Staff Structure

The staffing structure of Everneth is by no means unique, however; it has become a part of our culture to do the staffing in such a way. Traditionally, most communities have at least 2 ranks of staff: Administrators at the top that manage the community infrastructure and Moderators which assist admins in maintaining an orderly community. Everneth is no different in this regard. We have 2 groups of staff:

  • The High Council consisting of Operators who have the technical expertise to be both admin of the community and server admin for the infrastructure and Administrators for managing the community
  • (Low) Council consisting of Moderators for maintaining the peace.

Where we differ from other communities is our approach to staffing our teams and the theme of which we have used for titles. As outlined in the charter, the The High Council must always consist of 2 members which at a minimum may be fulfilled by the King and Duke. The (Low) Council must have an even number of members equally divided by permanent meritocratic appointed members and temporary elected members known as Barons and Baronesses, minimum 2. Both groups collectively are known as Parliament


High Council

This body is a mertocratically appointed group of volunteers that remain in their position permanently until resignation or removal. The High Council consists of the Operators (King & Duke) and Admins (Counts & Countesses).

King & Duke - Operators

The King is essentially the owner of the community. As an operator, a high degree of technical knowledge is required for this role as it encompasses complete management physical servers, software, and infrastructure that has been built, configured, and deployed for the community. The King is also the end all be all for any disputes. The Duke is the second in command and fulfils the role of King when the King is not around or otherwise unavailable. The Duke also requires techincal knowledge in the event that server malfunctions occur and more in depth performance issues arise. Much like the King, the Duke is able to resolve high level disputes and has authority to override the lower levels of staff if deemed appropriate.

Counts & Countesses - Administrators

The Counts & Countesses are community administrators who oversee the day to day operations of the server at a high level. They are available to resolve disputes and for problems that escalate beyond the Council as needed. In the past, these members held leading roles for functional teams on the server.


This body is unique in that it must always have an equal number of elected representation and permanently appointed representation. This was done so that one half of the team have been able to serve for more long-term interests, and the other half being an entry way for new ideas, a voice for the members at large, and allowing our prominent members a chance at serving as a staff member. About 90% of our staff have once been an elected member.

Barons & Baronesses - Moderators

The Barons and Baronesses are our front line members of staff and typically very active and well integrated members of the community. They are the grassroots connection to our staff and serve as the primary voice of the people in our community.