Player Commands

Quality of Life Commands

Command Origin Description
/afk R3DVanilla Sets the player to be afk in the tab list and greys out their name.
/discord DiscordSRV Displays the discord invite link for the Everneth discord server.
/help R3DVanilla Provides help for commands.
/itemcalculator <stack amount> <stack calculation> R3DVanilla Calculates the amount of items contained within the chests/stacks entered into the calculation. ex: /itemcalc 64 10sb+11dc+2sc+12st+45
/me <msg> Minecraft Displays a message about the sender.
/message /msg /tell /whisper <msg> R3DVanilla / Minecraft Sends a private message to another player.
/note (add/delete/view) <text> R3DVanilla Allows players to add, delete and view private notes.
/plugins Spigot Shows which plugins the server is running.
/portal R3DVanilla When used in the overworld it displays where a portal should be placed in the nether to link with the current overworld location and vice versa.
/reply /r <msg> R3DVanilla Sends a reply to the last player to the last player to privately message the user.
/stackcalculator <stack amount> <amount of items> R3DVanilla Converts the entered amount of items into the amount of stacks and shulkerboxes.
/tps Spigot Displays the current ticks per second the server is running at (20tps is the norm).

Player Assistance

Command Origin Description
/report <msg> EMI Initate a report in a private channel using the JDA integrated bot
/mint help <msg> EMI Initate a conversation with the Ministry of the Interior using the JDA integrated bot
/support <msg> EMI Send a message to the #help channel for minor issues and questions
/reportreply EMI Reply to staff messages in an open report. Players with linked accounts will no longer recieve communications
/getreplies EMI Get missed messages from staff while player is offline
/discordsync EMI Link a Minecraft account with a Discord account

Mint Projects

Used by the Ministry of the Interior for organization purposes

Command Origin Description
/mint project join <projectName> EMI Lets you join specific projects
/mint project info <projectName> EMI Lets you see basic information for the project
/mint project work <projectName> EMI View all work needed for the project
/mint project list EMI Lists out all projects
/mint material list <projectName> EMI View all materials associated with project
/mint log material <projectName> <time> <materialName> <amount> <description> EMI Log material gathering done
/mint log task <projectName> <time> <description> EMI Log tasks or other work done