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Welcome to Everneth!

Everneth is a server with one vision. Grow a core community of friends playing Vanilla Survival Minecraft and become one of the largest whitelisted communities in the world. Most of us came here from other servers due to critical issues with the management of the community and part of the foundation of Everneth seeks to correct these issues to become a growth-driven server with streamlined staffing, autonomous decision making, and actively encourage community engagement.
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Steam Sunday is a weekly event that ventures outside the realm of Minecraft, and into the wonderful world of Steam Games. Featuring several multiplayer experiences, we take the opportunity to play various in both competitive and co-operative playstyles.
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  • News & Updates

    • interior.png.093e45031b09053cce7cd18622b06360.png.3ac4d570d016be4ff9a87954353c3446.png.f4a0fb66f187e1ada1d8185520e9384d.png

      Weekly Projects Week 1: PVP Arena


      The first week of Weekly Projects begins today, December 10, and will end on Saturday, 15! This week we will be working on the PVP arena built by IzzyArcher. The build, which is shown in the picture below can be found at -1320, 260 on the test server. The arena will be built at -405, -360 in the Games District on main. This location has been marked by Izzy along with some materials to help you begin building. 

      We're going to start the arena by terraforming the area around it and flattening the terrain. Once that's done, we will copy it over from test. Once the arena is fully copied over, we may add some more details in and around the arena if we decide to revisit it another week.

      Feel free to use Schematica to copy the build, but use of the printer function is prohibited. For anyone who wants to use Schematica, the schematic has been provided for you here: arena.schematic. If you use it, be sure to align the schematic at -471, 68, -374. Also make sure the main entrance (the side with the storage chests) faces east

      Anyone who helps build this week will receive the Stone Tier for the arena project medal. Simply PM @EarthCube or @Kaddaschatzi if you helped, so they're aware of your contribution. You can read this post to learn more about weekly projects.



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      The Second Voter Raffle Result

      In October 2017, I launched a raffle to everyone who votes for our server on our MSL listing. Once you vote, your IGN is recorded in our database and counts as an entry to the raffle. Please note that only real IGNs will be accepted for the raffle. So if the player selected did not recently own this name, it will be disregarded and the raffle will redraw. The winner of the raffle will receive a $10 USD (or native equivalent) Steam wallet code. In order to be awarded the code, the winner must have a Steam account and must provide a link to the account in order to receive the code.

      Without further adieu, the winner is...


      Congrats my dude! Please PM me on site or DM on discord with your information and I will get your code to you as soon as possible.

      For those who also voted, thank you for your entries and better luck next month. If you would like a chance to win, vote for us! Each vote counts as one entry into the raffle. 


      Lord of the High Council, King of Everneth

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      Season 3 Awards & Beyond

      Due to reasons unknown, (Throne Abdication?, Formation of Privy Council?, Zieon is a bloody mess?), the realm of Everneth has not seen monthly awards in months. These awards are meant to highlight achievements of merit, notable blunders, and outstanding performances by the citizens of this community. Their presence on your profile and beside your posts also helps to commemorate seasons past after a reset. So, without further ado, here are the awards for the closing of Season 3 (June-September 2017) and some awards from the start of Season 4 and their recipients in order of precedence!


      Companion of Everneth


      DigitalRocker, hearsay, HelloDoodGames, Fixemega, Zippur, sirignol, MagicDave_, Xmplary, OriginalYT, Sh3mm, _Cash_, Puddles, KiemPlant, Cookeh, livelaughdream, RoscoesWetsuit, Toxic_Crumpets, sofiahana, DivineBovineYT, Gantoxx, freddysee, InchTech, Legit_Flash, korbinyt, LieutenantChip, Pontuzaa, Kaddaschatzi, NuclearPhys, JazziBelle, Ultimatenotch, NeonNarwhal4, AlohaDood, Javious, ENGLuke, JoMiGo, EspioEclipse, HGWicks, LeonGospel,  GeminiBrian, Cerium, Toby_Teal, Mr_Yogi_Bear, UltraMoreGaming, Brenegan, DedBoii, SaltyBac, chiptzel, SableVigilante, N0MOARBISCUITZ, Altimadark, ProfessorDangle, Outkast_, BobIce1026, kemari_kemai, Adriano1804, sam8ddd, UnbreakableWill, Empryzz, BurntCobalt, RemyBoyz_, campbell529, AlexSanchez, Jtm12, BenSwift, Blades88, Juice328, BuddahPlayz, Kenner, wagzal,
      Erkard, wbafunk

