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Village and Pillage IS HERE!!

Minecraft 1.14 has come to Everneth, and a bigger world along with it!
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      Evernethian Council Nomination


      Soon, our temporary Barons Redstonehax and Beolyx will finish their current three month terms, so it is now time to nominate citizens to run against them in the coming election. The two winners of this election will take their place in our two temporary Baron seats and begin their terms on July 1st, 2019. According to the three month term length, those elected will end their terms on September 30th, 2019.


      The following is a transcript of Section 3f of the Everneth Charter for reference of the election procedure:


      Handling and Process of Council Elections

      1: The Chancellor must announce upcoming elections 1 month prior to the end of the term.

      2: The Chancellor must create a nomination thread for members to choose who they would like to see in Council.

      3: The top 3 nominees plus the incumbents will be entered into a voting poll 1 week prior to close of the term.

      4: Players will vote on their 2 choices for Council until the end of the 1 week period.

      5: At the end of the term, the winners of the polls will then become Council the following day.

      6: In the event of a tie, Parliament will hold a vote that will remain open for 24 hours.

      7: If Parliament produces an additional tie, the King will make the tie breaking decision.

      8: If the King is unavailable at the time of the vote, the Duke may make the tie breaking decision.

      9: All campaigning done by nominees is disallowed. Any nominee caught campaigning will forfeit the election after 1 warning.

      10: Advocating for nominees is allowed, but may not be excessive. Any excessive campaigning will result in a Minor Offense.


      We ask you, our whitelisted community members, to reply to the thread below with your nominations for the winners of the two open seats. Only the three players with the most nominations will make it into the election! One week before the end of the month (June 23rd) the nominations will close. A separate topic will then be created with a poll including the top three nominees along with the incumbents, allowing all citizens to cast their vote during the final week of June.

      You may only nominate ONE person, but when the polls come, you can vote for TWO. So choose wisely!


      To nominate a candidate, see HERE!


      Good luck to all!



      Chancellor Pandeoo & The Parliament of Everneth



      Everneth Spleef Tournament II

      Saturday, June 22nd | 1PM EST
      IP: TBD
      Minecraft Version: TBD


      You (mostly aaron) have been waiting for it and now it is happening!  We are finally doing the Spleef tournament originally planned for the Everneth Birthday Celebration back in May. For those that haven’t played it before, Spleef is a minigame where players aim to destroy the floor underneath their opponents' feet in order to make them fall out of the arena. Naturally, the last man standing wins.

      Players will be split into two groups. Group A will compete at 1 PM, and Group B will compete at 1:45 PM. Each group will play three matches, and each player's time survived in each match will be added together after every game has finished. The four players from each group to have survived the longest overall will move on to the final set of three matches, which will begin at 2:30 PM. All times in EST.



      • Placing blocks is not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
      • Destroying or placing blocks after falling off the platform is not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in immediate disqualification.
      • Intentionally punching players is not allowed. Disqualification for breaking this rule is at the discretion of the Game Master running the round.
      • In the case of a stalemate (when all players are stuck and cannot reach each other) the player with access to the most blocks wins.



      Spleef Gold - Awarded to the winner of the tournament.
      Spleef Silver - Awarded to the runner-up of the tournament.
      Spleef Bronze - Awarded to the second runner-up of the tournament.
      Golden Shovel Medal - Awarded to the player with the most sinks.
      Featherlight Boots - Awarded to the player with the least falls.



      You may be asking yourself how we intend to host this event with the main server still being down. I have to admit it might be tricky, but this time around, the event is taking place come hell or high water. We have several options open to us, but right now the most likely outcome is that it’s taking place on games.everneth.com. If 1.14.3 comes out before the 22nd, we will use the main server for the tournament. If you sign up, please make sure to check Discord or the forums a day prior to the event as I will announce the details including the qualifying groups then.

      To sign up for the second Spleef tournament, reply to this thread!

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      A Brief Summation

      If it's not already apparent, the coming of the 1.14 brought with it a plethora of issues that absolutely crippled our (and others') normal operations. While not overwhelmingly severe at first, after running for a few hours the server began to experience memory leaks, which put an increasing strain on our CPU as it continued to ran, eventually causing it to crash entirely. On reboot and after some serious investigation we were able to diagnose the issue, and as such knew there was nothing that could be done about it in the moment. We had no choice but to completely halt the server until an official patch was released addressing said issue, as well as many others that made cooperative online play practically impossible ( Awesome game design right there!).

      To get an idea of what magnitude of CPU melting spaghetti code we're talking here, have this:


      We knew we might be out of commission for a while, but looking into alternative options returned no outs. Hopefully we can clear up why we are where we are right now via this post.

      So why not use a backup?

      This is one that keeps being addressed in general chats, but for the sake of clarification I'll put it here anyways. Our system is set to automatically create new and delete old backups on a specified interval. We officially moved the server to 1.14 with the weekly Tuesday updates, but no problems became persistent with the server until nearly 18 hours later, after all of our 1.13 backups had already been tossed to the bin. Under normal circumstances this is not something we would need to worry about because we work under the impression that equal care, effort, and testing is put forward into every new release of the Java version of the game.

      With no available 1.13 backups, it's simply not an option to use an older version of the map to continue running in 1.13 until a more stable release is available. That said, I think it goes without saying that from now on we will be keeping backups from the previous version until the current one proves to be as/more reliable as the last.

      So why not just load back into 1.13?

