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Season 5 IS HERE!!

We've been waiting for Minecraft 1.13 for a long time and it has finally arrived!
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      Evernethian Council Nomination


      Soon, our temporary Barons Sybillian and Kaddaschatzi will finish their current three month terms, so it is now time to nominate citizens to run against them in the coming election. The two winners of this election will take their place in our two temporary Baron seats and begin their terms on January 1st, 2019. According to the three month term length, those elected will end their terms on March 31st, 2019.


      The following is a transcript of Section 3f of the Everneth Charter for reference of the election procedure:


      Handling and Process of Council Elections

      1: The Chancellor must announce upcoming elections 1 month prior to the end of the term.

      2: The Chancellor must create a nomination thread for members to choose who they would like to see in Council.

      3: The top 3 nominees plus the incumbents will be entered into a voting poll 1 week prior to close of the term.

      4: Players will vote on their 2 choices for Council until the end of the 1 week period.

      5: At the end of the term, the winners of the polls will then become Council the following day.

      6: In the event of a tie, Parliament will hold a vote that will remain open for 24 hours.

      7: If Parliament produces an additional tie, the King will make the tie breaking decision.

      8: If the King is unavailable at the time of the vote, the Duke may make the tie breaking decision.

      9: All campaigning done by nominees is disallowed. Any nominee caught campaigning will forfeit the election after 1 warning.

      10: Advocating for nominees is allowed, but may not be excessive. Any excessive campaigning will result in a Minor Offense.


      We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to the thread below with your nominations for the winners of the two open seats. Only the three players with the most nominations will make it into the election! One week before the end of the month (December 24th) the nominations will close. A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top three nominees along with the incumbents, allowing all citizens to cast their vote during the final week of December.

      You may only nominate ONE person, but when the polls come, you can vote for TWO. So choose wisely!


      To nominate a candidate, see HERE!


      Good luck to all!


      - Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth

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      The Return of King's Cup

      Years ago, a great tournament was held. Hundreds of talented warriors gathered from each corner of the kingdom as they fought and bled in the honor of their King. Now the time has come to dust off the cobwebbed pedestal and for a new Champion to rise. Gladiators once again take up sword and shield to forge through the brackets and distinguish themselves as the most talented fighter in Everneth.

      Saturday, The 24th of November, 2018
      1:00pm Eastern Standard Time
      (5,64,170) The Everneth Colosseum

      All equipment, as well as storage space for competitor's items, will be provided by the Ministry of Competition. To signup, respond to this thread and we'll find you a spot on the tournament bracket. Unlike the last held Cup, this tournament will be double elimination, meaning you will have to lose two matches before you are kicked out of the event. Each match will be Bo3 (Best of Three) and fought with the normal Colosseum kit:

      Iron Sword, Shield, and Armor
      Unenchanted Bow, 64 Arrows
      Iron Axe and Steak

      Rewards:  Along with a gargantuan statue in the Game's District of the Champion, the Champion will receive 8 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, the Champion prefix in-game, and most importantly, the golden King's Cup Champion medal.


      The Runnerup will receive 6 diamond blocks, 8 gold blocks, and the silver King's Cup medal.


      I hope to see you there! It'll be an honor to host the games and a great fun to watch them. From now until the event, I will be hosting mini tournaments like this one to hone your skills and prepare you for the main event. Lookout for these impromptu games in #colosseum of the official Everneth Discord channel. https://discordapp.com/invite/eHa4ws

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      Everneth Spooktacular: Halloween Isle

      The days are growing shorter. The weather is growing colder. Strange things are happening. A few members of Everneth have noticed a grim and mystical island rise out of the ocean. Although originally barren, each day brings a swath of dastardly builds to the decomposing land. No one knows what it is for or why it is there. All that is known is that a few members of the Ministry of the Interior were spotted heading through the fog to the island. None returned. Now, on the 30th of October, the time is right to set forth to explore the isle. Only the bravest Evernethians will be able to face whatever challenges the island has to offer. What could possibly go wrong?


      That's right folks, it's Halloween! How better to celebrate than an island filled with Halloween fun? The Ministry of the Interior has been hard at work all October to bring you the best Halloween celebration you have ever experienced here on Everneth. Where is this amazingly sinister island you ask? Right at x=428, z=977. All it takes is a simple trip through hell to get there! Use the portal located at x=53, z=122, the tunnel for which is on the lower yellow level of the hub. Now let's get down to the ghastly thrills we have in store for you:


      Scavenger Haunt:

      Traverse around the isle and spawn searching for lost secrets. The clues will be hidden in a chest around the island and spawn. If you find one of these frightening haunts, follow the clue inside to take you to the next one. When you get to the end you may take ONE reward from the chest. This event begins on October 31st at 1pm EST when the first clue can be found in the [MOTD] message on the server and lasts until all the rewards are claimed. Get searching!