      Parliament Service Medal


      EarthCube, Zieon, Kaddaschatzi, lopp

      Beer Award


      Pandeoo - Absolute Drunk UHC death

      Javious - Claiming to be best player on the server and dying moments later

      Purple Heart of Dedication


      Kaddaschatzi, RashE, lopp

      Outstanding Build Medal


      GreasyTroll4 - Raventon Build

      RashE - Kingstone Build

      Kaddaschatzi - Kanada Build

      Outstanding Redstone Creation


      DauntlessFive513 - Shulker Storage system

      Virtuous Medal


      Puddles - Season 4 spawn and Hub

      Pandeoo - Season 4 Spawn and Hub

      EarthCube - Season 4 Hub

      Kaddaschatzi - Season 3 Spawn

      Ministerial Excellence Medal


      FearlessPie - Late Season 3

      Morgoth_LotR - November 2017

      King's Cross Medal


      Kaddaschatzi, ProfessorDangle

      Order of Everneth Medal


      FearlessPie, EarthCube

      DMost of these awards have been given based on memory (vague at best in some circumstances) due to being very far behind in handing out monthly awards. So I do apologize for those who feel they have been skipped over or missed. I would say though to get recognized for certain items, there are certain criteria we look for. Some examples of the criteria:

      • Purple Heart: Be active in helping players transition from newly registered to pending to citizen.
      • Outstanding Build: More often than not, we consider builds posted in Builds and Map Talk forum to be worth consideration, however; the rest is left up to written nominations. Post your builds! Don't be scared to share!
      • Outstanding Redstone: Same criteria and procedure as the build.
      • Beer: Be drunk and fail 
      • Virtuous: Be active in public projects that affect the community as a whole. (Int is a good place to start)

      If i missed you for the Companion of Everneth award, this could be that I haven't seen you play in a while or i potentially passed over your name in the member list accidentally,. If you fall into the latter category, please PM and I will fix that ASAP!

      Congrats to all!


      King of Everneth, Lord of the High Council

    • par.png.ed366e15a78171565d8a6e56656e9b05.png

      Sixth Passing of the Blades

      Three short months have passed, and December 1st, 2017, marked the end of Everneth's 6th Parliament and Council. The Elections ended only a couple days ago, and the public has decided that P. / Puddles is to fulfill lopp's legacy as a Baron of the realm, with incumbent Kaddaschatzi remaining as the second temporary Baron (incidentally making her the first ever incumbent to be re-elected for another term).

      The ceremony is to be held at SPAWN, on December 9th at 1pm EST (Standard Event Time). Due to some scheduling issues, we've had to push the ceremony to this date to accommodate all those involved. Nevertheless, attendance of this traditional spectacle is much appreciated by the Crown! It is then that lopp shall be seen to pass on his official Blade of Parliament. Your full support as a community is needed to help these events remain a possibility.

      What is the Order of Everneth?

      Our community is in constant expansion, so for those who do not know what the Order is; the Order was originally founded on August 30th, 2016 at the closure of Term 1 as a means of elevating the old "Distinguished Member Medal" to something more meaningful. You may have seen people in game with the Sir or Lady titles. This is the Order's rank shown. To give a quote from the old post:


      In order to become a member of the Order, one must go above and beyond expectations and truly dedicate themselves to this community. This honor will be difficult to obtain and must be so to maintain its integrity.


      The intention is that this honor is difficult to get. Much like real life honors, going above and beyond is absolutely a minimum requirement before the Order is even considered to be given to someone. Most of those who have been inducted to the Order are past and present staff. It's no secret that its skewed this way, but Staff have been given an extra opportunity to serve this community and those who have been exceptional and representing what Everneth is meant to be have been awarded appropriately.

      Current Members:

      • StuartSnook
      • GreasyTroll4
      • rolo_
      • AmzCuriousPanda
      • Sybillian
      • Pandeoo

      If you are aiming for the Order, I encourage you to aim high and don't give up. Keep in mind that you need to go beyond the lower precedence awards (King's Cross, Virtuous Medal, et al) and truly make your mark among the cornerstone of this community. This doesn't mean budding up with staff, and simply working silently away at your base. Get involved, engage with people, participate, and contribute in the best way you can.

      As a final note, make sure to wish Puddles the best of luck in his servitude to the realm, and to thank Kaddaschatzi for her continued service! :D

      Glory to the Order!

