and the remaining soldiers of Solis were put to the sword. Not even a fortnight after Ike's party returned, the earth shook again. Loden had employed General Bael, one of his fiercest warriors, to destroy Kingstone for their efforts in fighting the Desolate One's first offensive. Hundreds of thousands of wraiths, skeletal cavalry, and zombified infantry smashed against Kingstone's proud wall. Their king's return steeled them, and with the fervor of victory over Solis, the garrison fought bravely and well for their home. The fighting stopped when Ike faced Bael in single combat. The legendary sword Brisingr smashed through the daemon general's plate and pierced straight through the small of his back, killing him instantly. Kingstone was safe and the remaining routed enemies were executed, their wicked portal to the overrealm destroyed. With their army in tatters, and any hope of annihilation from the Desolate One vanished, Solis surrendered. A great bandit horde attempted and failed to take Kingstone, and Ike finally earned a few short years of the peace that was promised by Discordia.
  6. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Character Profiles Index (and tutorial!)

    Character Profiles Character Profiles are created to give the community a good idea of how a character acts and appears, sometimes revealing their backstory or motives in a concise, and intuitive way. This post not only has a template for your own profile but also contains a collection of all profiles to date. An important first step in designing your own Character Profile would be to make a "character card". This is simply an identification image with a picture and some basic visual information on it. Character cards are a staple of Character Profiles. Common pieces of information include: age, weight/height, eye/hair color, defining features (jaw shape, build, scars etc), voice, and the infamous "Smells like:" meme. Here is an example card: And here is a template for your own card! PM me @RashE#6503 on discord and I'll make a card for you if you'd rather. After that, it's just a matter of writing out some backstory and any other kinds of information you'd like to share about your character. Explaining which season the character is meant to be played in can also be helpful. Existing Character Profiles: (In ascending chronological order...) King Icarus Forde of Kingstone (RashE) (Season 4-5) Nicku Crestshade (Nicku Crestshade (Season 4-5) Jay Porter (20JPorter) (Season 4) Kordon Luis (TheSteelNinja14) (Season 4-5) Reaneal (DeadBoii/Studio/Reaneal) (Season 5) Rem (MikuChanProductions/___Rem___) (Season 4-5) Arlin Zumrik (Remy) (Season 4) King Jay Porter (20JPorter) (Season 5) Keshi Waawaash (boofsly) (Season 5) Bjorengahr Wildhammer (Chaibh) (Season 5) Ragnarok (DefendPopPunk) (Season 4) Agunua (TheDeadWeight) (Season 5) Polimus (Luvion) (Season 5) Rhextel Rayydark (Rexel) (Season 5) Lindsey (Studio 528) (Season 5) Samson Brink (abcfree4all) (Season 5) Richard Matheson (Faceman) (Season 5) Dorian Mercer (Beolyx) (Season 5) Micheal Frederick Nandus (Michel_Fred_N) (Season 5) Murdek Urmmin (DivineBovineYT) (Season 5) I'll attempt to keep this updated, but if I missed you or you have a question or comment, PM me on discord or here on the forums.
