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      State of the Realm


      We’re officially over a month into the latest update, 1.12, and we’re having some awesome progress on the server and I’m happy to report that you, the players, are Everneth’s greatest quality. This can be further evidenced by the feedback given in the latest form I sent out on Discord yesterday. Over 95% of you said that the community itself was the greatest aspect of Everneth and that follows in quite nicely with the vision I have for this community.

      With that said, it has been a while since my last State of the Realm update and I find it only fair to open up with some transparency. Most of this is unseen work, other parts is work only found on Test. In a nutshell this post is meant to clear up “What is Par actually doing?” and “What are the plans for the future?”. Let’s go!

      The Emergency Election

      To clarify what is going on, Mindovermaster (AKA Mentalistic) had formally stepped down recently from Parliament. When that happens, the Charter specifies that Parliament vacancies must be filled. Basically, put it back the way it was before the resignation. While not a requirement, HC usually takes this opportunity to promote an elected Baron (mod) to a permanent position. In turn this opens a vacancy in the elected seat and according to the Charter, we must hold an immediate election.

      As of this writing, the nominations have closed and the vote is on! Head on over to this announcement to vote!

      Communications and Competition Ministries are Removed

      This is the second time I’ve tried to get all ministries rebooted up and running. The major changes to this attempt was giving more things to do for both ministries but those who were interested quickly burned out from doing some of the roles and then they just drifted further into obscurity. The only ministry that consistently performed was the Interior so that ministry will still remain with much the same responsibilities and roles.

      Comms dispatches will pretty much be replaced with posts like these and Comp will turn into a Par managed series of events (+Syb). With the removal of these ministries, the concept of deputies and ministers is being phased out. The remaining ministry of the Interior will simply be managed by the entirety of HC.

      Creation of Privy Council

      One of the most successful parts of having the ministries was opening up medal nominations to everyone involved. So I am creating this group of players to bring in what’s remaining of the Interior and will be seeking out a few more members of the community to contribute. This group will be led by Zieon and he is in charge of recruiting the remaining few for the group.

      Behind the Scenes

      For quite some time, I have been working on adding in a new panel to profiles (like about me and awards) that included various in-game statistics. This has been a slow development due to learning the IPS4 architecture and my novice level knowledge of PHP. While I’m not new to object-oriented programming, I’m far more familiar with ASP/C# than I am PHP. There are also several staff related tools that I’ve been developing to help speed up the whitelisting process and streamline the flow for new players and make it easier to get citizenship to Everneth overall.

      Some details of the new and improved UX flow is guiding the player to sub their app first, then show the introductions forum to make an intro, then once that is complete they get access to the standard pending role. While a similar UX has been put into place, its not as efficient as I’d like and so I’ve still been working on improving this procedure.

      With regards to new tools, I want to speed up the whitelisting process at the approval stage. The plan has been to add two profile fields to our profiles: “IGN”, “UUID” and “Whitelist?”. By entering your IGN, the UUID field will fetch your ID from Mojang and automatically populate it. When a player is whitelisted, staff can check “Whitelisted?” and it will send a command with your UUID to Main, Test, and Games servers to whitelist you right away.

      Other work being done includes automating the Games Server to rotate between a cycle of maps, restoring inspector’s abilities to inspect with the boundaries of spawn, an MC based single player sleep using the new functions to see if Dynmap wont fuss, setup anonymous feedback forms within the site, restoring the donation portal, adding more “for fun” features to the site, sync last login time on the forums with the server to encourage forum activity, and more.

      New (sub) Titles and Roles for Parliament

      With the destruction of the ministries, I want to focus on members of Parliament serving some sort of role for the community as well as their usual moderation role. While mostly for theme purposes, these titles do relate to the roles that each member of Parliament is taking on and is meant to highlight each member’s abilities to best help the community. The new titles/roles are as follows:

      • Lord Chief InspectorWarwolf595
        Responsible for the Interior and its team of inspectors.
      • Lord JusticeFaceman
        Responsible for the fairness carried out by the Parliament, maintains oversight of appeals process for banned members pardons.
      • Lord Chamberlain - _Pande_
        Whitelisting lead in handling the process of pending applicants to becoming Citizens, while not exclusively performed by the Chamberlain, the office is meant to ensure the work is done.
      • Lord Privy SealZieon
        Responsible for the awards and recognition of all members of Everneth. Leads the Privy Council that handles nominations and awards selection.
      • Lord ChancellorGreasyTroll4
        Responsible for the oversight of the (Low) Council. Responsible for the handling of elections as required.
      • Lord Grand Inquisitorrolo_
        The head of Evernethian intrigue. The grand inquisitor is tasked with investigating serious offenses that usually may result in a permanent ban.

