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A new season has come to Everneth and with it Minecraft 1.15.1 - Buzzy Bees!
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      Everneth Spleef Tournament IV

      Saturday, September 12th | 1 PM EST
      IP: games.everneth.com



       For those that haven’t played it before, Spleef is a minigame where players aim to destroy the floor underneath their opponents' feet in order to make them fall out of the arena. Naturally, the last man standing wins.



      • Placing blocks is not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
      • Destroying or placing blocks after falling off the platform is not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
      • Intentionally punching players is not allowed. Disqualification for breaking this rule is at the discretion of the Game Master running the round.
      • In the case of a stalemate (when all players are stuck and cannot reach each other) the player with access to the most blocks wins.



      Spleef Gold - Awarded to the winner of the tournament.
      Spleef Silver - Awarded to the runner-up of the tournament.
      Spleef Bronze - Awarded to the second runner-up of the tournament.
      Golden Shovel Medal - Awarded to the player with the most sinks.
      Featherlight Boots - Awarded to the player with the least falls.



      To sign up for the fourth Spleef tournament, reply to this thread 


      *If you sign up, please make sure to check Discord or the forums a day prior to the event as I will announce the details including the qualifying groups then.*



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      Fifteenth Passing of the Blades

      After only three short months, the Fifteenth Parliament of Everneth has come to an end! Now that the elections have come to a close, the public has decided that NeonNarwhal4 is to replace our previous temporary Baron, Mr_Puddles, and Shawn_ is to keep his seat for a second term.

      The ceremony is to be held on Saturday, August 8th at 1 PM EST at our spawn stage located at 20, 170. During our ceremony, Mr_Puddles will pass his blade to NeonNarwhal4, while Shawn_ shall keep his previous blade. Since it is Shawn_'s second consecutive term, he shall be able to rename his blade to whatever he wishes.

      As is often the case, there might some surprises near the end of the ceremony!

      What is the Order of Everneth?

      Our community is in constant expansion, so for those who do not know what the Order is; the Order was originally founded on August 30th, 2016 at the closure of Term 1 as a means of elevating the old "Distinguished Member Medal" to something more meaningful. You may have seen people in game with the Sir or Lady titles. This is the Order's rank shown. To give a quote from the old post:


      In order to become a member of the Order, one must go above and beyond expectations and truly dedicate themselves to this community. This honor will be difficult to obtain and must be so to maintain its integrity.


      The intention is that this honor is difficult to get. Much like real life honors, going above and beyond is absolutely a minimum requirement before the Order is even considered to be given to someone. Most of those who have been inducted to the Order are past and present staff. It's no secret that its skewed this way, but Staff have been given an extra opportunity to serve this community and those who have been exceptional and representing what Everneth is meant to be have been awarded appropriately.

      Current Members:

      • StuartSnook
      • GreasyTroll4
      • rolo_
      • AmzCuriousPanda
      • Sybillian
      • Pandeoo
      • EarthCube
      • FearlessPie
      • Kaddaschatzi
      • Redstonehax
      • Beolyx

      If you are aiming for the Order, we encourage you to aim high and don't give up. Keep in mind that you need to go beyond the lower precedence awards (King's Cross, Virtuous Medal, et al) and truly make your mark among the cornerstone of this community. This doesn't mean budding up with staff, and simply working silently away at your base. Get involved, engage with people, participate, and contribute in the best way you can.

      As a final note, make sure to wish NeonNarwhal4 and Shawn_ good luck for their next three months as our new Barons!

      Glory to the Order!


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      Evernethian Council Election


      Nominations for the elected Council members have closed - we have our finalists, and hence, we begin the final vote! Our finalists for the two seats are as follows:





      Shawn_ (Incumbent)


      You may have noticed that we only have 4 finalists for this election. This is because incumbent Mr_Puddles has announced that he does not wish to run for reelection this term.

      This election cycle will be run through a Discord bot instead of the forums. @Pollmaster#1837 will run an anonymous poll in the #elections channel. The bot will require that you have synced your discord account to your minecraft account using /discordsync <username#1234> or applied through discord. If you have not synced your accounts, the bot will not count your votes.

      Please react to the poll with the letters corresponding to the two players you wish to see as Baron. If you need to change your votes for any reason, react with the letter corresponding to the player you no longer want to vote for to remove your vote. You may also react with the  emoji to see your current votes. As always, contact a staff member using the #help channel if you have any trouble.

      Our anonymous poll will be open until 11:59 PM EST on July 31st, at which point votes will no longer be able to be cast. Once the poll closes, the two top-voted candidates will win the two open seats. Until then, however, you are free to cast your votes as you please.

      The winners' terms as Council members will begin on August 1st, 2020 and last until October 31st, 2020.

      As the purpose of these elections is to give Evernethian Citizens a voice in the management of the server, we strongly encourage each and every one of you to cast your votes and let your voice be heard.

      Thank you for voting and good luck to all of our candidates!



      Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth

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      Evernethian Council Nomination


      Soon, our temporary Barons Mr_Puddles and Shawn_ will finish their current three month term, which means that it's time to nominate citizens to run against them in the coming election. The two winners of this election will take their place in our two temporary Baron seats and begin their terms on August 1st, 2020. According to the three month term length, those elected will end their terms on October 31st, 2020.


