Plugins & Bots

In order to carry out our day to day operations, Everneth has developed its own systems over the years to provide quality of life improvements for players and staff alike. We also employ other plugins for management reasons and protection. On our discord server, we also use 2 custom made bots mixed in with a few 3rd-party bots to help facilitate our administration and application workflows. Below is a list of our bots and plugins and who they were developed by.


Icon Name Developed by Description
icon The Wench Everneth (@Faceman, @Riki) The Wench does many things. Most importantly, The Wench is responsible for Discord whitelist applications and getting help via /support and /report in game and contacting staff directly and confidentially. Lastly, to support legacy use cases, The Wench helps link MC accounts to our internal system for increased features and simpler management.
icon Jasper Everneth (@Faceman, @Riki) Jasper is an in-house developed ranking service bot as well as the server greeter. Much like his namesake he is our automated bouncer and keeps tabs on everyone! Jasper also is our custom written admin logger and handles opt-in roles management for members interested in talking about snapshots, RP, and more.


Name Developed by Description
Everneth Management Interface (EMI) Everneth (@Faceman, @Riki, @Sterling) Built in-house, EMI provides player assistance commands for contacting staff, sets custom MOTDs, provides our charter point tracking system and automated enforcement, and powers The Wench discord bot. Another large component of EMI is DevOps project management suite of tools for teams to collectively manage large scale build projects. Lastly, EMI provides a stats, advancements, and playerdata REST API for to display data.
EMI-Extras Everneth (@Faceman) Also built in-house. this plugin is a separate, detached, extension of the main EMI plugin. It contains simple 'for fun' features and commands that have no affect on gameplay or our main systems.
R3D Vanilla Redstonehax (@Sterling) This plugin contains a set of quality of life features built in-house for Everneth which contains features such as a nether portal coordinate calculator, player notes system, enhanced whisper/private message system, afk system, single player sleep system, and more.
R3D Spectator Redstonehax (@Sterling) This plugin is a staff variant of the spectator mode. This allows admins and mods to spectate players and remember their last location before entering the mode so that once exited, they TP to their original location.
ChatEx TheJeterLP Chat management and formatting plugin that also provides a majority of our logging if ever required.
CoreProtect Intelli Grief protection plugin
DiscordSRV Scarsz The plugin that syncronizes minecraft chat, achievements, event messages (deaths, join server, leave server) and powers the @DiscordMC bot.
LuckPerms Lucko Our in-game permissions management system. Very robust and easy to use system that links all of our servers permission schemes together via database.
SimpleVoiceChat henkelmax Adds proximity voice chat to the game using a combination of the server side plugin and client side mods.
Vault Sleaker Vault provides an API for Permissions, Chat, and Economy plugins and is a requirement for our LuckPerms and ChatEx plugins.