  7. Kordon is my role play character that I will be playing as for everneth seasons 4, 5 and possibly more. His entire generation was blown away due to an explosion of some sorts. Icarus Forde had found Kordon as the sole survivor of the island on his journey to a new home and Picked him up from there. When the creation of the Mantisphere shattered Vennterria, much of the mainland was lost to the sea. From the calamity, an island was formed. The Ancient Vennterrians who survived there named their new home Kuiken. They lost all connection to the rest of the world and the shifting plates would only pull them farther from home. Isolated, they united. With no threats of invasion or civil war, Kuiken prospered. Legend has it that the small island quickly became an advanced civilization, all thanks to a gift from Poseidon, God of the Sea. He had bestowed upon them a powerful source of magical energy, and it became the fuel for their innovation. The golden age of Kuiken wouldn't last, however, and as the years came and gone the arcane orb began to break down. Pulses of nausea radiated from its core, and when an attempt was made to remove it, the jewel erupted, leveling their entire civilization and leaving mystical radiation in its wake, corrupting the populace into lesser Alvionspawn and driving those who survived the explosion into madness. Kordon, was fishing out at sea when Poseidon appeared before him out of the waves. He warned of the desolation of Kuiken and gifted him with a turquoise sword named the Prismarine Blade. It empowered him with great strength, and he used it to exterminate the mindless abominations of what used to be his people. When the battle fever left him he found himself a different man, and he realized what a terrible cost came with the sea god's gift. Icarus Forde, a vassal of the Empress of Brytannia, guided his fleet in pursuit of the indigo smoke spotted on the horizon. With nothing left to go back to, Kordon decided to join their quest to find a new home.
  8. January 24th A new day has dawned. When I awoke this morning, in the middle of town, without a clue as to where I could be or what I was doing, I remembered it. The place I had come from, the memories of the days past, and the events that lead me to now... I came from the bar, obviously. But what a night! It has robbed me of all my memories! I know who I am, I know what I stand for... but it is the details in specificity that elude me. I don't remember my home, my peoples, my history. However, if there is one thing that I know, one thing that I am good at... it is starting again. Afresh. Anew. Another descriptor. Immediately I went to a shop and purchased a map. Was my old life a dream? Nothing was familiar. No landmarks, no towns, no outposts. All I saw was mystery, and new beginnings. I decided I was to start a new life to the south- far from the city, and in the middle of a place that would become my home. Even if it were not a dream, I knew I must have it back. Fort Dragonheart. It must rise again. It must, for I am the last hope for the villages of Everneth. I must make a home... and I must gather a flock.
  9. The Overworld is a land of wonder, danger, excitement, and boundless opportunity. It is filled with soaring mountains, cavernous depths, and expansive oceans. From peaceful wild animals roaming the plains and forests to the undead lurking in every dark corner of the world, one group of docile life forms stands taller than all the rest. I am, of course, talking about the peaceful Villagers. The villages lay spread out across the land of Everneth, just sitting there, open and exposed. In many cases, unlit. During my travels, I have encountered villages with houses blocked with stone bricks. The villagers were helplessly trapped inside by some unknown person or persons. I decided that I had had enough. For many years, I made it my mission to protect villagers, because they were simply defenseless. I built walls, lamp posts, new homes and churches, and received nothing in reward but food and a bed for the night. It was a service, an honor. Now, I'm bringing my mission to the people of Everneth. The Dragonhearted is a guild independent of the factions and national interests dominating the land. Politics does not exist within areas protected by the Dragonhearted. The guild does not seek to assert power over other citizens of Everneth, nor their individual factions and governments. The Dragonhearted exist for one purpose only: To be the first and last line of defense for the peaceful villagers of Everneth. The guild is guided by six tenets that every member is expected to follow: Protect without hesitation. Uphold freedom and stop oppression. Enhance, not interfere. Create safety, not chaos. Co-exist, not conquer. Uphold these tenets for villagers and fellow knights. The Dragonhearted guild is based from my personal home town of Fort Dragonheart. The tenets and member list are visible in Dragonheart Keep, where guild business is conducted. The guild is home to a communal crafting and storage area that members are free to exchange items in and use as a safe haven on their travels. In exchange for these rewards, members of the guild are sworn to protect villagers and their homes wherever they may be, and establish peaceful trading and rest stops for adventurers passing through. Those wishing to join the Dragonhearted may contact me through PM, posting in this thread, or by messaging me while I am online on the server. Thanks for reading!
  10. RashE (IrashiHeart)

    Brytannia and Kingstone: A Tale of Conquer.

