Welcome to Everneth

A different approach to Minecraft SMP communites

Everneth is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival community with a medeival aristocracy theme. We feature regular vanilla gameplay, a creative testing server, and a minigames server for events.

Apply on Discord

New look! No forum!

In this revamp of our website, we have officially transitioned completely off of the old IPB system and moved all processes and communication to Discord. Announcements will still be posted here just like before due to the limitations of Discord messages, so do keep a bookmark of the website! We also will be more capable of keeping the site information up to date now that the forums have been retired.

I'm new here, so what does this mean?

In the past, Everneth has required players to register an account on our website, submit an application and introduction post, then get 8 more posts before being voted on for acceptance. This process was only partially automated (whitelist app) and a very tedious (and in some cases socially difficult) way of getting acceptance. This process has since moved over to Discord using an in-house developed bot The Wench completely automating whitelist applications and voting. Another one of our in-house bots Jasper takes over the job of moving applicants up to the pending role when the requirements have been met.

In closing...

Definitely have a look around the new site! There might be some errors that need fixing, our Allowed Mods could use some additional listings, and much more.