Everneth Coat of Arms
Evernethian Charter

This Charter is disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Everneth Minecraft SMP. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our community runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Community Standard Rules

    1. "Don't be a jerk"
      1. We are committed to being a family here. Be nice to other players. We joke, tease, and roast each other at times for humor's sake.
    2. Limited Swearing
      1. While not completely prohibited, Everneth is open to all ages and we ask that swearing is kept to a minimum.
    3. No Spam & Advertising without Parliament approval
      1. Spamming is frowned upon and is not tolerated. Advertising in our community is considered spamming and is subject to the same consequences.
      2. Spamming on site includes double/triple/etc posting (one post after another in the same topic), posting in every thread possible regardless of the date (also referred to as "necro" posting) in order to boost post count in a short time. More leniency is given on site since most players may not know proper forum etiquette.
      3. Fully capitalized sentences (or sentences with too much capitalization as deemed by Staff members) in both in-game chat and Discord are disallowed. An exception to this is if you have one or two capitalized words in a sentence that is otherwise made up of lowercase words. (Example: "THIS goes here, and THAT goes there.")
    4. No Griefing, Exploits, or Hacks Everyone's hard work should be respected. Exploits or hacks (including clients) are not allowed.
      1. All forms of duplication are not allowed except for the following: Dragon Egg and TNT explosion entity duplication.
      2. Ghost block creation is not allowed.
      3. Item converters of same type (ie: sand) are allowed.
      4. X-raying is strictly prohibited.
      5. Hacked clients are not allowed.
      6. Explosion entities must be controlled to maintain optimal server performance.
      7. If explosion entity duplication is found to be a cause for lag, Parliament reserves the right to disable any machine/contraption creating the duplication.
    5. Cut down the entire tree
      1. Do not just cut the first two logs in any given tree and leave the rest.
    6. Filming
      1. Filming is allowed as long as all players presently in-game are made aware prior to filming.
    7. Claiming Your Land
      1. Please mark any land you intend on using with signs. If you have a neighbor, please check with them before settling in in case they plan on using the land you settle on.
      2. Naturally generated structures across all dimensions may be claimed to build farms or bases.
      3. Any claims outlined in rule g2 will be considered abandoned if they are not used within 25 days.
      4. Please be aware that the central End island is Parliament managed land and that the outer End islands are subject to periodic resets.
    8. Forum Activity
      1. Being active on the forums is equally as important as being active in-game. Important news, updates, and discussions are held on the forums and it is essential to keep up to date to current events.
    9. World Seed & Downloads
      1. The seed may not be provided outside of High Council.
      2. Evernethians may request slime chunk maps from Parliament.
    10. Inactive Members
      1. Players who have not logged in for more than 25 days will be considered inactive and any builds left unfinished in Parliament managed land will be considered abandoned.
      2. Players who inform Parliament that they will be inactive will be given 90 days before unfinished builds in Parliament managed land will be considered abandoned.
      3. Activity on the forums and discord do not count towards activity.
      4. Items left in abandoned builds and the structure itself are subject for removal by Parliament or the new claimant.
      5. Bases will always be protected by the charter, inactive or not.
      6. Open claims will be announced in Builds & Map Talk.
    11. Respect the Test Server
      1. All rules, Section 2 included, are applicable to the test server.
      2. Generating lag for the purpose of generating lag is not allowed.
      3. All staff have the express consent to ban members from the test server in the event of excess rule violations.
  2. PVP Code

    1. Killable Areas
      1. PVP is only permitted in the Overworld.
      2. Players who choose to participate in PVP outside the Overworld must accept the potential loss of items caused by environmental factors (lava, void, etc.).
    2. Participation
      1. If a player asks not to be hit, the attacker must stop. If the player betrays the attackers trust in stopping, the attacker may kill the player. In short, only ask the attacker to stop if you mean it. Players also must state they are participating in PVP.
      2. Players who are AFK are off-limits. If you accidentally hit them in an effort to save them from mobs and they die, this is OK.
      3. Items dropped by killed players must be returned to them. Please provide a chest for the items and coords if applicable.
      4. Players who do not want to participate may not be killed.
      5. Players who do not explicitly state they are in PVP and are killed rule b1 applies.
    3. Permitted Items
      1. Swords, Bow & Arrow, and potions are permitted.
      2. Traps are not permitted due to the higher risk of losing items.
  3. Parliament of Everneth

    This section of the Charter is optional. You may skip to the next section.