    "Gather 'round and listen. For I tell the tale of the great Berserker Empress, and her loyal vassal, Lord Icarus Forde. A story of betrayal and perseverance," spoke a scarred man at arms, sat far in the back corner, farther into his pint. Petty Kings and Shattered Nation In the year 813, Agusta Rustero, a berserker orphan from a ruined Brytannian town joined King Egbert's army as a mercenary. Afraid of losing his own men, he sent her into the deep North, to capture and hold a baren settlement, Meifod, which was in a frozen wasteland in the middle of winter. Stranded, with enemies on all sides and her army of only twenty companions, they held the creaking walls and stone roads for eighty days until the war was finally over. Agusta, looking forward to getting an era of peace and prosperity, began plans to reinforce the settlement and plant crops to prepare for the king's arrival and fresh garrison. But King Ecbert never arrived. Instead, it was one of his incest-ridden cousins, Boltuf, who had come to take the settlement from her and send Agusta and the companions back to Wessex to act as bodyguards. Infuriated, Agusta refused to give up the land she sacrificed so much for. Boltuf prepared for this, and launched his attack on Agusta, and thus sparked war with her company. Outnumbering her four to one, Boltuf neglected to craft siege weapons and launched an assault on the gates. Agusta exploited the narrow passes and slew the arrogant lord's new recruits and sent a bloody messenger back to Wessex with a message accepting the King's declaration of war. Stories of her consecutive victories against impossible odds quickly traveled throughout Vennterria. Much faster than the King's armies could march, and as a result many lords pledged their lives to the beautiful and legendary "Queen Agusta Rustero". With her newfound bannerman and Queensglaive, Agusta had no problem rolling over the shattered territories and consolidating power. Sick of the causeless death caused by the wars of the petty kings of Vennterria, Agusta pledged to unite all of Brytannia under her banner to prevent these ceaseless wars it was known for. When the "Traitor King" Ecbert had finally rallied and mobilized his army, Agusta already had a strong host of 5,000 strong. Exhausted from their march, and terrified by Agusta's bloodlust on the battlefield as well as the fact that they were outnumbered two to one, Wessex and its army fell. Despite different factions confederating for the first time in Brytannia in an attempt to stop Agusta's momentum, Brytannia was unified under her banner.
  11. DefendPopPunk

    What faction should you join?

    It has been four weeks since the Everneth Roleplay was revived to strike fun in the hearts of those who take part in it. Since the Roleplay was revived, much of the server has taken part in it, either in one of the two major factions or their own independent faction. For many, it may be hard to decide which faction to join, so below is a simple rundown of each faction's strengths and values, with primary reasons to join them. -Independent States of Unity - Led by Various People -AKA the ISU, it is primarily led by the Empire of New Romancia, itself led by Emperor DefendPopPunk, the ISU is a collection of various nation-states who are united in this organization to be more organized and powerful than they otherwise would be on their own. Each nation-state has it’s own government with it’s own leader, and are mostly independent on their own, while still united with other nations under one flag. A very nice reason to join the ISU is that there are a number of nations to chose from, each having it’s own values and goals, which allows you to join a faction more suited to your tastes, while still being part of the ISU as a major faction and the main storyline. The ISU in general values militarism, imperialism, wealth and power, and seeks to establish itself as the supreme entity in the world. Even though the ISU may seem strong, it does allow itself some weakness for being divided among independent nation-states, rather than being united as is its enemy, the Kingdom of Ilia. -Ilia - Led by King Sybillian -Unlike the ISU with it’s various independent nation-states, the Kingdom of Ilia is completely united as one state under one flag, with King Sybillian as it’s sole leader. The Kingdom of Ilia was established as a rival to the growing power of the ISU, and has managed to grow to successfully challenge them multiple times. The growing power of Ilia, however, has managed to convince the ISU that something must be done, and with the presentation of terms of peace to the ISU by Ilia following a battle, war was declared by the ISU on Ilia, and has since been the revolving focus of the main storyline. A very nice reason to join the ISU is that it is home of a number of welcoming members that will make you feel at home in Ilia. As previously stated, it is also a united nation unlike the ISU, which will also help to make members feel more as part of a faction and of a nation. Ilia in general values honor, friendship, opposition to tyranny and general peace. Ilia itself has few weaknesses, and for this reason, alongside it's strong and good values, it is the most popular faction in the Roleplay. -Independent Nations - Led by Various People -If one does not wish to join either of the major factions listed above, you may join an independent nation, which is generally outside of the storyline and the influence of the two major factions. There are various independent nations at the current time, the most notably of which is the Dragonhearted, led by Tex. The Dragonhearted remain completely independent of either major faction while still playing a major role in the main storyline as an acting advocate of peace between the two major factions. There are other minor factions that are independent as well, such as Puddle’s school of magic or EarthCube’s Morsulia. While we do support independent nations in the roleplay, it is recommend to consider joining an existing faction before creating your own, so as to help the current factions, especially the smaller ones, grow and become larger.