      The Amazing and Hair-Raising Maze:

      Oh dear, look at you. It appears you have wandered into our little maze. Good luck finding your way out of this one... oh! And say hello to our creepy little friends. The maze is located on the island at x=295, z=1110. If you are feeling brave, go ahead and enter. But be warned, this maze is spilling with hostiles perfectly happy to take your life on a Halloween night. If you make it to the center in one piece then you will be duly rewarded. (You may take items from ONE of the reward slots in the chest.) Obviously, cutting through walls and jumping on top of the maze is disallowed. It will be open from 1pm EST on October 31st to the same time on November 4th. Enjoy!

      The Deathly Survival Course:

      So you think you've got this island all figured out huh? It's no biggie for you, the MLG Pro. You think Mazes and Scavenger Hunts are easy mode? Well then you just try and survive this course. Diabolical puzzles, abominable parkour, and a cruel Escape Room are waiting. It will take everything in you to get out alive. If you do by some strange twist of fate make it out, you will be rewarded with riches. You may take the course on alone or in a group, but bear in mind that you may only do it once. The course will be open from 1pm EST on October 31st to 1pm EST on November 4th. Have fun!

      Trick or Treat:

      Tricks and Treats need to be finished by October 30th at midnight. Make sure to get these completed. You wouldn't want to leave your partner without a trick treat! If you need to look over the rules, click here.


      If you have any questions or concerns about any of the events, please contact a member of Interior. Now go out there and have a terrifying Halloween!

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      Two dozen brave warriors entered the battlefield, and one by one they dropped off like flies. They fought like champions, but only one team can be left standing when the smoke clears; Team Xtreme Double Dip Distinguished Duck Duo (xDDDDD), a duo composed of Duke rolo_ and former Duke Warwolf595 claimed the victor's trophy this season, meaning that rolo_ holds the champion title from half of our seasons thus far. Perhaps he will be dethroned come next season, and a new champion will arrive, but for now we honor the current victors and the other warriors who claimed medals this time around. Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pride that I give you the notables of Season X!




      Team xDDDDD | rolo_ and Warwolf595






      Kaddaschatzi (5 Kills)

      First Blood


      Kordon_Luis (Slew Spookio528)



      Kaddaschatzi, Sybillian (7 Golden Apples)


      Hall of the Deceased:

      [13:24:30] KratPersonBoy101 was slain by Zombie
      [13:25:28] SlyOnyx_ was slain by Zombie
      [13:33:34] abcfree4all was shot by Skeleton
      [13:40:31] Spookio528 was slain by Kordon_Luis
      [14:06:41] aaronmango was slain by Wither Skeleton
      [14:08:47] QueenMunchii was slain by DefendPopPunk
      [14:15:40] Nicku_Crestshade was blown up by Creeper
      [14:15:40] RashE_ was blown up by Creeper
      [14:29:42] Momo_404 burned to death
      [14:35:32] Kordon_Luis was shot by Warwolf595
      [14:38:28] Sarfnic was blown up by Creeper
      [15:00:06] Warcries was slain by MoAboss16
      [15:06:18] AmzCuriousPanda was slain by Kaddaschatzi
      [15:06:29] DefendPopPunk was slain by Kaddaschatzi
      [15:09:18] sameh2000 was slain by rolo_
      [15:10:18] ZizoAbuTizo was slain by Kaddaschatzi
      [15:26:59] FlipOut16 was slain by Kaddaschatzi
      [15:32:01] Pandeoo was shot by Sybillian
      [15:34:32] Sybillian was shot by Warwolf595
      [15:35:30] MoAboss16 was shot by Kaddaschatzi
      [15:36:28] Kaddaschatzi was slain by rolo_




          Kaddaschatzi - 5
          rolo_ - 2
          Warwolf595 - 2
          DefendPopPunk - 2
          Sybillian - 1
          AmzCuriousPanda - 1
          Kordon_Luis - 1
          MoAboss16 - 1

      Golden Apples Eaten:

          Kaddaschatzi - 7
          Sybillian - 7
          rolo_ - 4
          Warwolf595 - 2
          MoAboss16 - 2
          Pandeoo - 2
          sameh2000 - 2
          ZizoAbuTizo - 2
          FlipOut16 - 1
          Nicku_Crestshade - 1

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      Skin Costume Contest

      Along with our Interior brethren, the Ministry of Competition will be joining the Everneth Spooktacular with a Minecraft skin costume contest! Spookify your Minecraft skin with an awesome costume and the coolest, most unique entry will win limitless fame and glory!


      -Must be based off your original skin. Anyone can grab a scary skin online, try to be original and put some makeup and some spooky clothes on your own skin. The Ministry of Competition reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is found to be entering the competition with a skin they didn't make.
      -Nothing NSFW. In accordance with the Discord rules, keep your skin SFW. Mild gore is allowed, obviously.

      How to Join:
      Respond to this thread with your IGN and picture of your skin by October 25th. Between the 25th and 30th, the community will judge via forum poll considering aesthetics and spooky-ness and announce the winner on Halloween's Eve (30th), in a grand unveiling of the winner's skin which will stand as a statue forever proud on Halloween Isle!

      On October 30th, 3pm EST, the grand reveal will take place on Halloween Isle, under a massive Halloween Candy Bag.