    1. Council Formation & Structure
      1. The Council are our community moderators. The council must always have an even number of members.
      2. The Council is led by the Chancellor which is a member of the High Council.
      3. The Council Chancellor has autonomous authority on the promotion within and removal from the Council for concerns of staff performance.
      4. The Council is made up of 50% permanent members, and 50% elected members.
      5. The elected members of Council serve 3 month terms. Elections are run by the Chancellor.
      6. The permanent members of Council are selected by the High Council.
      7. There are no term limits for elected Council.
      8. Expansions must be voted by Parliament with 3/4 majority.
    2. High Council Formation & Structure
      1. The High Council are our community administrators. The High Council must always have a minimum of two members.
      2. The High Council is led by the King which is also a member of the High Council.
      3. The High Council are permanent members selected by the King and may only be removed upon resignation, violation of Code of Conduct, by the King under Section 3 Rule d3, or for inactivity reasons.
    3. Duke Formation & Structure
      1. The Duke is our second in command under the King and is a community administrator.
      2. The Duke under normal circumstances is selected by the King from the High Council.
      3. The Duke is a permanent member of Parliament and High Council and may only be removed upon resignation, violation of Code of Conduct, by the King under Section 3 Rule d3, or by 30 day inactivity.
      4. The Duke shares the privilege with the King in regard to management and direction of all ministries and may lead any ministry as needed.
      5. The Duke may serve as Council Chancellor as necessary.
      6. In extension of Section III, rule e5, the Duke is a regent of the King and holds the authority of the King during the King's absence.
    4. King Formation & Purpose
      1. The King is our community leader.
      2. The King is a permanent member of the High Council.
      3. As leader of the High Council, the King has autonomous authority on the promotion within and removal from the High Council for concerns of staff performance.
      4. The King can only be removed from Parliament upon transferal of ownership of Everneth.
      5. Due to the nature of King's ownership, rules d1, d2, and d4 may not be amended.
    5. Parliament Code of Conduct
      1. Members of Parliament may not use in-game commands for personal gain.
      2. All item refunds must be done using the /give command. Creative Mode must NOT be used.
      3. Creative Mode & Spectator Mode are strictly prohibited except for administrative purposes.
      4. Members of Parliament must be respectful and approachable to strive for general well-being of the community.
      5. The /tp command is strictly prohibited except during emergency or an investigation of suspicious activity.
    6. Vacancy in Parliament
      1. If a permanent member of Council resigns or becomes inactive, High Council must select a new Council member.
      2. If an elected member of Council resigns or becomes inactive, the Chancellor must hold an immediate election.
      3. If the replacement Council elect is serving less than 50% of a regular term, the elect is automatically extended to a second term.
      4. If a High Council member resigns or otherwise becomes inactive, the King may select a replacement member.
      5. If the King becomes otherwise inactive, the High Council may elect among themselves a member to serve as Duke in the King's absence.
    7. Handling and Process of Council Elections
      1. The Chancellor must announce upcoming elections 1 month prior to the end of the term.
      2. The Chancellor must create a nomination thread for members to choose who they would like to see in Council.
      3. Players may not nominate themselves for council, but they may vote for themselves during the polls if they wish to do so.
      4. The top 3 nominees plus the incumbents will be entered into a voting poll 1 week prior to close of the term.
      5. Players will vote on their 2 choices for Council until the end of the 1 week period.
      6. At the end of the term, the winners of the polls will then become Council the following day.
      7. In the event of a tie, Parliament will hold a vote that will remain open for 24 hours.
      8. If Parliament produces an additional tie, the King will make the tie breaking decision.
      9. If the King is unavailable at the time of the vote, the Duke may make the tie breaking decision.
      10. All campaigning done by nominees is disallowed. Any nominee caught campaigning will forfeit the election after 1 warning.
      11. Advocating for nominees is allowed, but may not be excessive. Any excessive campaigning will result in a Minor Offense.
  4. Obtaining Citizenship

    1. Application for Citizenship (Whitelist) - Forums Pathway
      1. Pending members must obtain 10 forum posts unless otherwise waived by Parliament.
      2. Pending members with friends in Everneth must be confirmed by said friend and their posting requirement and wait time is waived.
      3. Forum posts must be at least 5 words in length.
      4. Minimum wait time is 4 hours.
      5. The template provided is required for use in the application.
      6. The secret word must be provided in the whitelist application.
      7. All pending members, including friends, must make an introduction on the forums.
      8. Once requirements are met, Parliament will hold a 24 hour vote.
      9. A simple majority of the voting party is required to vote "Yes" to allow for whitelisting.
    2. Application for Citizenship (Whitelist) - Discord Pathway
      1. New members to Discord must submit an application using the provided bot to become an Applicant.
      2. Applicants must achieve a predetermined score in order to meet requirements and automatically rank up to Pending.
      3. The score required for ranking and its criteria are set at the discretion of Parliament as this provision requires flexibility to adjust as needs change.
      4. The template provided by the bot is required for use in the application.
      5. The secret word must be provided in the whitelist application.
      6. New applicants with friends in Everneth must be confirmed publicly in #town-square or by Direct Message to a staff member and the requirements will be waived.
      7. Once requirements are met in Discord, Parliament will hold a 24 hour vote in the Discord staff channel.
      8. A simple majority of the voting party is required to vote "Yes" to allow for whitelisting.
      9. Rejected applicants must reattain the Pending rank for a new vote.
    3. Refusal of Citizenship
      1. If a pending member is denied citizenship, the member must be notified in the whitelist application.
      2. Upon notification, the pending member must wait at minimum of 7 days to reapply unless otherwise waived by Parliament.
    4. Responsibility for Friends
      1. A citizen of Everneth may confirm one friend every 3 days.
      2. Any friends confirmed and subsequently whitelisted are the responsibility of their sponsor for 30 days.
      3. If any friend is found in violation of the Charter, the sponsoring player may not sponsor any further players for a period of two weeks.
      4. In additional to Section IV, rule c3, the Sponsor will receive 1 point against the Charter for 30 days.
      5. Any friends found in violation of the Charter after the 30 day liability period is up, the friend is considered fully liable for any consequence.
    5. Alternate Accounts
      1. Each member may have only one alternate account whitelisted at any given time.
      2. Staff must be made aware if an account is to be used as an alternate.
      3. An alternate account may not be used by anyone other than the Citizen who asked for it to be whitelisted.
      4. Allowing use of alternate account to another person for whitelist avoidance will result in the removal of the account and 3 charter points will be issued to the member responsible for it.
      5. If an alternate account is found to be used by another person, upon removal from the whitelist the member will be required to re-apply without waived requirements.
      6. Any Charter points issued to one person will also be applied to their alternate account.
  5. Charter Offenses