  12. The story of the Roleplay began on the night of May 6th, 1750 (the roleplay itself takes place in the year 1750), when various nation-states scattered around the world decide to unite themselves under one organization and one flag to become the most powerful entity in the world. This organization was the ISU. For a time, the ISU conducted various activities around the world, such as colonizing lands and incorporating various peoples into their nations. However, this peaceful time of the ISU was not to last, for across the sea a new Kingdom had arisen, one that would soon challenge the might of the ISU. Leaders of the ISU had begun to hear rumors of a new Kingdom arising somewhere in the frozen wastelands across the sea from them, with power that was quickly growing. Many searches were conducted to locate this Kingdom, to no avail, for a time. However, after weeks of searching, naval fleets headed by the New Romancian Empire, led by Emperor DefendPopPunk, managed to locate the Kingdom, which appeared to be very powerful, with armies lined up and many ships in its docks. The New Romancian Empire, being the closest nation to this new Kingdom, organized a diplomatic mission and sent it to the new Kingdom, being greeted by it’s leader upon arrival at its docks, King Sybillian. Upon arrival at the Kingdom, revealed to be named the Kingdom of Ilia, we were met by King Sybillian, who, after a few minutes of discussion, took us into his meeting hall. We discussed establishing diplomatic relations between our two nations, and talks were going well, with the King agreeing to consider them. However, as the meeting was concluding, a rouge General ZeviVoid of Norkeep of the ISU bursted into the meeting and attempted to assassinate Queen Chiptzel of Ilia, which enraged the King, who promptly ordered us to return home, stating he would send some of his people to New Romancia for further talks. Before the Kingdom of Ilia had sent any ship, the Emperor of Romancia, along with a few other soldiers of his army, were travelling to the nation of Ghat for a meeting, where they were greeted en-route in the ocean by King Sybillian, alongside a few of his soldiers. After some light discussion, the King noticed that the rouge General Zevi was on board our ship, to which he soon demanded we hand him over, to which we denied. After the Romancian Captain FearlessPie attempted to broker peace, which failed, the gangplank between the two ships was blown up, and the first battle between the two nations had taken place. The battle was fought, long and hard, but ultimately the Kingdom of Ilia managed to win the battle. This victory displayed that the Kingdom of Ilia, previously thought to be a fledgling state of barbarians by the ISU, was truly powerful, and deserving of the title of a great power of the world. The victory also displayed their naval superiority over the naval fleets of the ISU. Those aboard the Romancian ship managed to escape back to Romancia, and there were no casualties from the battle. However, the rouge General ZeviVoid was captured by the Ilians before he could join his comrades to escape, and become a prisoner of the Ilian Kingdom. Upon returning home, Emperor DefendPopPunk summoned the rest of the leaders of the ISU to debate what should be done following the battle and establishment of the Kingdom of Ilia as a world power. During this meeting, the emperor was notified that a foreign envoy had arrived in New Romancia. Upon their arrival at the town hall, it was revealed to be an Ilian envoy, headed by the cousin of King Sybillian, Lady Kass. She and her envoy had been sent by the King to deliver a document containing terms for peace between the ISU and Ilia. She was sent to wait in the Ghat Embassy while we read and debated the terms. Upon reading them, we all realized that the terms were far too extensive to agree to, and unanimously agreed to decline them. However, the emperor decided that simply declining the terms was not enough. This was a kingdom to be wiped off the earth, he thought, and so wrote a Declaration of War against the Ilian Kingdom. This document was displayed to the rest of the leaders, who all agreed to it. Upon this decision to declare war, the Lady Kass was brought back into the meeting room. We promptly told her that the King’s terms were declined, and then presented her with the Declaration of War, to which she read and simply laughed at. The fair Lord Porter of Ghat, tired of this sarcastic and narcissistic attitude from the Lady, sliced her arm open and cut off one of her fingers as a punishment, and as a message to the King and