      A new non-partisan event based RP

      Every time we start a role play, lots of interest is there, things start moving along, and then it plummets. As a casual nonparticipating observer of the last several attempts at the RP, I’ve noticed that the key reasons for each of the RP's demise is due to one or more of the following:

      • One or more key figures go AFK and thus halts the story
      • The RP as a whole was far too restrictive
      • Too many people want to lead a faction which divides the numbers
      • True unbiased events aren’t generated by someone interested but not participating in the RP

      So I’d like to experiment with something. Everneth was originally created as a medieval themed RPG project with elements from Crusader Kings 2, World of Warcraft, and a text based game I had played called Politics & War.

      How to achieve this?

      I stand in as the King of Everneth (in the RP), I recruit a band of explorers (members of the RP) that want to settle new lands south of the realm. After I get a sizeable number of explorers, I will select a leader for the expedition. The explorers find a new land to settle and lay claim to the land. The group will then submit a name for their settlement to the King for approval.

      Once the name is approved, the RP officially starts. The expedition will then be given a set of tasks to formally turn their settlement into a city. Example of the tasks will include a Town Hall, 3 houses,  one watch tower, and the start of a town gate and walls. At this point, I will look to appoint the first members of the Peerage of Everneth. I will select one Baron to lead the city, and then the Baron will have authority to select 2 Knights (second level of a typical peerage).

      At this point the settlement can either flourish to establish a second city or a band of explorers can return to the King of Everneth for another expedition. Rinse repeat the same process from before.

      Once 2 cities have been established, the title of Earl (Count) will be created to manage both cities. I expect that either a 3 band of explorers to appear to lay claim to the title or one of the barons from the two cities to lay claim to the title.


      To lay claim to a title, a formal declaration of war must be made on the forums in the RP forum (to be created). Each side will be given a percentage score system. Each player in a faction counts as 100 soldiers, if enough players die that equals 0 soldiers in their total, that side loses 25% of their score

      Example: Side A has 5 players (500 soldiers), Side B has 4 players (400 soldiers). Starting scores are 100% / 100%. Side A kills 3 players, Side B kills 6 players. Since 6  players equals 600 soldiers, Side A lost 25% and the score is now 75% / 125%. Once one side reaches 200%, the other must surrender and accept loss of title and currency (most likely will be gold). Other options of surrender are cease fire: both sides lose currency, white peace: losing side loses resources and winning side gains those lost resources, and voluntary surrender: loss of title to surrendering side and some resources.

      Further expeditions

      Once the title of Count has been conferred, the Count may then expand his land and seek to create another settlement under the same criteria but must have X amount of currency to fund the expedition and must also appoint a baron for the new city once it is completed.


      A faction or coalition of cities may form and revolt against their liege (most often a Count) to lay claim to their own leader of a faction to gain the title. If the revolt succeeds, the claimants strip the titles from the losses and the former Count/Liege lord becomes a gentleman of the peerage (lowest peer rank).

      If enough interest is gained for the RP at this point, I may open up the option to revolt against the King (me in the RP) to sever ties to the realm and further the RP as a whole.


      As a non-participating player aside from the beginning elements of the story line, I will do my best to write the progress of the RP as well as write in events and changes to the RP as they come along, ie: tornado rips through settlements, X currency was used as funds. I will get input from the leaders of the cities/settlements/expeditions/counties for added drive to the story line as much as possible.

      How to join the RP

      I will create a thread outlining the start of a new expedition for fame and glory to drum up the beginning of the RP. Anyone interested will sign up to become an explorer for the expedition, I will have the list open for 3-5 days or until X amount of players (exact amount TBD) have volunteered for the expedition. At that point I will post a second expedition to begin with another set of explorers to settle the second city.

      The Rules of the RP

      Be mindful of the Charter when going through the RP. Respect is key to keeping this alive and successful. While not realistic to a set of events, no buildings are to be griefed under any circumstance, but temporary structures for battle may be placed done in the event it takes place. Keep mindful of the amount of time it would take to tear down the temp structures.

      No theft is allowed. Most resources will be given and lost via scripted events laid down by myself. Some of those events might be “In the past season X city struck gold in the mines and gained an extra 20 gold bars, Y city was raided by a band of outlaws and lost 10 gold.