    • comm.png

      Monthly dispatch-like things re-re-restarted

      Staff Updates

      Council Election

      As the nominations have closed, the vote is now on for the next term of parliament elections. Your top candidates and current Council are

      • Warwolf595
      • P_Puddles
      • FearlessPie
      • Kaddaschatzi (Incumbent)

      This vote will last a week which started on November 23rd, 2017 and will close on November 30th, 2017. Once the voting closes, the electorate shall start their term the following day on December 1st.


      High Council Changes

      For a while now, there have been 2 Dukes at the upper echelons of the HC. This was never the intended purpose of Duke as it is meant to be a singular position as second in command of staff and not co-inhabited. As such both rolo_ and GT have agreed to voluntarily descend to the rank of Count for the time being. Dependent on the changes coming in Term 7, I may be faced with re-selecting one of them to regain the role of Duke. For now however, there is no inherent need for a Duke at this time.

      Community Updates

      Raffle and Voting

      The first monthly raffle was a huge success resulting in 271 entries into the contest. With the success of this raffle, I will continue supporting the raffle monetarily. In case you missed it, the first winner of the raffle was none other than Mr_Yogi_Bear. Please drop a quick congrats to Yogi and thanks to all who participated in October! Let's keep this up and keep our community growing!


      Map Longevity Survey

      On November 20th, 2017, I posted a survey in discord asking for feedback on keeping the map alive for much longer than are usual time. Most of our maps last roughly 6 months and we would like to aim for a year and follow through with that for the first time in our communities history. With that I will provide some data collected from this survey and let you all know where we are headed from here.

      1. The top 3 picks for top priority projects were the Modern City Megabuild with 62.2% favor, Spawn Subway with 48.6%, and then PVP arena with 40.5%. So expect to see these 3 projects scheduled more frequently in the calendar.
      2. With the implementation of the community projects, the average response was roughly 67.8% somewhat confident in these changes, 18.9% very confident, 10.2% somewhat not confident, and  3.1% not confident at all.
      3. Out of 22 responses at the time of this writing, staff will be investigating these ideas
        1. Tour videos
        2. More frequent small events
        3. Bring back weekly minigames
        4. Customization achievements/advancements
        5. Weekly challenges that record the top players on a sidebar scoreboard
        6. RP events using Dungeons & Dragons style characters that players create. Tellraw lore/interaction and Summon'd entities for events
        7. Promote community based projects
        8. Better/More frequent vote reminders for growth. reduce pings
        9. Resurrect staff from the dead
      4. Out of 37 responses, the top 3 events that were requested to happen more frequently were (in order of 1st to 3rd in votes) the following:
        1. PVP Battle Tournaments (56.8% response)
        2. Spleef Tournaments (45.9% response)
        3. (Tied) Generic RP Events & Archery Tournaments (37.8% response)
      5. With the implementation of more frequent events varying in size, over all confidence was roughly 63.9% very confident, 27.8% somewhat confident, and 8.3% somewhat not confident.
      6. For the reintroduction of a spleef league, overall reaction to this was somewhat split between Maybe at 48.6%, Yes at 40.5%, and No being 10.8%.
      7. Overall wish list ideas that I intend on investigating are the following
        1. PVP battles that involve invisibility
        2. Custom Advancements
        3. Underground labyrinths in the game district
        4. Haunted mansion as a tour or rollercoaster
        5. Rollercoasters
        6. Ice Boat Races

      Community Projects

      This is an attempt at starting large projects that the community can contribute to as a whole. These projects change each week so that we don't get burnt out with one project in particular and consistently get some change happening each week. These projects will be coordinated by the the Ministry of the Interior and Parliament (staff) and will be led by Kathi and Earthcube. For more detailed information on the community projects and how they will be handled, please check out this announcement:


      Server Updates

      The decision and discussion behind moving to Sponge is still very theoretical is not remotely close to being feasible at this time. The major features/plugins we need don't quite line up just yet. Its something along the lines of this:

      • Map - There is a solution available but it is NOT real time. That said, in-game signs on this other map can appear on the map which could be used for base marking
      • Discord Link - There is a solution available much like the current.
      • Permissions - There is a solution available much like the current.
      • WorldGuard/Edit - There is currently no solution available to setup commands restriction by region

      Until these core requirements are met, we're going to stick with the battle-tested spigot. If you know of a plugin for sponge that's stable and offers command restriction by region, feel free to DM me on discord or PM on site.

      In Summary

      In case you missed it, this is a quick tl;dr of recent events:

      • We recently had our map reset on October 1st, 2017
      • There is now a raffle every month for those who vote for our community
      • We are starting community project builds that rotate every week
      • A couple editions of Roleplay are on the way
      • A survey happened to get your feedback and it was a huge success
      • There is an election going on. Go vote!!!

