Culture & Traditions

While Everneth has been around for 4 years, many of its core members have been together for much much longer spanning back 8 years or more. In this time our culture has been brewing and manifested itself on Everneth as one of fun, memes, competitiveness, and full of tradition.



Since Everneth's founding, a huge cornerstone of our community and the Charter that governs us has been the Council elections for any member to be nominated and voted into staff. The elected staff members serve for 3 month terms and may be re-elected as many times as the community deems fit. Keep an eye out for the election notices as they are posted in month 3 of each term!

Passing of the Blades

This event is a uniquely Evernethian ceremony where every staff member carries a decorative armor set and uniquely named iron sword. The elective members who are exiting Parliament present their blades to the newly elected symbolizing the transfer of power and responsibility. This event is held the Saturday immediately following the election.

The Order of Everneth

The Order of Everneth

On August 30th, 2016, Faceman created the Order of Everneth as a replacement to the old Distinguished Service award offered to members and elevate this award to the highest honor obtainable. Each term the High Council evaluates potential inductees to the order and any candidates deemed worthy will be selected by the King. New members to the Order are announced at the Passing of the Blades ceremony and once inducted will receieve an honorary and decorative Knighthood with the prefix of Sir or Lady in game.

Everneth UHC


While not unique to Everneth, UHC is emblazened in the very lifeblood of our competitive nature. These events held every 2-3 months are a great sport and gathering for us thanks to the continuous labor and efforts by Sybillian. UHC has long be affiliated with Syb and it will be hard once he passes on from managing our UHC events (and owning everyone in them...).