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Season 5 IS HERE!!

We've been waiting for Minecraft 1.13 for a long time and it has finally arrived!
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      Evernethian Council Election


      Nominations for the elected Council members have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists for the two seats are as follows:






      Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent)


      You may have noticed a few odd things about our finalists. First of all, we have 4 nominees due to a tie for third between Sybillian and Remyyyy. Also, due to GT's departure (which you can read about Here), he does not wish to run for this election.

      Our anonymous polls will be open until 11:59 PM EST on September 30th, at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Once the polls close, all the votes will be tallied together from both polls, and the two top-voted candidates will win the two open seats. Until then, however, you are free to cast your votes as you please.

      Remember, those who vote for the same candidate on both polls will forfeit their votes.

      The winners' term as Council members will begin on October 1st, 2018 and last until December 31st, 2018.

      As the purpose of these elections are to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your votes and let your voice be heard.

      Thank you for voting and good luck to all of our candidates!

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      Evernethian Council Nomination


      After a very short three months served by our temporary Barons GreasyTroll4 and Kaddaschatzi, it is now time to nominate citizens to run against them in the coming election. The two winners of this election will take their place in our two temporary Baron seats and begin their terms on October 1st, 2018. According to the three month term length, those elected will end their terms on December 31st, 2018.


      The following is a transcript of Section 3f of the Everneth Charter for reference of the election procedure:


      Handling and Process of Council Elections

      1: The Chancellor must announce upcoming elections 1 month prior to the end of the term.

      2: The Chancellor must create a nomination thread for members to choose who they would like to see in Council.

      3: The top 3 nominees plus the incumbents will be entered into a voting poll 1 week prior to close of the term.

      4: Players will vote on their 2 choices for Council until the end of the 1 week period.

      5: At the end of the term, the winners of the polls will then become Council the following day.

      6: In the event of a tie, Parliament will hold a vote that will remain open for 24 hours.

      7: If Parliament produces an additional tie, the King will make the tie breaking decision.

      8: If the King is unavailable at the time of the vote, the Duke may make the tie breaking decision.

      9: All campaigning done by nominees is disallowed. Any nominee caught campaigning will forfeit the election after 1 warning.

      10: Advocating for nominees is allowed, but may not be excessive. Any excessive campaigning will result in a Minor Offense.


      We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to the thread below with your nominations for the winners of the two open seats. Only the three players with the most nominations will make it into the election! In one week from now (September 23rd) the nominations will close. A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top three nominees along with the incumbents, allowing all citizens to cast their vote during the final week of September.

      You may only nominate ONE person, but when the polls come, you can vote for TWO. So choose wisely!


      To nominate a candidate, see HERE!


      Good luck to all!


      - Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth

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      Fishy Adjustments & 1.13.1

      Hey folks! This weeks Tuesday Update brings some more changes that I felt needed a post in the News & Updates board. Adjustments to mob caps have been made and some plugins have been updated.

      • Water mobs have had their cap increased by 112%
      • Hostile mobs have had their cap decreased by 15%
      • Prism will be deployed to Main. It is currently running on Test.
      • Prism will run side by side with CoreProtect for 7 days. If successful, CoreProtect logging will end next Tuesday Update and Prism will be the primary logger. CoreProtect will be retired after an additional 3 weeks.

      With the 1.13.1 update we should see some performance improvements but it won't be like 1.12. Both Spigot and vanilla MC have a substantial amount of room for improvement going forward so dont expect this update to fix all the issues.



      Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth

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      The Elytra Well will be Refilled

      Starting tonight the Tuesday Update will now include more network management scripts and routine housekeeping cleanups. More importantly The End will now be reset! Don't panic! The main end island will remain and the Dragon will not be reset according to the majority vote in the Discord. So what exactly happens in this update?

      • You will continue to get a 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute, and 1 minute warning prior to the server shutdown at 11:59PM EST
      • Save-all fires at 11:58PM
      • Shutdown fires at 11:59PM
      • Network cleanup fires at 12:00AM
      • The End Reset runs and processes the dimension at 12:01AM
        • The main island is copied out so that the End Farm, Exit Portal and island are preserved
        • The existing gateways will be reset, though for now even though the block is gone you can still pearl through them safely (see pic below)
        • All the old files are backed up and then deleted
        • The seed of the end is changed
      • Restart fires at 12:10AM
      • That's right. The Tuesday Update will now take 10 MINUTES

      Be prepared for there to be chunk errors and possible glitches in world generation. Also make sure you are out of the end or at the very least on the main island or end farm. I cannot guarantee your safety with this in place. This HAS been tested but not under heavy load. And with that I hope you all enjoy the new and improved Tuesday update!



      Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth

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      Minigame Weekend!

      Saturday, August 25th | 1PM EST

      IP: games.everneth.com



      This upcoming Saturday (August 25th, 2018), the Ministry of Competition will be hosting a minigame weekend on the Games server! From 1-4pm EST, everyone is welcome to join us for some games and fun including a map made by our very own Sybillian! We'll be cycling out maps as we go, so feel free to drop in anytime during the event!

      Some of these maps (such as Shattered) require you to change your Minecraft version to a previous update, that can be done through the Minecraft Launcher by simply selecting "Add new" in the Launch Options Tab at the top of the window. From there all that is left to do is to name it and select the correct version number.




      Shattered (1.8.9) - This bow-centric pvp map features high-action gameplay, custom weapons, and a destructible environment. A long-time Everneth favorite!

      Raft Clash* (1.13) - Build a raft and battle your friends, or band together and defeat the fearsome pirate Captain Coldblood!

      Sky Control (1.12.2) - Connect floating islands together to capture beacons to gain points. Also features purchasable gear upgrades.

      Downtown Destruction (1.12.2) - A shoot-'em-up arena brawler with a desaturated color palette.

      Snowbound* (1.12.2) - Become a snowman and expand your turf while building defenses to defend your own territory.

      Color Control (1.12.2) - Face-paced game of territory control. Capture your enemies' grids while defending your own.

      *These maps require custom resource packs. Get them here: Raft Clash Resource Pack - Snowbound Resource Pack




      1:00-1:30pm: Shattered
      1:30-2:00pm: Raft Clash
      2:00-2:30pm: Sky Control
      2:30-3:00pm: Downtown Destruction
      3:00-3:30pm: Snowbound
      3:30-4:00pm: Color Control*

      *Feel free to stick around after 4pm, we'll be keeping Color Control going until people get bored.

      Hope to see you there!

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