Ilia. She was then bound and boarded upon one of our ships, to be delivered back to Ilia alongside the Emperor and his generals. Upon arriving in Ilia, we were greeted by the King himself, who was visibly disturbed upon seeing his cousin in such a condition. We made sure that he knew of what had happened in the meeting, and before leaving, the Emperor pulled him aside and cut off one of his fingers as well. After the return to Romancia, war continued on for weeks, with scattered battles happening across the Realm. However, nothing large-scale happened for a while. After a couple weeks, however, the King of Ilia sent a document to Romancia dictating a challenge to the Emperor. They were to duel alongside another, and if Romancia won, Ilia would return the rouge General ZeviVoid. If they were to lose, Romancia would have to pay a large sum of minerals to Ilia. This duel was conducted the following day, to a Romancian victory. True to their word, the Ilian Kingdom returned the rouge General ZeviVoid to Romancia, after which he was returned to his homeland of Norkeep. Following this, not much has yet happened.Recently, the Dragonhearted, an independent nation led by Knight-Commender Tex, has become a neutral ground for both warring nations to meet with each other diplomatically. Also recently, both leaders of Romancia and Ilia have shown interest in holding a parley at the Dragonhearted, and it will be interesting to see where this leads in the Roleplay if it does indeed happen.
  13. Sorcery. The Summoning of mystical entities. The Enchantment of items. Brewery of potions. Formation of matter. Puddor can supply the teachings and known knowledge of all these things. Magic can be a touchy subject with some, some people choose to not believe in it where others live off it. My institute, Puddor, is not an enemy nor a friend to outsiders. We are neutral to all but will not hesitate to attack if necessary. The arcane arts are a sacred knowledge which can be disastrous in the wrong hands, that's why I have started a school to teach people how to properly use the powers with a good heart. The 4 Houses of Puddor have not yet been decided but when either 1-3 (may expand) others have joined me to form a school board they will be discussed (do not hesitate to hand in names for yourself, they may be accepted). to become one of these 'others' just message me and if you have these attributes then I will consider you: My trust as a friend Good intent Fairness You can be one of these people even if you're already in a group. For the start of a new, magical, era in the modern world of Everneth. -Headmaster Pudd
  14. It's been about a week since the attempt on King Sybillian and Queen Chiptzel's life, carried out by Romancia's General Zevi. But what has happened since then, and how can we end this senseless violence? Well, I have had conversations with both the leaders from Romancia and Ilia, DefendPopPunk and Sybillian respectively. After the unprovoked attack on the King and Queen of Ilia, the monarchs decided that those responsible for the attack must be dealt with accordingly. According to my sources, Zevi has been fined and demoted, which the monarchs were not happy with. So, after hearing this, Ilia decides to take matters into their own hands. Ilian soldiers capture Zevi during a quick, decisive battle, ending in Ilian victory. The ISU retreats. Ilia declares that any ISU must be killed on sight, and thus sparks the Ilian-Romancia war. King Sybil has then sent his cousin to try and negotiate a deal with Romancia and the ISU. But, apparently that is not what happened. These negotiations were very deleterious to Romancia and the ISU, and thus were disregarded. Romancia decides to reqrite these terms when Ilia allegedly attacks the Fire Nation embassy nearby. So, the cousin of King Sybil get's her pinky finger removed and becomes battered and bruised, and gets shipped back to Ilia. The Romancian king then decided to remove King Sybil's pinky finger as punishment for provoking the ISU. So, what now? Well, after talking to both Sybil and DPP, they both openly stated that they were interested in holding a parley. The location of the parley will be at a third party location, which will be released at a later date. So, why rehash all of this? Well, you, yes you reader, have the chance to come up with terms for a treaty. Try and keep this as balanced as possible, and just note, that the third party ultimately has the power to write the treaty to be negotiated with both parties. Please, for the sake of peace, try and stay friendly. All suggestions can be placed as replies.