      In true professional game development studio fashion, there was absolutely no mention in the 1.14 patch notes about the changes to world generation and chunk region storage. On updating to 1.14, we were unknowingly backed into a corner because reverse compatibility has gone out the window with this one. Loading the map back into 1.13 will cause a complete region file reset, and the world will essentially be regenerated as if it were new.

      Some testing proved this point to us, and as far as we're aware, there is no way to restore the current map to 1.13 compatibility.

      What's the current plan?

      We understand the frustrations and its important to note we are equally frustrated about the situation. At this point we've thought of and tried it all. Never before have we had to deal with such a monumental misstep on behalf of Mojang and their developers, and similarly never felt so desperately out of options as right now.

      The current agenda is to move forward with updating to Spigot 1.14.1 once they're able to crank out a few more version for stability purposes. While still chock-full of issues, in theory it should not suffer nearly the same performance issues as it did before. Should we make the move to 1.14.1 we can make another official address about what to expect. We're at two weeks and counting, but for now the server will remain offline.

      All we ask is that you continue to maintain the level of patience you have been, and try to stay hyped for the official return once everything is fit into place and at full functioning capacity. In the meantime, games.everneth.com is running the Season 4 map on 1.12.2 so feel free to join and have a look around!

      TL;DR 1.14 sucks

      Signed, Very Salty Admin

      Gloria Ad Ordinem!

      Also you're super cool if you read the entire post.

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      :occasion-cake:HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERNETH!!!:occasion-cake:

      Over the course of the three years and five maps that Everneth has been in existence, many players have come and gone, endless games and competitions have been won, countless friendships have been formed, and numerous feats have been accomplished and celebrated by our community. And despite obstacles and inactivity, we are still going strong, and that's worth celebrating!

      :banana-dance:On May 4th, 2019, Everneth turns 3!:banana-dance:

      And the whole community will be joining together all day to celebrate! Here's the fun-filled schedule for Everneth's Birthday Blast!

      Midnight: Free cake will be available at spawn!

      11:00 am: Spleef Qualifying Round 1

      11:45 am: King of the Ladder Qualifying Round 1

      12:30 pm: Spleef Qualifying Round 2

      1:15 pm: King of the Ladder Qualifying Round 2

      2:00 pm: Spleef Finals

      2:45 pm: King of the Ladder Finals

      3:30 pm: Hide and Seek and Catch at Spawn

      4:30 pm: Color Control on games.everneth.com!

      We would be delighted if you are able to make it to any of the events during the day! For more information on the Spleef and King of the Ladder tournaments and to sign up, click here, and here, respectively. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact a member of staff, competition or the interior, so we can help you out!


      Written By: AmzCuriousPanda

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      Everneth Easter Island


      As we all know, on its way is one bright holiday filled with entertainment, happiness and more - Easter! Easter is a holiday in which the whole family gets together to spend time, have fun, and hunt for presents from the Easter Bunny.  This year Easter occurs on Sunday, April 21st.

      But what is Everneth doing for Easter?

      All we know is that a few members of the Ministry of the Interior were spotted heading to an unknown island far out in the ocean. Our paparazzi followed them and managed to figure out its coordinates: x= -800, z=1300. Also, we captured some pictures of them carrying heavy moai statues, bunnies, and even more in their boats to the island! Suspicious don't you think?

      THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS, IT'S EASTER TIME! :animals-bunny:And of course the Ministry of the Interior has prepared a lot of fun things to do this year:


      Easter Hunt:

      What would Easter be without a good hunt? This year's hunt is going to be slightly different than the ones we've had before. This time you will have to kill some bunnies! (We can't have phony bunnies running around pretending to be the real Easter bunny!) This event begins on April 19th when a  [MOTD] message on the server will show you more information about it. A scoreboard will also be displayed on the right side of your screen to count the number of killed rabbits. Whoever has the most will win the big prize! The winner will receive a Custom Trophy Item. The event will be happening from 1 pm EST on April 19th to the same time on April 22nd. Enjoy! 😁

      Survival Course:

      To add to the Easter antics, Interior has prepared an exciting and death-defying survival course! The course will incorporate the adventurous Indiana Jones style thanks to our amazing minister/professional redstoner FearlessPie. It will be filled with dangerous trails, parkour, and more. This will make it a bit harder to get the Golden Egg, the marvelous reward found at the end. The course will be open from 1 pm EST on April 19th to 1 pm EST on April 22nd. Have fun!

      Build competition:

      As part of Interior's Everneth Easter island, we are hosting an Easter-themed Build Competition! I'm sure it needs no introduction by this point so without further adieu, the themes for this one are Bunny & Easter Eggs!
      Everyone is encouraged to join and "sign up"! Just place a sign with your name on it on one of the pre-made plots on Easter Island located at -814/1403 [X/Z]It probably sounds easy to you, but no, this will be a great challenge! The judges of this competition will be chosen from members of the Interior, and we will be utilizing an edited version of past judging rubrics. The Build Comp. will be open from 1 pm EST on April 19th to 1 pm EST on April 22nd. Have fun!

      TL;DR Biggest average score from judging wins. We will only choose the most creative, good looking, silliest, and aaaamazing ones. So do your best!

      You will be given a 10x10 area to work with. The categories and point values that your build will be scored on are shown below.


      • Creativity - 0 to 5
      • Looks - 0 to 5
      • Silliness -  0 to 5
      • Effort - 0 to 5



      Happy Easter!