      Come join us on site at http://everneth.com and in our Discord at https://discord.gg/0zdTSF2v9w0Ik1tt

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    • "With the recent threats by the Solisian Empire, King Icarus is looking for able-bodied men and women to serve the Kingdom of Kingstone and secure the future of our people.
      Settlers are waiting for strong-willed leaders to colonize dozens of new locations near the Kingstone border. There are also spots open on King Icarus' Royal Council.
      Tryouts for the Kingsglaive are also being held if you think you have the strength and perseverance that it takes to become one of the elite legendary warriors." -One of the hundreds of letters sent by the Capital to all over the world seeking warriors and architects alike. Kingstone Recruitment Thread Kingstone is looking for builders to serve as vassals who will create interesting settlements and have the dedication to finish them, as well as warriors sworn to protect the crown and join us in battle when the banners are called. Looking to be a Vassal? To be a vassal of Kingstone is to hold a position of power and weight in the Kingdom. These are dukes, barons, mayors, counts, etc. If you are looking to build in Kingstone you will need the dedication to finish the build and the ability to stay within our "universe" if you think you can do both then I would ask you reply to this post with a few things: The origin/purpose of your settlement (Mirkwood, a bandit lair that decided to bend the knee rather than be razed. After years of loyalty, it became a flourishing village.) A quick description of your character (Alfrety, a mage who was banished from his home and befriended the king, now serving as headmaster of the Wizards' Tower and crucial member of the Kingsglaive.) An answer to the question: "Would you be willing to join in on optional/impromptu roleplay events as well as be a member of our discord and join voice chat during battles or crucial events?" Here is a map of Kingstone. The areas marked in red are open to new vassals, the ones marked in gold belong to the Kingdom of Kingstone but are so far from the Capital that it would be preferred to build closer. Purple is TwoEdgedDeath's but you might be able to get it from him if you ask nicely and promise to build something asian-esque.   Looking to be a member of the Kingsglaive? To be a member of the Kingsglaive is to be a part of a group of warriors empowered by magical relics (such as the Apple of Discord, Cartian's Scythe, or the Holy Grail) to slaughter the King's enemies and to protect the King's people. If you are looking to fight as one of these legendary mercenaries, you will need the natural will to fight and kill as well as the ability to hold your own in combat no matter the odds or stakes. If you think you have the combat talent as well as spirit to take the fields of battle yourself I would ask you to reply to this post with a few things: A quick description/origin story of your character (Agista Rustero, daughter to the Empress of Brytannia, tired of living in her mother's shadow she ran away and became a master sorceress, then chosen by the Scythe of Cartian to wield it, she went with King Icarus from Vennterria in order to earn Agusta's forgiveness.) An answer to the question: "Would you be willing to spar with me and Nicku as well as other Kingsglaive members in order to hone your skills and prove yourself?"
    • Welcome back to another Kingstone update! I've completed the Wheat Gate, which turned out phenomenal despite how different building diagonally was to me, and extended the eastern wall all the way to Kingstone Castle. Terraforming the base of the castle and southern piece of the inner city, it took 54,000 broken dirt and another 43,000 placed, which wasn't nearly as annoying as all the decisions I had to make. I decided to move the castle's foundation down 7-ish blocks and that made making a causeway a lot easier as well as looking better overall. As I write this banner I am finishing up the Noble Gate and preparing to build a wall protecting the last bits of inner city from the southern wilderness. But enough words, let's see some progress pics. Next project is the terraform the hill Kingstone Castle sits on and make it look like a real piece of terrain that is interesting but still sheer enough to be a defense against invaders.   I figured for chronological clarity to people reading this in the far future: The war between the Empire of Solis and the Kingdom of Kingstone began five days ago from the date of posting this.   Almost forgot to individually spotlight the Wheat Gate! Here are a few pics as well as a sweet but laborious idea I had for two great towers bordering the Wheat Gate since it needs to be extra strong to defend itself from naval invaders from the sea. Inside: The orange towers would be huge and looks really nice as a border for the Wheat Gate, and it would be chocked full of ballista and scorpios, all facing the small external ports and wheat terraces bordering the northern sea. Outside: A random view from the path connected to the eastern vassals to the Noble Gate.  
    • I was worried for so long this was a RL Secret Santa, but MC gifts are my shit. Sign me up a hundred times yes.
    • Здесь кто то по русский разговаривает? Does anyone speak Russian?