  15. FearlessPie121

    The Haulani (FearlessPie's Faction)

    FearlessPie has a long novella of Captain's Logs published at the Roleplay's local libraries. I recommend hitting those up for a good enticing read but for those who just want the basic gist of who I am and what I'm doing, here it is:
  16. EarthCube

    Fallen Nation of Morsulia

    While the powerful navies of Ilia and the ISU have been fighting overseas, the small island nation of Morsulia was battling to survive its own challenges. In the past month, this once prosperous land was struck with a devastating plague, the likes of which had never been witnessed before. The entire island was wiped out, with 90% of its inhabitants killed. Crops began to fail and buildings started to crumble, leaving us with no food and no shelter. Even the precious cattle on the island were transformed into some sort of fungal beast. Many cures were attempted, but none proved successful. All but a few on the island have given up any hope of recovery. However, one of our elders knows of a fruit that may be capable of saving Morsulia. We seek the help of any who are willing to give it in obtaining one crate full of netherwart, the seed necessary for growing the mythical Soulfruit* which possesses the ability to restore life where it was once lost and provide unprecedented power to the living. With this Soulfruit, we will be able to bring life back to Morsulia, and prosper once again. Once the netherwart has been seeded and fully matured, it will be infused with Soul Essence, turning it into the mythical Soulfruit. This process will take around one month to complete, so we will be doing what we can to survive in the meantime. Anybody who helps provide the necessary netherwart will be rewarded with a small sample of Soulfruit upon its completion. *Soulfruit will be golden apples, so please keep them out of the roleplay until they're ready.
  17. Last night, Romancia's Emperor, accompanied by Lords Porter and Lopp, landed on Ilian soil to discuss diplomatic between the ISU and Ilia. Talks were going relatively well, until the general of an ISU member nation - namely, General Zevi - interrupted the meeting, making an attempt on the lives of both King Sybil and Queen Kaia. After the threat was dealt with, all members of the ISU were made to leave our territories until the royal family had decided what route to take regarding this incident. The ISU envoys left without much question, promising to deal with the rogue general. Today, ISU and Ilian ships met on Ilian waters. Foreign Ruler DPP claimed that this breach of their ban from our lands was on accident, as they were on route to Ghat and simply miscalculated their path slightly. After their ruler discussed this matter briefly with Sybil, our King noticed that the General from the night before was on board the ISU vessel, and apparently no worse for wear. When questioned on the issue, Foreign Ruler DPP claimed that General Zevi had been demoted and fined - hardly an apt punishment for an attempt on the lives of Ilia's beloved monarchs. King Sybil, infuriated by this affront to the seriousness of the matter, demanded that Ilia recieve custody of Zevi to imprison him ourselves until he served an appropriate sentence. The Romancian emperor refused, and sent his own Admiral Pie to the Ilian ship as an envoy, hoping that he might smooth matters over. Admiral Pie was, long ago, a member of an indigenous tribe of peoples on an island of their own. While the details of these events are hazy at the present time, it has been reported that Romancia destroyed the now-Admiral's tribe in the name of cleansing barbarianism, leaving Pie himself as the only survivor. Therefore, when Romancia encountered Ilia, he began concocting a plan to claim revenge on the faction that ruthlessly destroyed his people. When Pie and Sybil retreated to the captain's cabin, they decided that now was the time to strike from inside. The ISU would neither give Zevi over willingly or give him the punishment that he so deserved - despite being indebted to us for letting them live after the attack - and therefore it was clearly evidenced that they would not be compliant in friendly relations with