      By signing up for the RP, no player is to be killed unless war has been declared AND the players involved in the war are in RP areas (ie: no killing RPers in Spawn or the hub). IF WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED AND YOU ARE KILLED HOLDING NON-RP VALUABLES/MATERIALS IN YOUR RP BASE, YOU ARE LIABLE FOR LOSSES/DAMAGES. It will be impossible to enforce the PVP Code fairly otherwise. With that one exception, the PVP Code will be enforced as before.

      Misc RP bits

      I will flesh out more of the RP information little by little to get this ready. I’m hoping to deploy the first expedition in the next week or so given that I can efficiently write up more information about playing in the RP and other aspects of it.

      Competitions and Events

      This has been the most common feedback item on the survey I put out a couple days ago and I agree with the feedback. We need more events again on top of just UHC and Steam Sunday. So The first thing on my agenda is to get a spleef tournament up and scheduled before the end of the month for everyone to look forward to. We will also try to bring back the weekend minigames for the games server (games.everneth.com) so we can take a break from the daily grind of building our base on the main server. We also want more incentive to make this current map last as long as possible so these extra events and the next RP attempt should serve to either give a nice break or a renewed purpose to play on the main server.


      I mentioned earlier about the Privy Council, while its not completely formed yet, I am receiving nominations for June as of tonight from Par and the members of Int. Hopefully by the months end the PC will be able to take the reigns in handling medals from there on out.

      In Closing

      This has got to be my longest post in the entire 4 years I’ve been managing and leading a community but it has been a while since I’ve had this much to say and this much to try out. I can’t stress enough my enjoyment in seeing you all have a great time here. We get our fair share of grefiers, the occasional and sometimes too frequent theft here and there, but all in all its been a great experience for me as the owner of Everneth and I hope we continue to succeed as a community together for the time to come.

      I hope that these changes and the new RP aren’t too confusing for everyone and its also my hope that they will help move us forward and create a much more fun and rewarding experience for you guys.




      Lord Chief Justice, King of Everneth

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      Saturday, July 29th | 1PM EST

      IP: games.everneth.com


      On the last Saturday of each second month, Everneth's greatest warriors - veterans and newcomers alike - gather together on the battlefield of UHC to test their might against one another. In this esteemed event, competitors' aptitudes in survival, in combat, and in tactics will be stretched to the very limit. Dozens upon dozens of warriors have fallen to one another and to the terrors of the night, and only a mere five individuals have ever come back the victor. Will you be the sixth?

      Cutclean is a popular UHC stipulation meant to speed up the dull part of the match - collecting materials - and leave more time for juicy bloodshed. Ores like iron and gold will be instantly zapped by the imminent frying power of command block sorcery upon being mined, causing them to drop ingots rather than ores. Fortune enchantments will not affect these items. Likewise, animals will drop cooked meat, eliminating the need for furnaces, and more importantly waiting around for items to cook, almost completely.

      For those who have not had the pleasure of participating in a UHC match before, it is a PvP event in which players are spread throughout a world of naturally-generated Minecraft terrain, and natural health regeneration is turned off. The only way to regain lost health is by either eating a golden apple or drinking a Potion of Healing. The last player standing is the victor!


      To make sure that the match runs smoothly, players will be expected to observe the following rules:

      • Fallen players must cut off all communication with all other players. There are no exceptions for any reason.
      • Potions of Regeneration are banned.
      • Players are safe from PvP for the first 20 minutes of the match. An automated message will be posted in the ingame chat after 20 minutes have passed.
      • Spectators and dead players are not allowed to use the ingame chat.
      • Mods are not allowed, with the exceptions of Optifine and the Replay Mod. Optifine's zoom function is disallowed.
      • "Skybasing" - defined as building high up into the air to create an artificial chokepoint - is disallowed.
      • Branch mining is disallowed. Staircasing and digging downwards are both acceptable.


      Warriors of great stature deserve to be honored for their feats. As such, there are five forum medals that can be won in a match of UHC!

      Champion - Awarded to the last team standing!
      Ironman - Awarded to the last player to receive a point of damage.
      Sanguine - Awarded to the player to slay the most opponents.
      Midas - Awarded to the player to acquire and eat the most Golden Apples.
      First Blood - Awarded to the first player to kill an opponent.


      This and all future seasons of UHC will be played on games.everneth.com - the server will open 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time. The game will begin at 1:05 PM, and anyone arriving later will be automatically put into spectator mode and will not be able to participate in the match. It seems like somebody always shows up late - we can't start over for you, please don't be that someone!