    1. Minor Offenses worth 1 point
      1. Continued Chat/forum spamming.
      2. Advertising publicly on site without prior approval of Parliament.
      3. Rude or Offensive Behavior.
      4. Excessive Campaigning.
    2. Major Offenses worth 3 points
      1. Any and all forms of theft. The items may be returned without punishment if parliament deems the case to be an accident.
      2. Advertising via Private Message is strictly prohibited.
      3. Killing prohibited by Section 2 PVP code.
      4. Avoidance of the whitelisting process via an alternate account.
    3. Immediate Bannable Offenses worth 5 points
      1. Any and all forms of grief.
      2. Any hacking, X-raying and exploit offenses found under Section 1 rule D.
    4. Offenses to the Charter
      1. 1 point results in a written warning.
      2. 2 points results in a temporary ban of 12 hours
      3. 3 points results in a temporary ban of 24 hours.
      4. 4 points results in a temporary ban of 72 hours.
      5. 5 points results in a permanent ban.
      6. Permanent bans may only be lifted by the High Council. Upon lifting of the ban, the members points drop to 1.
      7. Points expire after 60 days with exception to banned members.
      8. Accumulating 10 or more total points (current and expired) makes section 5f applicable to you.
    5. Offenses to the Parliament Code of Conduct
      1. First offense results in written warning.
      2. Second offense results in temporary 72 hour suspension from Parliament.
      3. Third offense results in removal from Parliament.
      4. If the King is found in offense of the Code three times, the selected Duke may take his place for 30 days have passed since the offense.
      5. Offenses expire after 60 days.
      6. Those removed from Parliament under the Code are not eligible for readmission to Parliament unless pardoned by the King.
    6. Repeat Offenses
      1. Starting at 10 total points, every multiple of 5 total points will trigger a ban vote.
      2. A ban vote is a vote done by all of council, requiring 3/4 majority to pass.
      3. If a ban vote passes, the Council may agree upon a ban of any length as punishment.
  6. Amending the Charter

    This section of the charter is optional. You may proceed to the next section.

    1. Proposals
      1. Amendments may be proposed by any member of Parliament in regards to SECTIONS I, II, IV, and V.
      2. Proposals may be considered in their original or amended form no more than 3 times, if no resolution is made the proposal dies.
      3. In order for a proposal to be amended to the Charter, Parliament must reach 3/4 majority approval.
      4. In order for a proposal to be enacted otherwise, Parliament must reach 3/4 majority approval.
      5. Section III may be amended with exception to exempt rule sets.
    2. Proposal Reading
      1. A proposal must be read in its original form before considering amending the proposal.
      2. If an amendment is made to a proposal, the amendment is then voted on requiring 1/2 majority of parliament.
      3. After amendments have been approved, the proposal may be read a second time.
      4. If no further amendments are made, the proposal goes to a vote requiring 3/4 majority approval.
      5. If a proposal requires further amendment, it may go to a third reading.
      6. If a proposal fails after the third reading, the proposal dies.
      7. Dead proposals may not be considered again until two terms have passed.
    3. Approved & Denied Proposals
      1. Any proposal that has been approved for amendment to the Charter shall be amended 14 days following passage.
      2. Any proposal that has failed or otherwise been refused shall remain dead for one term.
      3. If a proposal dies in within the first 1/4 of a term, the term still counts as the one term.
      4. If a proposal dies within the last 1/4 of a term, the 1 term timer begins the following term.
      5. Any proposal that is otherwise not an amendment to the Charter shall be enforced immediately.
      6. Any amendment passed with less than 14 days remaining in a term shall be enforced immediately upon starting the next term.
    4. Repeal of Amendments
      1. Any amendments made to the charter may be repealed in their entirety at any point after the term in which they are applied.
      2. An repeal must go through the same procedure as any other proposal.
      3. Repeals must be properly labeled in the Proposal whether partial repeal is being proposed or full repeal.

Secret Word: Zombie

Please note that by putting the correct secret word into a whitelist application you are agreeing to the fact that you have read our rules and have full intent to comply with them

Last updated: July 16, 2021