our nation. Between that offense and Admiral Pie's righteous anger towards the Romancian ruler, it was decided that now was the time to show the ISU that Ilia was a force to be reckoned with. Pie smuggled two potions to King Sybil to give our people an edge in battle, and subtly helped weaken the enemy forces. Pie was made to retreat to the enemy ship, acting as though some horrible affront had occured, and to shout for war. The battle commenced, and despite Ilia being outnumbered, it was a swift and decisive victory for our sovereign Kingdom. The enemies were all but routed; Foreign Ruler DPP and his ruling cohort fled while Ilian soldiers took Zevi into custody, and the remains of their vessel was salvaged to bolster the now-unchallenged Ilian navy. Hence, King Sybil and Queen Kaia have issued a decree; any ISU-affiliated ships or soldiers are to be eliminated on sight. Trade vessels will be accompanied by military ships for their protection against the honorless Romancians, and a new fleet of warships has been requisitioned in anticipation of further encounters with the ISU, and an emmisary has been dispatched to their capital to discuss terms for the fool nations' continued existence. Sir and Pie has been officially inducted into the Ilian order of knights, whom Duke Warwolf is organizing for battle in collaboration with General Rolo. Former ISU General Zevi is being questioned in an undisclosed location; he has been given the opportunity to exchange information and potentially compliance as a sleeper agent for his freedom. Despite the ISU's unprovoked attacks and accusations, Ilia stands entirely unscathed and prepared for the possibility of war in the near future. Draw your swords, soldiers and knights of Ilia, for this trial will be but small, and easily quashed by our strength!
  18. Tonight, on May the Sixth of 2017, the rebirth of an tradition predating even Everneth itself was enacted. As you already know if you read the title, this is the return of the roleplay that has brought many joy in the past. However, before I explain the events that occurred on this night, I believe a short explanation of the history of the previous roleplay's is in order. For those who remember it, this shall simply be a refresher of the memories. For those who come after it, please read through all of it as you will want an understanding of the roleplay's that came beforehand. In the olden days of the age of Vanevo, a roleplay came about in the fall of 2015. This roleplay was the original, or OG as I will refer to it, roleplay. It came about completely naturally, and soon a complete story was written for it and almost the entire server eventually took some role in it (at one point, Magvel, one of the major factions in the OG roleplay, was more popular than spawn). This roleplay has thus far been the most popular roleplay, with subsequent attempts to revive it not coming close to it's popularity. Some attribute this to there simply not having been as many people on the server. After the OG roleplay came the second roleplay, known as "Cherry Rock" or the Colony Roleplay. This roleplay was far more specific and restrictive than the OG roleplay. It enforced the rule of no tool usage above the stone level unless they were imported from the mainland. This was implemented as a shop on a ship being opened once a week where you could trade in basic resources collected with stone tools for iron tools and other resources the colony was not allowed (or able to, in roleplay lore) on it's own. The roleplay had mostly died down after the first week, after people got bored with the style in which it was played, and the general restrictiveness of it. After this Colony Roleplay came the Third Roleplay, which itself was a full attempt to restart the OG roleplay, completely with the same factions from it as well as a continuation of the story. This roleplay featured a new faction alongside the classic ones, and while it did take off somewhat, it only had a few moments that shined like the OG roleplay did all the time, and otherwise died down after one to two months. Now, today, a new era of the Evernethian Roleplay, and by extension Everneth itself, has begun. The fourth