      To sign up for this season of UHC, reply to this thread!
      To discuss this season of UHC, go to this thread!

      We'd like to thank gerrybrano for his UHC BLOX module, which is the machine that runs the match.

      Good luck, everyone!

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      Evernethian Council Election 2: Electric Boogaloo



      Nominations for the elected Council member have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists are as follows:

      Kathi (Kaddaschatzi)




      Our anonymous polls will be open until 11:59 PM EST on July 23rd (Sunday), at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Until then, however, you are free to vote and change your vote as you please. Due to the timing of the election, the winner's term as Council member will begin on July 24th and last until November 30th, as per Charter section 3, rule f3, which states:


      If the replacement Council elect is serving less than 50% of a regular term, the elect is automatically extended to a second term.


      As the purpose of these elections are to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your vote and let your voice be heard. Thank you, and as for the candidates: good luck!

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      What is Steam Sunday?

      Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles. The idea was initially brought up by none other than Face, and through weeks of planning, debating, and logo-creationing (Yes, that's a word), Steam Sunday was surfaced as another Evernethian event. Current games in the roster include Age of Empires II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Don't Starve: Together, Screencheat, Terraria, and Tabletop Simulator; but of course this list is capable of expansion at any time!

      How Do I Participate?

      Well, the first (hopefully obvious) step would be to have a Steam account. You'll also need to be friends with one or several people who are likely to partake in the games often. The easiest way to do this would be to friend me (link here!), and then I can add you to the Everneth Steam Group! Likely the most tragic part of this whole tale, is that you will of course need to have the steam games that we will be playing. Not all of them, of course, but you'll want at least one or two. Luckily, Steam is a platform that often puts games on sale for great deals, often following the changing of seasons.

      You may also be fortunate enough to grab an extra copy from someone else. It's no guarantee that someone will have one, but if they do they might just be willing to hand it over to the first comer. On a final note, please join the Steam Sunday Discord to keep up-to-date on all weekly events.

      When Are These Games Scheduled For?

      We try to decide the best time for everyone by Saturday night through a strawpoll, so anywhere between 2pm and 8pm EST. It's likely you'll be able to join late or leave and come back later if we are still playing, so don't feel bad for not being there for the full duration or not being there at the start (Age of Empires II may be the exception to this, as the games are longer and it lacks a late-join feature).


      It was decided, to avoid monotonous gameplay, that we would sort the games into two lists: Games that could be played more than once consecutively, and games that were 'One and Done'. We made this decision based off the session length and playability. For example, Age of Empires II only requires one game, and needs no continuation of its session once a game is over; however, Don't Starve: Together can't really be 'completed' in one reasonably lengthened session, so if you should choose, you can vote on it again in the next week. :)

      Replayable Games:

      • Don't Starve: Together
      • Terraria

      'One and Done' Games:

      • Age of Empires II
      • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
      • Screencheat
      • Tabletop Simulator


      Last week's was kind of a flop due to lack of interest and organization, so I'm counting this one as the official week six. All I ask from this point forward is that if you vote, please actually plan on showing up if the game is selected. Don't just vote because 'it's a game you like'. See you there!

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      Evernethian Council Nominations



      Our permanent Council member, Mentalistic (or "Mind"), has decided to resign from Parliament due to reasons that are explained by him here. As such, we are obliged to follow the direction outlined in Section 3e of the Evernethian Charter:



      Vacancy in Parliament

      1: If a permanent member of Council resigns or becomes inactive, High Council must select a new Council member.

      2: If an elected member of Council resigns or becomes inactive, the Chancellor must hold an immediate election.

      3: If the replacement Council elect is serving less than 50% of a regular term, the elect is automatically extended to a second term.

      4: If a High Council member resigns or otherwise becomes inactive, the King may select a replacement member.

      5: If the King becomes otherwise inactive, the High Council may elect among themselves a member to serve as Duke in the King's absence.


      In accordance with the first point, the High Council has selected Zieon as the newest permanent member of the Evernethian Council. Welcome, Zieon! (Do us proud!) :D


      As Zieon advances to the role of permanent member, a vacancy has been left for the role of temporary, elected Council member. As such, we are hosting an impromptu nomination - the three candidates with the most nominations will advance to the final stage of the election process and be voted on in a separate topic.


      Therefore, we, the Council of Everneth, ask that you reply to the thread below with your Council nominations over the next three days. Please refer to the previous elections if you wish to see how this went last time for reference. Thank you!


      Place your nominations here:


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