      The following is a transcript of Section 3g of the Everneth Charter for reference of the election procedure:


      Handling and Process of Council Elections

      1. The Chancellor must announce upcoming elections 1 month prior to the end of the term.

      2. The Chancellor must create a nomination thread for members to choose who they would like to see in Council.

      3. Players may not nominate themselves for council, but they may vote for themselves during the polls if they wish to do so.

      4. The top 3 nominees plus the incumbents will be entered into a voting poll 1 week prior to close of the term.

      5. Players will vote on their 2 choices for Council until the end of the 1 week period.

      6. At the end of the term, the winners of the polls will then become Council the following day.

      7. In the event of a tie, Parliament will hold a vote that will remain open for 24 hours.

      8. If Parliament produces an additional tie, the King will make the tie breaking decision.

      9. If the King is unavailable at the time of the vote, the Duke may make the tie breaking decision.

      10. All campaigning done by nominees is disallowed. Any nominee caught campaigning will forfeit the election after 1 warning.

      11. Advocating for nominees is allowed, but may not be excessive. Any excessive campaigning will result in a Minor Offense.


      We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to the thread below with your nominations for the winners of the two open seats. Only the three players with the most nominations will make it into the election! One week before the end of the month (July 24th) the nominations will close. A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top three nominees along with the incumbents, allowing all citizens to cast their vote during the final week of July.

      You may only nominate ONE person (not yourself), but when the polls come, you can vote for TWO. So choose wisely!


      To nominate a candidate, see HERE!

      Alternatively, if you have synced your discord account to your minecraft account using /discordsync <username#1234> or applied through discord, you may nominate by sending a message in #nominations on our discord. Please keep in mind that this channel will be heavily moderated, so please keep any conversation to #town-square.


      Good luck to all!



      Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth



      1.16 ⁠— The Nether Update

      Everneth will be updating to Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.1 at 1 pm EST today! With this newest version comes a treasure trove of features (some of which even contain treasure). The Nether Update brings new biomes, new mobs, new structures, new blocks, new ores, and much much more! Our entire staff team has been hard at work making all the necessary changes to update the server over the past day and a half. You will not only have the features Mojang delivered with the Nether Update, but you will also have a few other changes courtesy of Parliament.

      Reset Dimensions

      To make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy all of the new features exclusive to the new nether biomes, we have reset the nether. And do not worry, the nether hub is still up above the roof! We also transferred all builds submitted to the Points of Interest form along with anything else we saw hanging out on the roof.

      We know that many players plan to mine tons of ancient debris so they can upgrade their armor. To conserve the natural beauty of our new nether dimension, we kindly ask that everyone does not use explosives within 500 blocks of 0,0 — an area that we will be referring to as Nether Spawn.

      While we were at it, we also reset the outer end islands. As per usual, the central end island along with the Ender Ender and any other builds nearby were not harmed.

      Expanded World

      We also knew that everyone might enjoy some additional space in our world, so we expanded the world borders in the overworld and the nether from 5000 blocks in every direction to 7000 blocks in every direction (nearly double the land area). Another 1000 block expansion in every direction will occur when the official roleplay begins.

      Updated Datapacks

      This season, we have had three datapacks to add a little spice to the vanilla experience. With 1.16, all three of these datapacks have received an update.

      The BlazeandCave Advancement Datapack now includes over 100 new advancements for a grand total of 380. There is even one that references me, Pande!!! Originally, the only reward for players who completed all of the advancements was "a lifetime supply of [Riki's] undying pity," but there is now a secondary prize: a copy of your unique player head! When joining the server for the first time please don't be alarmed if you get up to 20 advancements at once. Those are mostly statistics advancements for which a lot of you will have met requirements already!

      The Armor Statues Datapack has been updated to version 2.7. That means that you can now nudge, position, and rotate armor stands relative to your position and even make item frames invisible! The old book won’t have the new features, so be sure to pick up a new one at the spawn pond.

      The Mob Heads Datapack had to be completely redone since the heads turned into Steve and Alex skins on update. The mechanics of the datapack are the same — explode mobs with a charged creeper and get their heads — but our library of heads has changed slightly. Redundant heads like the biome variations of villager and zombie villager head by were removed while the heads of the new 1.16 mobs were added. Additionally, a few of the textures were changed and the bug where villager heads could be obtained with looting has been fixed. Your old mob heads will still turn into Steve and Alex skins in 1.16, but staff will be able to refund them for the new versions if they still have their original names.

      Amended Rules

      Lastly, we made two amendments to our charter for 1.16: The Naturally Generated Structures Claiming Amendment and the PVP Across Dimensions Amendment. Together these amendments make the following changes:

      • Land and naturally generated structures in the nether and the end are now claimable.
      • All claimed naturally generated structures (including those in the overworld) will be considered abandoned after 25 days unless the owner uses the claim to build a farm or base.
      • PVP in the nether and the end is now allowed, but all participants must accept that lava or void may result in the loss of items.


      If you have any questions concerning any of these changes, do not hesitate to ask a staff member. We are always here to help!

      I also sneaked a quick screenshot of 0,0 in the Nether just for you, so don't tell anyone!

      Signed, Pandeoo

      Current Serving Count of the High council


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    • Hey there! Your whitelist application has been [ APPROVED ] You have been added to our whitelist and join us at play.everneth.com. You have now been updated to Citizen. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the Tech Support, Questions & Suggestions forum. Most importantly, have fun!   Evernethian Parliament
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