roleplay has launched after preparations have been built up and laid in place since the map began. Tonight, a meeting took place at the Capital of the New Romancian Empire, a picture of which you may find below. In this meeting there were leaders and representatives of leaders of four various nations, alongside the host of the meeting, the leader of New Romancia itself, Emperor DefendPopPunk. Present at the meeting alongside DPP were Fire Lord Lopp, Vice Governor TurboMotionX on behalf of Governer ProneToRedstone, Lord 20JPorter, and Captain Pie. These people were from their nations of [name of lopp's nation], [name of prone's nation], Ghat, and Setreip, respectively. Various things were discussed during this meeting, but the primary reason that all were summoned tonight was to discuss and sign the Acts of Union, which would officially bind all these nations together, under the New Romancian Empire, all under the name of a single union. After much debate as to the nature of this union and the power that each nation would be allowed under it, the following terms were unanimously agreed upon. First and foremost, all nations were to be self-governing, and the empire, along with any other nation, would not interfer in the affairs of another unless requested. Secondly, travel between all lands of the nations of the union would be allowed by anyone living within the union, as long as property was respected with wishes of the leaders of the nations. The union itself was, after intense debate, named the Independent States of Unity, or the ISU, representing that while each state is independent, we still stand together in unity. It is this union together that forms the very first faction of the new roleplay, the ISU. At the present time of this post, each nation on it's own is wealthy, and combined make the union unmatched on the server in wealth. The power of the ISU is not to be understated, and this will be taken into consideration by any rising opposing faction. Outside of the roleplay itself, we encourage any and all people that are interested to join the roleplay. Those open to people joining their towns in the ISU at the moment are Emperor DefendPopPunk and Governor ProneToRedstone, so please contact one of them if you wish to join a town in the roleplay. Of course, this is not the only way to join the roleplay. To 'offically' join the roleplay, one could act alone, create a town of their own, or even join up with others to create opposing alliances to standing powers! The possibilities are almost endless with where this roleplay could go, and everyone who is a part of it has control over it's destiny. I reach out to you, the players of Everneth, to make sure that THIS roleplay is the one that takes off. That this is the roleplay that becomes the greatest event that Everneth has ever known. If you need any more information on the roleplay itself, or have any questions or suggestions, please contact DefendPopPunk by either replying to this post or pm'ing them on the forums or Discord. Thank you for reading through this post, and I hope that everyone looks forward to the coming weeks and months, and that this roleplay turns out to be something big and something great! http://i.imgur.com/7AkPEt3.png' alt='URL>'> EDIT - Below is a list of all the players in the Roleplay. If you are not in this list, please notify me so that I may edit you in. All players will be sorted by their respective allegiance. Independent States of Unity -New Romancian Empire - Emperor DefendPopPunk, General Pande, Captain FearlessPie, Diplomat Lopp, and Citizens Diagornas57, JiuJitsuJohnny, YongoCrown, Puddddles, AndrewDogBoy2017, Blimpe, and MoAboss16. -Fire Nation - Fire Lord Lopp -Ghat - Lord 20JPorter, General Espio -Setreips - Admiral FearlessPie -Norkeep - Governor Remy, Vice Governor TurboMotionX, and Citizens ZeviVoid. -Archdale - Lord JorCoffeeBeans Kingdom Of Ilia King Sybillian, Duke Warwolf, Queen Chiptzel, Citizens BrenCarpenter, Empryzz, RegretZero, Kaddaschatzi, Stark, Zieon, Amz, HGWicks, and Rolo. Other Independent Factions -The Dragonhearted - Highlord Tex
  19. 20JPorter

    The Ghat Backstory

    The following is the backstory of the City of Ghat, an RP faction: